[SCENE 1] Captain Roshanara Rahman: The Greatest Terror of Them All

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to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
(OOC: This briefing room scene will be divided into several parts. To keep tags manageable, you should respond to each part *separately* in individual sims. Label in the title [SCENE 1], [SCENE 2] etc. as you see here to show which part of the briefing you are responding to.)

//Captain’s Log, Stardate 239603.06

We’ve left Utopia Planitia and are underway back to a place that holds many memories for both myself and a number of this crew: the Menthar Corridor. Many of those memories are good ones: my first assignment as chief engineer of the Mercury and the wonders of discovery that we encountered mission after mission under Captain Kells and later Captain Egan Manno on the Garuda. Others, not so much: the cybernetic spiders of Deep Space 10, the protomatter cloud that gave rise to a botanic infestation on the Garuda, and of course the sabotage of that ship later by Harrison Ross in the midst of the volcanic mud dome crisis on Pleethion.

Regardless, going back to the Corridor this time feels less like a nostalgic trip to an earlier chapter of my life and more like coming back to a neighborhood you once lived in only to find the neighbors have changed—or left completely—and the condition of the place has deteriorated since your memories. Everything seems… colder.

For most of the junior officers aboard, this will be their first time to the Corridor and their first dive into deep space. Though it may not be known for the pirates, storms, and anomalies that give the Shoals its formidable reputation, the Corridor is no less dangerous. Though it is an exciting milestone in their careers, I hope they are spared an encounter with the terrors that still lurk out there among these ancient stars.//

((Briefing Room, USS Veritas))

::Captain Roshanara Rahman stepped into the briefing room to find the senior staff already assembled and waiting, some having been supplied with coffee cups with the distinct logo of the Brew Continuum. The captain looked over at Teller and winked. The man understood which systems and facilities of the ship were priority.::

::She walked across the room and stood in front of the etched timeline on the back wall that displayed the spaceflight history of the four founding Federation members. From where she stood, she could see the stars streaking past outside the two sets of forward windows on either side of the wide, triangular room.::

Rahman: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. We’ve been tasked with an urgent mission from Starfleet Command, but before I get to it, I wanted to address some administrative tasks.

::She smiled as she looked across each of their faces. Though they understood the situation was tense, she could see they looked far more well-rested than that day on Limbo when she’d announced they were going to implement the plan to return home.::

Rahman: I promise this is the pleasant part.

Any: Response

::She looked over at Blake, Kelrod, and Del.::

Rahman: First, there are a few duty post changes since we were all last together—as you may have noticed by the change in shirt color some of your colleagues are wearing.

::Blake was now in red and Del was now in blue.::

Rahman: Lt. Commander Blake is returning to the role of Strategic Operations Officer. She will also be serving as this ship’s primary Helm/Navigation Officer.

Blake: Response

Rahman: As such, Commmander Kelrod will be assuming her duties as chief of security.

Kelrod: Response

Rahman: Finally, Commander Del Vedova will be serving as our ship’s new chief medical officer.

::She gave her old friend a sideways glance.::

Rahman: He’s a competent enough physician.

Del Vedova: Response

Rahman: Fortunately, we also have a new medical officer assigned to us: Dr. Addison MacKenzie.

::She gestured for the new ensign to say a brief introduction.::

MacKenzie: Response

Rahman: Furthermore, our ship’s new operations officer is Ensign Ronen Pragus.

::As she did with the new doctor, she pointed over to Trill officer, giving him an opportunity to speak to his new colleagues.::

Pragus: Response

::With introductions out of the way, she looked over to Commander Evan Delano, the ship’s executive officer.::

Rahman: Number One, can you join me for this next part?

Delano: Response

::She turned around and crouched down to grab a plain briefcase that had been hidden in one of the small cabinets underneath the spaceflight chronology wall art.::

Rahman: ::rising up and opening the briefcase:: “Plot twist! They were here the whole time…”

Any: Response

::She placed the opened case on top of the cabinets, looking over the ribbons and other trinkets that lay inside.::

Rahman: Lieutenant G’var, Commander Blake, would you both come up here please?

G’var: Response

Blake: Response

::She took the ribbons that Evan handed to her and smiled when she saw the two women standing side-by-side, wondering what this was for.::

Rahman: Our time on Limbo was fraught with injury and sadly the loss of several of our brothers and sisters in uniform. Sometimes, it can be strange to think of this ribbon as an award, but that’s because this ribbon, like all service ribbons, are distinctions you have *earned* not won. And so you should have no second thoughts or shame for earning this recognition. They are Starfleet’s recognition—and mine—of the sacrifices you’ve made to this crew and in service to the Federation. I hereby recognize you both with the Purple Heart for injuries sustained on in the line of duty on Limbo.

