LtCmdr Sky Blake, "Delayed reaction."

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Deliera Jay

Nov 26, 2018, 7:14:47 PM11/26/18
((Main Engineering, USS Artemis))

::This ship was too big.::

::That was Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake's expert opinion when they materialized in a dark Main Engineering of an Odyssey class vessel. The ship was *too big*. She'd never been on one before - seen one, yes (this one, in fact, when it was carrying the Venture), but actually stepped aboard? Noree, no. Just being in this area, this uncomfortably wide area with a *lot of space* had her uneasy, as if the open room was actively sucking the air from her lungs.

::It *wasn't* actually doing that, but part of her was convinced otherwise.::

::Blake, who's body temperature on average ran much higher than her comrades, had been wise and rugged up in their new winter uniforms - which, if she was honest, were downright cozy.::

Delano: Well, here we are. First things first, let's see if we can get main power back online, or at least some of the primary systems. Commander Blake, Ensign G’Var, learn what you can and let me know what our options are as soon as possible. If it's too much trouble, we'll have to make due with emergency power. 

G'var:Aye, Commander!

Delano: In the meantime, Commander DeVeau, there’s supposed to be a viewing area for the ship’s cargo compartments just down the corridor here. I'm hoping we will be able to see if this subspace telescope of Captain Nickson's is still in tact.

DeVeau: And if it is?

Delano: Then we can breathe easy and focus on either restoring power to the Artemis or scuttling it.

DeVeau: Well, we won't know until we find out.

::They all headed off in their separate directions, Blake and G'var turning their immediate attention to the vessel's power systems. Despite the ship not having been destroyed as initially planned by the crew, the power display were still active, making Blake even more hesitant to really go near things such as the warp core.

::Hmm. Tristam Core might have had a point about the warp cores being giant bombs powering ships, especially when this ship had failed to self-destruct.::

G'var: This may not be the best time to tell you Commander Blake, but I only just met the requirements to be an engineer, I did not exceed them.

Blake: That's okay. With every console comes a manual.

::She learned that the long way, Starfleet console code reading being particularly problematic for beginners to memorize unless you had years of training - which, at the beginning, Blake did *not* have. Now, she found herself understanding every ridiculous combination of Federation numbers and had learned enough of the standard language these ships used to work any of their consoles without incident.::

G'var: Systems report, looks like we may be able to get auxiliary power restored if we by-pass a few safety protocols. Just don't tell Mr. Teller.

Blake: I'm a little hesitant to get this ship up and running if it's self-destruct system didn't engage properly. Let's see if we can stick to the basics for now.

G'var: Aye, Commander, if we reroute power around the primary energizer and these damaged EPS conduits here ::pointing to the master display:: and here, we can tie directly into the main batteries. It won't be pretty but it should restore the auxiliary systems. Teller and his crew can do more precise repairs when they arrive.

::Sky wandered over to one of the other consoles giving readouts.::

Blake: Magnetic interlocks are damaged. ::with a sigh:: That'll cause us some complications.

G'var:::checking the diagnostic data:: I'm no engineer either Commander, but I think your right the damaged to the magnetic interlocks does look intentional, it's hard to tell, I'm not sure what  tetryonic damage would look like either.

Blake: It's probable that someone may have attempted to tractor the ship into the Shoals before it drifted back - the sheer mass of this ship would make any kind of travel problematic, let alone warp, especially through tetryon emissions. ::She glanced back at G'var.:: Don't suppose you at least know how to *replace* these things?

::Evidently not.::

G'var:::laughing to herself:: Just don't let Teller know we couldn't do it ourselves, or we'll never hear the end of it.

Blake: Secret's safe with me.

::They managed to get the ship mostly set up for a re-power when Delano and DeVeau returned.::

Delano: Report?

G'var: Response?

Delano: Sounds better than what we’ve got. Let’s give it a try.

Blake: I'm still a little hesitant to essentially reactivate a ship that didn't successfully engage self-destruct, though.

Delano/G'var/DeVeau: Response?

::She nodded, turning back to the console. Worst case scenario, they'd be blown to bits.

::But that was just absolute worst case scenario. No need to worry.::

Blake: Attempting auxiliary re-initialization . . .

::She took a step back, looking up - apparently expecting some kind of visual indicator that power had been restored.

::And they waited.

::And waited.::

Delano: Response?

::She shot him a *look*.::

Blake: I'm pretty sure I know how to-

::Certain terminals of the ship's main engineering lit up suddenly, emergency lighting more prominent around them and illuminating the room much better than it had been before. She felt a bit heavier, shoulders having dropped a little as gravity restored back to it's original defaults.::

G'var/Delano/DeVeau: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
Chief of Security
USS Veritas

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