Lt Cmdr Wil Ukinix - The Last Goodbye

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Wil Ukinix

Sep 24, 2020, 8:53:03 AM9/24/20

((Flashback – Random Jeffries Tube, Deck 7, USS Veritas – Stardare 239708.12))

Wil sat with has back against the wall, holding back tears as he looked at the hyperspanner that was on the ground, sitting in front of the exposed conduits in the wall opposite.

He was tired, and his mind hadn’t been on the job for at least 12 hours.  Having to rapidly say goodbye to G’var who had suddenly and permanently headed back to Klingon space had made him an emotional wreck.

As much as he tried to act like it hadn’t affected him, his duties had become harder and harder.  Assigning himself refuge on an otherwise menial task isolated in a Jeffries tube gave him the escape he had so desperately needed.

That way he could sit, and just think, while doing some easy repairs.  But he couldn’t even do that without getting upset.

He rubbed his hand through his hair, and let the tears come.  After a few moments of quiet sobbing, he reached out and picked up his nearby PADD.  He tapped a few times, commanding it to play the song that had become an earworm in his mind since the moment G’var had left the Veritas for good.

The Jeffries tube was filled with the sound of one of Earth’s twentieth century’s feats of engineering - an electric guitar - from the PADD’s remarkably small yet high quality speakers.  The musical notes ascended and descended like a shuttle easily and gracefully manoeuvring through a calm planet’s perfect atmosphere.

He tapped on the PADD’s screen a few more times, before it gave back a confirmation tone.

//Personal Log, Wil Ukinix, Stardate 239708.12

::Big sigh::

Why do we even keep personal logs?  I still don’t know the reasons for it.  Is it a therapeutic thing for us?  Is it so that, in a hundred years’ time, Starfleet can get an idea of what Starfleet officers were like a century earlier?  Surely we must all know that these log entries really aren’t “personal”.

::Long pause::

Maybe it’s so that can be shared with loved ones in the event of our deaths.

::Long pause::

I don’t know why I’m recording one.  ::Shaky voice:: That’s not true.  I miss-

::Another long pause::

::Choked voice:: I miss my girlfriend.  We shared the same quarters, she made me laugh, she was sassy.  Overly sassy.  She used to embarrass me.  ::Slight chuckle:: Of all the things a Klingon warrior could make me scared about, it was her embarrassing me about our intimate life in front of others.  For crap’s sake, she had a Bat’leth. On Limbo she ripped a palm leaf out of my hand and sliced it in half with her d'ktahg faster that you can say “petaQ”. And yet…

::Sound of slight sniffing, before another long silence::

She had the most respect, and most honour, of anyone I knew.  I’m really going to miss her.

But I guess I have to move on with my life.  I joined Starfleet for a reason.

::Another long pause::

No point dwelling.  I’ve got a conduit to repair.  End log. //

((End Flashback))

(OOC: The good thing about shore leave is that your character can be in two places at once.  Wil’s story with Roshanara on Betazed is still to continue, but we’ll assume the following happens just after he gets back)

((Counsellor’s Office, Deck 6, USS Veritas))

Wil pressed the door chime on the outside of the new counsellor’s office.  He had not yet met Callistra yet and was looking forward it.

Navarro: Response

He made his way through the doors, and made his way over to the counsellor.

Ukinix: ::Offering hand:: Counsellor, I’m Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, Chief Engineer.  Great to finally meet you.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: Hope this is OK, I know it’s unscheduled, but - ::shrug:: you know, I was due for a session. Regulations and all that.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: What? Oh nah, ::hand wave, smile:: there’s nothing specific on my mind.  ::Meekly:: Although, I do have one ::holding up thumb and forefinger in a circle:: teensy little thing to talk about.  ::Looking around:: Where should I sit?

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: We got back late last night ship time, my body clock is a bit off.  ::Yawn:: Warp lag.

Navarro: Response

He nervously rubbed the whiskers of his beard on his chin.

Ukinix:  OK.   Here goes. 

Wil took a deep breath and held it in, which made his chest rise.  After a few seconds, he exhaled through his nose, then stated what had been on his mind.

Ukinix: I’ve been thinking about an old flame of mine from the academy. I feel guilty about it, because I’m still getting over a recent, serious relationship with a fellow officer.  ::Staring ahead:: *Ex*-fellow Klingon officer.

Navarro: Response







Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Chief Engineer, Second Officer

USS Veritas


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