Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: Good To Be Home, Part II

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Lael Rosek

Aug 16, 2018, 2:07:04 AM8/16/18

(( Docking Terminal, Star Station Esperance )) Mei’konda: Hello, Commanders.  Good to see you both.


Skyfire: :: Nodding in greeting. :: Sirs.


Rosek: ::pets Junu:: It’s nice to see a couple of familiar faces. ::elbows Chythar teasingly:: As much as I love Chythar, it’s good to interact with other people every once in awhile. ::arches an eyebrow:: I hope you don’t mind.


Rahman: Not at all. Better use of the fuel, anyway. How have you two been?


Skyfire: Busy.


::She could tell that Chythar was even more reluctant to share the details of their recent leave that she was. Surely Rahman would notice at some point that Maddy wasn’t with her and neither was Jon. She’d have to come up with answers to those questions quickly if she wanted to avoid the awkwardness it would bring if she had to fumble through an explanation.::


Rosek: Long.


Rahman: Well, all we need now is our pilot.


Mei’konda: Looks like we haave him.


::Lael arched an eyebrow as the Andorian approached wearing the command red typical of bridge staff. The man seemed to be moving rather intently in their direction so Mei’konda’s assumption certainly made sense.


Valoru: Sirs. ::Coming to attention::  Ensign Valoru, reporting for duty.


Rahman: Ensign. I’m Captain Roshanara Rahman. This is Commander Mei’konda, along with Dr. Skyfire and Lt. Commander Rosek.


::Lael smiled and nodded before leaning down to put Junu back in her carrier, a fact that the Katolupo seemed none too pleased about if the combination hiss-growl was any indication. She grimaced, hoping that the creature wouldn’t cause too much trouble on the journey. The last thing she needed was for Junu to get a reputation before they even got to the ship.::


Mei’konda: Good to meet you, Ensign.


Valoru: Likewise, Commander. Glad to be coming aboard the Veritas.


Skyfire: When we get back, we can get yeh slotted in for your physical.


Rosek: ::smirks and elbows him playfully:: Admit it. You miss doing those.


Rahman: All right then. Once you’re set, we’re ready to go, ensign.


Valoru: Very well, sir. :: He headed towards the docking port. ::  I have already prepared the Ferdinand and just need clearance from the station. We can leave immediately.


::It seemed like forever ago that Lael had sat in the chair in front of a navigation console. She’d spent the early days of her career piloting a ship. While Engineering was her natural talent, she hadn’t been a half-bad flyer. She’d at least managed to get the ships she’d flown out of a few scrapes without scratching the paint. That had to mean something, right?::

((Shuttle Ferdinand))


Mei’konda: I assume you can handle the preflight on your own, Ensign?  The course back will be in the computer - but I hope you’ve read up on the uniique properties of the Shoals.  Like, avoiding tachyon eddys.


Valoru: Aye. I researched the area upon my return and did a few holo runs on the Esperance. It is... tricky. But I will get us there just fine.


::The ensign’s confidence was refreshing and reminded her a lot of the brash young Ensign she’d been once. Though, to be fair, she’d never flown in the Shoals. Recalling all of the difficulties the tachyon radiation and unique stellar phenomenon had posed to Engineering personnel, she shivered at the thought of trying to steer an entire starship around them. A shuttle she might be able to handle. But a starship?::


Rosek:: ::arches an eyebrow:: Holo runs are all well and good. But the Shoals is unpredictable at the best of times.


Rahman / Mei'konda: Response


Valoru: Esperance control, this is the Federation Shuttle Ferdinand. Permission to undock.


Esperance Control:  :: There was a short pause. ::  Shuttle Ferdinand, you are cleared for departure, and your exit vector has been granted. Safe travels.


Valoru: Copy that. ::Back to the crew.::  Prepare for warp in approximately 3 minutes.


::She chuckled as Chythar predictably dozed off beside her, choosing to occupy herself with catching up on recent goings-on aboard the Veritas and with the fleet at large. Funny how much one could miss being out of contact with the wider universe.::


::Her breath caught in her throat as a mission report from the Atlantis popped up, an image of Toryn from when they’d last spoken lingering in her mind’s eye. The conversation via public terminal had tormented her ever since. What was it about him that made her feel like she was both flying and falling at the same time?::


::A proximity alarm caught her attention and she looked up from the PADD to find the Veritas in view. Tears stung the corners of her eyes as memories of happy times replaced Toryn’s face. Her return was bittersweet as Maddy wasn’t coming back with her...and yet, she felt for the first time since leaving like she was finally home.::


Skyfire: Home sweet home.


Rosek: ::grins:: Never thought I’d say it, but I missed that tin can of a ship.


Valoru / Mei’konda / Rahman: Response


Skyfire: Dinnae worry about it t’night, ensign. We can sort it out in the mornin’. Get settled in first.


Rosek: ::yawns:: I’m personally looking forward to a good night’s sleep in my bed.


Valoru / Mei’konda / Rahman: Response


Rosek: ::grimaces:: Though I’m almost dreading finding out what Anjar did in Engineering while I was gone.


Valoru / Mei’konda / Rahman / Skyfire: Response


Rosek: ::shrugs:: Don’t get me wrong. He’s a good Engineer and is perfectly capable of his job. ::pauses:: Paperwork just isn’t his strong suit.


Valoru / Mei’konda / Rahman / Skyfire: Response


Veritas Bridge: =/\= Response=/\=


Valoru: =/\=Response=/\=


Veritas Bridge: =/\= Response=/\=


Valoru: =/\=Response=/\=


((OOC: Will continue this as needed.))


((Rosek’s Quarters, USS Veritas))


::She stepped into her quarters setting her bag and the carrier down by the door. The moment the carrier door had been opened, Junu bounded into her new space, tail moving rapidly back and forth as she put her nose to investigating each piece of furniture and area of the room. Her almost luminescent gaze was a beacon in the otherwise dark room.::


Rosek: Computer, lights seventy percent.


::With a chirp, the computer complied, the space that much brighter. Pictures of Maddy still filled the desk and she grimaced. That would need to change. She couldn’t stand the reminders right now. They were just too painful. In fact, she suspected that she’d eventually need to change quarters. If she recalled right, Commander Delano was the one who assigned quarters. She’d definitely need to redecorate, too. The old style just didn’t seem right anymore.::


::She moved toward the bathroom, shedding her clothes, and climbed into a shower. She closed her eyes in bliss as the hot water hit her back, enveloping her in its familiar warmth. It was a welcome relief after the last few days. A glance at Junu revealed the little creature curled up contentedly in the pile of Lael’s abandoned clothes, yawning before curling into a ball. Yes. As hard as parts of this were going to be, it was good to be home.


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035 

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