JP: Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker & Lt. jg Danni James: Through Space and Time (Part 4)

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Nikki Ryan

Oct 9, 2017, 11:53:13 AM10/9/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((USS Veritas, Holodeck))

:: Luna bit her lower lip and thought about that.  What would she tell her daughter.. and not tell her wife?  Then again, if she made something up right now.. as long as she remembered to do it in the future.. wouldn’t that become a memory in Rai’s mind?  Or would it simply spawn off an alternate universe?  No, best stick to something she’d know.  Something she’d tell her daughter to protect her.. ::

Walker: Who do you trust?

Rai: :: She shook her head in disbelief before responding:: Really?  You never told her that?

Walker: For the sake of argument, let’s say no.   And the answer is?

Rai: “Trust friends to be by your side, whenever strangers deride. Trust Murphy to turn your dreams to dust, plan for him you must. Trust that you can’t turn the tide, all you can do is guide.“

Walker/Rai in unison: “Trust all of this to be true, but most of all trust that your Mom and I will always be with you”

:: Tears shown in both women’s eyes as they spoke in unison. Luna rushed forward and hugged her daughter, whether flesh or simulacrum. ::

Rai: ::smiling:: Took me forever to remember that but you wouldn’t let me give up until I got it just right.

James: Did you make that up?

Walker: :: Chuckling roughly, trying to cover the tears in her voice:: You always say I’m paranoid, and this seemed kinda paranoid at the time… but it’s something my dad used to tell me. Meant a lot so it’s something I’d want to pass on.

James: ::smiling:: I like it.

:: As if summoned by his name, Murphy intervened, and judging by the look on Rai’s face he did so with a vengeance. ::

Rai: Frak!  They are locking onto the signal a lot faster than I’d expected.  Moms, Love you both.. and don’t worry about me.  :: she snorted:: As if that’s gonna happen.  :: She then looked directly at Luna and bit her lip. :: And. It wasn’t your fault or his Mom.  Grandma… it’s just not ok?

Walker: Grandma?  Who are you…Wait, Mother?!?

:: Before Rai could explain anything more, the holodeck appeared to lurch as the beach scene was shakily replaced with the original image of Danni’s implant.  Luna fought the feeling of vertigo the transition created, but found herself on her knees despite her efforts.  The tears that were flowing freely were likely more the reason, but she had her excuse. ::

:: The sudden - whatever just happened - dropped Danni to her knees to keep from falling on her face. She was left disoriented and dizzy. Her eye clouded with tears. She not only saw their “daughter” vanish, she felt it like a sudden zap of feedback energy. She sucked in a sharp breath and reached for Luna. ::

James: ::slightly dazed:: You okay?

:: She leaned against her wife and sobbed into her shoulder for a few moment longer before she could really speak.  Her eyes were bright, despite the tears. ::

Walker: I’m sorry love, I.. I didn’t disbelieve you exactly.. but it was all so incredible.  I thought maybe it was a hallucination or something.

James: Yeah yeah save it. You thought I was nuts.

Walker: :: She swallowed down the lump in her throat.  If she didn’t, she’d be crying again. As it was, her words came out a hoarse whisper. :: We’re gonna have a girl.  And she’s going to be beautiful like you are.. and smart like me.  :: She added the last jokingly.. because even saying the words made her feel like crying again. ::

James: Ha funny girl... ::face scrunching:: That last thing she said… what did it mean?

Walker: I don’t know.  And dumb as it sounds?  Right now I don’t care.  :: She picked up Danni and twirled her around. She was happy and sad, laughing and crying. :: I don’t know how or when.. but we are going to have a girl!

James:  I love you Lluneh Walker. ::smiling::  I think I’m ready to whenever you are.


Lt. Commander Luna Walker

Chief Engineer, USS Veritas



pNPC Lt. jg Danni James

  Engineering Officer - USS Veritas


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