JP: Ariadust, Ukinix - Rematch [Pt 2]

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Wil Ukinix

May 20, 2020, 2:04:49 AM5/20/20
((Holodeck 2, USS Veritas))

Ukinix: ::Strained voice, slightly hihg pitched, giggling:: I'll be ok.

Ariadust: If you're sure... ::Ceciri expressed a bit of doubt::

With eyes still slightly watering, Wil slowly stood up and placed his hands on his knees. This time he laughed a bit harder, before standing up straight.

Ukinix: I'm good.

Ariadust: Well,I can't fault your spirit.

Ukinix: Computer, next round, let's go.

Ceciri started to work the angles - it was clear that she had an advantage in that Wil's method was rapid fire with little aiming, and he .. really didn't like his phaser. So, like any good sportswoman, she used that against him, and began to play mind games with her targeting. On the other hand, it was good practice, as this is what happens in mid level play, so it would hopefully help him relax


Wil strafed and twisted to try and get himself into a better position, and hit the disc with his phaser, sending it back to Ceciri.

Ariadust: ... So I don't want to pry too much.. ::Ceciri takes a deep breath:: but.. It really seems like you do not like wielding a weapon

He didn't mind a bit of chatter. A friendly sports game was sometimes a good exercise to do while getting to know someone. From his football days, he'd also learned that it was the perfect opportunity for some sledging. This was far more social, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Ukinix: No, you got me - ::slight strain, aiming weapon:: - there. ::fires phaser and misses:: I do-

Computer: Full Impact. Round three, Ariadust. Ariadust leads 3 round to nil.

Ukinix: ::lowering hands, looking at Ceciri:: -not. At some point in the history of the part of Earth I'm from, we made a decision about weapons, and...I dunno, it was just how I was brought up. Wars not withstanding, of course.

He'd learned in history at school that his continent had been dragged into wars, such as the Eugenics wars that were right on its doorstep. The sacrifices made by the younger generation of that time were still enshrined at memorials in many different parts of the land, metropolitan, regional and rural alike.

Ariadust: ::cants her head a bit:: I mean, I understand, but there are plenty of times when you will be forced to kill. And it's best you are able to do it before they kill you. The Goddess willing, it'll never happen to you, but I can tell you I've been forced to kill at least eight times. A few times, I admit, it was hand to hand, but more often than it not it was a disruptor or a phaser

Wil blinked a few times subconsciously when he heard Ceciri say "eight times". But not in a judging way - it was more of a reminder that everyone's background was different. Humans didn't exactly have a great history with weapons either, big or small.

Ukinix: ::Conceited nod:: Yeah, I know. ::Sigh:: Well, I don't know that for sure, there are some other officers on board that have never had to. But, that doesn't mean it won't happen to me, huh?

Ariadust: More or less. It's one of these 'better to have the skill ready' than be sorry and derelict later.

Ukinix: I don't know if you saw the reports, but I had to fire at that crystal-alloy robot thing on Hecate before your team picked me up - which, I should thank you for by the way.

Ariadust: No worries, always glad to help my shipmates. I kinda saw them, but this shore leave has been.. Busier than most.

Ukinix: I hit it. Nothing happened. It just turned and looked at me, I think I made it mad. Part of me wishes it was at least injured. Or at least the equivalent. That way ::looking at phaser:: it would reinforce how seriously I take these things, and why.

Ceciri could understand that. She looked briefly into the distance, since the disc was just hovering there. Well, mostly understood. Her ears twitched a bit as she processed the statement

Ariadust: It does seem like it being useless would trivialize it.

Ukinix: How about you, how did you get so comfortable with a phaser? Oh - and like you, I don't want to pry.

Ariadust: Well. I joined a merchant company when I was 14 - mostly not out of choice. ::wryly:: I love my aunt, but a lot of her business habits rely on the exploitation of risk, so she often ran cargos to places with .. poor security, often not within the Federation proper. So all of us were at least mildly capable of weaponry, but then she started running cargo to Carthen III. ::pained smile:: To paraphrase a old Terran drama, ""You will never find a more wretched hive of Scum and Villainy.". I had to get good quick at disruptors and running away.

Wil smiled, but somewhere in his mind wondered if the line about Scum and Villainy could have related to Ketar V...

He stood taller to let Ceciri tell her story.

Ceciri seemed lost a bit, not quite a nostalgic look on her face. She wasn't aware of it, but she was hunching up a bit. She took a deep breath, and forced herself to relax.

Ariadust: Then we were attacked by pirates, and I had to watch my cousin die in front of me. So.. when I joined Starfleet shortly after, I made sure to get good at a phaser.. But I admit a good deal of relief that I'm able to channel it into sports. Just because I've been forced to use it in self defense to kill sentients attacking me doesn't mean I enjoy any of it. Between that, and being abducted by Klingons, I've.. ::looks at her hand, her catlike eyes unblinking:: .. well, all daughters of Cygnet are taught that it is best to be a strong warrior in defense of what you are sworn to protect. But it does not mean I want to be the readied sword all the time.

Ukinix: ::Nodding:: It sounds like you had a very different upbringing compared to mine. I reckon people from other parts of the Federation must think that most people that get raised on Earth are soft. But ::raising phaser at disc:: I'm glad you've channeled it into sports. Because I may hate weapons, ::smiling:: but I do like sports. ::looking up:: Computer, next round!

The disc came flying towards Wil. He hit it to make it change colour, and send it back to Ceciri. He knew he wasn't going to win, but it was just plain good fun. He hoped to have many more games with her in the future.



Lt. Ceciri Ariadust
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Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix
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Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
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USS Veritas

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