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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 17, 2019, 10:19:56 PM1/17/19

OOC: Feeling a little better, and hubby took some responsibilities off my shoulders, so wrote a post.  I'm hoping I pieced it together all right. 

(( “ Camp Nickson, Limbo” - Day 119 ))

::Alora bent over one of the plots of land where she had planted one of a variety of the flora that was edible.  WHile they still had plenty to forage from, they would be more efficient if they grew their own - not to mention, it would reduce the ecological impact on the forest.  Thus far, they were doing just fine, but Alora hovered over the various plots of land and checked on the crops as if they were children.::

::Behind her, Sachiko picked her way through the rows, the feline deftly refraining from stepping on any of the babies.  Although cats were known to nibble on plants as a whole, Sachiko seemed to realise that these were off limits, simply trailing behind her human to keep her company.  Such a sweet feline.::

::Those checked, Alora moved away from the plots and toward an area where she had planted trees. These had required less land to be cleared, as the various types all managed to grow together - though she was certain the strong prevailed over the weak.  These were all fruit bearing trees, grown in the hopes to harvest them in the future - should that be necessary.::

::That thought was a solemn one.  Planting those trees had been a silenta admittance that they weren’t sure they were going to get off that planet.  If they did, there was no guarantee it would happen any time soon.  Those trees were for a worst case scenario, preparation for a longer stay.  No one had wanted to admit it aloud, and Alora could understand it, but they also couldn’t risk not being prepared.::

::Sachiko meowed and Alora stopped and turned toward the cat.  During their time there, she’d managed to come to understand the creature’s signals, and this was the type of sound she made when the critter wanted her human’s attention.  Her ears were pricked forward and her eyes and turned back toward the camp, causing Alora’s lips to curl downward in a frown.::

DeVeau: What’s wrong?

::Sometimes, Alora forgot that Sachiko couldn’t speak, but as if the creature understood, the cat stood and trotted back in the direction of camp.  WIthout hesitation, Alora followed.::

Ukinix: The Veritas is still up there.  Do you guys know about the time “bubble”?

::That voice.  It wasn’t familiar, but it was another person, someone who hadn’t been at the camp before!  That didn’t make her feet kick in faster, however.  No, it was what what voice said that spurred her to run the rest of the way.  When the newcomers came into view, she skidded to a halt.::

Hext/Macedon: Responses

Ukinix: The weather lately has been fickle, huh.

Hext/Macedon: Responses

Ukinix: There’s lot to explain.  We’ll need to do a full debrief, everyone should know everything we know.  ::Looking around:: How many people have you got here?  Because we need to get everyone back to New Risa – as soon as we can, like I mean yesterday.

Bicondova::;looking up to the sky::-The Ensign's correct, the Team should have beamed back to the ship by now. We all need to be in New Risa, or risk being stranded here forever.

Ukinix: ::Looking at Wren, nodding:: We’ll get back.  Our tricorders should help, we know the general direction.  If ::swallowing:: G’var’s OK, she’ll be able to guide us back quicker.

Hext/Macedon: Responses

::So the Veritas was still up there?  It hadn’t been  destroyed?  They were in a time bubble?  Well that explained a heck of a lot!  As they others turned to make their way into camp, Alora followed, then caught sight of a somewhat familiar item.  ::
Bicondova:::grasping the Lieutenant's bat'leth tight::-The Lieutenant's more than earned a few hours of shut eye sir. ::beat:: I know she'll be more than ready when she wakes up.

DeVeau:  Wait!

::Alora caught up with them.::

DeVeau:  Lieutenant?  Who are you talking about? 

::Her gaze shifted to the bat’leth - a Klingon weapon, and she knew of only one who had been on the ship at that particular time.  Never mind that they were obvious survivors, her attention had been diverted.::

Ukinix/Bicondova/Hext/Macedon: Responses

DeVeau: Oh no...G’var...You’re from the Veritas...and there are others?  Is Raissa okay?  Did she make it?  Is she there? What about Roshanara and Jansen?