G’var: Response

Blake: Response

Any: Response

::Once the women sat back down, Roshanara called the next recipient.::

Rahman: Lieutenant Teller, please come forward.

Teller: Response

::She took the white ribbon with two red stripes from Evan.::

Rahman: Thanks to your actions, you ensured that our losses on Limbo were one fewer, namely by saving the life of Lt. Commander Sky Blake. I should add that the commander was the one who formally nominated you for this ribbon, so she might be a bit biased.

::She looked over at Blake.::

Rahman: Nonetheless, I couldn’t agree more with her. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Teller: Response

Blake: Response

Any: Response

Rahman: Stay up here, Mr. Teller. Commanders Delano and Kelrod, could you come join him?

Kelrod/Delano: Response

Teller: Response

Rahman: Gentlemen, for the rest of us on Limbo in those last two months, you were our angels in the sky. You were under incredible pressure to succeed in your mission, and you did so brilliantly. As such, Lieutenant Teller, Commander Delano, and Commander Kelrod, you three are hereby recognized with the Legion of Merit.

Kelrod/Delano/Teller: Response

Any: Response

Rahman: A note has also been made in the log that Fleet Captain Kells has received this ribbon for his participation in the team.

(OOC: I’m assuming Kells is not aboard.)

::As the three began to head back to their seats, Roshanara called out to Teller again.::

Rahman: Not so fast, Picasso.

::Some confused looks emerged from a few of the crew watching—including Teller’s—but she didn’t bother explaining further the allusion to the chief engineer’s body art.::

Teller: Response

Rahman: Ensign Ukinix, you’re next to stand by him.

Ukinix: Response

Teller: Response

Rahman: Lieutenant Teller, Ensign Ukinix, quite a few Starfleet engineers have earned the affectionate title of “miracle worker,” including your captain. I am happy today to welcome you as solid members of this sacred fraternity. Your ambitious—and frankly headache-inducing—plan to cheat the fate temporal agents from the future had sentenced us to truly deserves the recognition of the Innovation Ribbon. Not just a “good job” but a great job from you both!

Ukinix: Response

Teller: Response

Any: Response 

::Smiling as she joined the crew in applause, she glanced over at Teller before dropping the smile instantly.::

Rahman: ::deadpan:: All right, go sit down. Now!

::As the chief engineer looked over at her, she immediately followed up.::

Rahman: Don’t look at me! Don’t look at him! Go!

Teller: Response

::As the man scurried away, Roshanara looked over at the other engineer still standing there. Once her eyes locked with his, her smile returned immediately.::

Rahman: Ensign Ukinix, you’re looking well today.

Ukinix: Response

::She nodded.::

Rahman: I bet. Well, I think with the ship having gotten a new coat of paint, you could use something new yourself.

::She reached back behind him to grab a small box that was in the briefcase. She opened it, almost looking like she was going to get down on one knee to propose. Instead, though, she grabbed the small pip inside and returned the box to Evan.::

Rahman: For the completion of all your requirements as an ensign, the excellent performance of your duties as an engineering officer, and just in general being a pretty outstanding person—again, thanks for helping come up with a way off that damn moon—I’d normally find a way to make this moment really uncomfortable for you before putting this on your collar. But your girlfriend scares me… ::glances at G’var momentarily:: …so instead I’ll just say congrats!

::She leaned in and pinned the new second pip next to his original ensign’s pip.::

Rahman: It gives me great satisfaction as your captain to hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the rights and privileges thereof. Well-done, Lieutenant!

Ukinix: Response

Any: Response

Rahman: Finally, all members of the crew who spent time on the newly discovered moon of Limbo shall receive the Explorer’s Ribbon.

(OOC: For clarity, the recipients include all except our two new ensigns: Rahman, Delano, Blake, Kelrod, G’var, Teller, Ukinix, DeVeau, Moonsong, del Vedova/Kells, and Orrey.)

Rahman: Likewise, given that we spent six months on that godforsaken piece of rock, you all are recognized with the Extended Service Ribbon.

::She looked over at Evan.::

Rahman: And yes, technically “extended service” means one year, but six months without a starship stranded on a tropical moon with mantilions and super typhoons counts as “extended service” in my book, and if the admirals have a problem with it, I’ll make sure they have the next reservation on Limbo to evaluate for themselves.

Delano: Response

Any: Response

::She turned back to the rest of the crew.::

Rahman: Next, we have several people to recognize for our mission with the Tholians at the end of last year.


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