::Alora spattled off a few more times, trying to get an entire list, ten stopped as she realised  she was probably overwhelming them.  No one got a chance to reponse, though, for Captain Nickson made her appearance.::

Nickson/Petras: Responses

Bicondova:::At ridged Attention::-Aye! Ma'am! The Lieutenant never lost Hope in finding you all. She kept use going for nearly two weeks to find you ::Beat:: and by Kahless'Beard she'll bring us all home again.

Ukinix: ::Small smile:: Hello, Ensign Wil Ukinix, engineering.  Bicondova and I have a lot to share.

::He paused and  seemed to consider something.::

Ukinix: In fact - is there somewhere sandy near here?

Bicondova:::smiling thinly::- oO Here we go again with the sand ::beat:: what is it Engineers and Diagrams.Oo

::Nic appeared then and began in true doctor fashion.::

del Vedova: Some reason you want sand? Now, hold still for a moment, I need to check you out. Deep breaths, please.

Bicondova:::turning her head left then right::-Doc said I was good to go sir, he's been doing an Outstanding job keeping us together Sir.

Ukinix/Hext/Macedon: Responses

Nickson/DeVeau/Petras: Responses

del Vedova: As far as I can tell, you're not about to drop dead. Now, what did you want to show us?

::Alora didn’t stay to find out, but instead, slipped inside the tent where they usually attended the injured.  Outside, she could still hear them talking, but slipped across the short distance where Dr. Maxwell attended G’var.::

DeVeau: Ensign Maxwell.

::Alora had startled him, unintentionally, but her time in the forest had helped her learn how to move silently.::

Maxwell: Good… um… day Commander. I’m not sure what time it is…

::Time?  ALora wasn’t sure why he mentioned that.  Perhaps the shock of everything.  Did he want to know the time?  Alora had who own question.::

DeVeau:  How is she?

Maxwell: ::glancing over his shoulder:: She’s stable, but there’s not much I can do for her right now.

DeVeau: Just keep her comfortable for now.

Maxwell: ::yawning:: I just hope we can get out of here...

::Alora heard Nic before he entered and she turned just as the flaps parted.::

del Vedova: Response

Maxwell: Sorry Commander. I’m pretty tired… and hungry… and thirsty.

del vedova: Response

DeVeau: Don’t be sorry.  And please, call me Alora. You should get something to and rest.

Maxwell: A break would be nice….

del vedova

:: Taking the canteen, Cole smiled and nodded. Poor fellow.::

Maxwell: Thank you. I just need a few minutes to clear my head. ::looking back to G’var:: I’ll just be outside if you need anything. She’s asleep, and I’ve given her an anti-infection injection.

del vedova: Response?

DeVeau: I’ll stay with her if you want.

::Alora watched Maxwell leave, then turned to Nic.::

DeVeau: Mantilon?

Del Vedova: Response

G'var:::groggily::-Alora! ::beat:: Commander! ::beat:: By the light! ::beat:: We did it!

::The sound of her name alarmed Alora and she swerved around to see G’var’s eyes open wide.

G'var:::Wide eyed::-Where am I? ::beat:: Where is my Team? ::beat:: Where is Wil?

::Immediately, Maxwell came back inside.::

G’var: Response

Maxwell: ::grinning:: It’s OK G’var. Wil and Bicondova are safe. You need to rest.

G’var/del Vedova: Responses

::Maxwell looked uncertain, but Alora got down on a knee right beside G’var.::

DeVeau: You are a mighty warrior, G’var.

G’var: Response?

DeVeau: You battled the forest and ran into a great beast, but that did not stop you. You lost an arm to it, but I know that won’t slow you down, will it?

G’var/Maxwell/del Vedova: Responses

DeVeau: If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been found.  Your battle isn’t over yet, G’var.  We  need you, so you must rest and recover from this. 

G’var/Maxwell/del Vedova: Responses

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