[PART 3] Captain Roshanara Rahman: Faith Affirmed

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Aug 26, 2019, 8:50:50 PM8/26/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Officer’s Mess, USS Veritas))

With the promotions given out, it was now time to move on to the service ribbons. As Evan got the ribbons ready, Roshanara turned her attention back to the crew at large.

Rahman: Returning our attention back to our latest mission, I’d like to now recognize the efforts of a few individuals specifically and you all as a crew.

She turned her attention to the newly promoted science officer along with the departing helmsman.

Rahman: Lieutenant El Sayid, Lieutenant Xerix, would you come up here and join Commander Delano please?

El Sayid: Response

Xerix: Response

As the two new lieutenants stepped up, Roshanara gestured for Evan to stand next to them.

Rahman: This mission was not without danger, and as can happen in our chosen profession, risk of injury or even death is something we must accept. This ribbon I bestow upon you now is not meant as some sort of award but instead a recognition by me, Starfleet, and the people of the Federation of the risks and sacrifices you make in the course of your duties. Lieutenant El Sayid, Lieutenant Xerix, and Commander Delano, for injuries sustained in the line of duty, you are all hereby bestowed the Purple Heart.

El Sayid: Response

Xerix: Response

Delano: Response

She nodded as the crowd applauded, not in congratulations but in solemn acknowledgment of their service, as each ribbon was pinned. Once they were done, she called out to her chief engineer and Ensign Monroe.

Rahman: Commander Teller, Ensign Monroe, if you’d come up here and join Lieutenant El Sayid?

Teller: Response

Monroe: Response

As the two men joined the science officer, Roshanara began announcing the next ribbon’s citation as Evan prepared the ribbons.

Rahman: The Good Conduct Ribbon is awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty. “Conspicuous gallantry” is a rather elegant way of putting the… ::She glanced at the three officers.:: crazy pursuit that I read about in Inspector Hext’s report in your efforts to apprehend Tuk. Thanks to those efforts though, we were able to seize an illegal shipment in our wider combat against the drug trade in this region. As such, I hereby recognize all three of you with the Good Conduct Ribbon. Congratulations!

Teller: Response

El Sayid: Response

Monroe: Response

After the three had been awarded, the captain looked over to Lieutenant Vanlith.

Rahman: Lieutenant Vanlith, if you’d please approach.

Vanlith: Response

Rahman: As I alluded to earlier in your promotion citation, you’ve done an excellent job that was not only noticed by your fellow engineers but also your fellow shipmates including Lieutenant G’var, who wrote to me personally about how grateful she is to your work on her prosthesis. As such, I find it only fitting to award you now with the Captain’s Commendation. Well-done, lieutenant.

Vanlith: Response

G’var: Response

As others joined in the applause, Roshanara saw that Evan was getting the next big group of ribbons ready.

Rahman: Lieutenant Xerix, Commander Kelrod, Lieutenant Ukinix, Commander Moonsong, and Dr. MacKenzie, if you’d come up here now and join Commander Delano.

Roshanara smiled as the group lined up, looking particularly handsome and fitting for a Starfleet recruitment poster.

Rahman: Your response to the raid and apartment fire on Ketar has helped build bridges with a community and help a colony begin to heal. Yes, you were “only doing your job,” but a job well-done is still one worth recognizing. As such, I am pleased to award you all with the Legion of Merit for your exceptional performance in assisting to the needs and well-being of the people of Ketar V.

She began moving down the line pinning a ribbon on each recipient before stepping sideways to the next person.

Rahman: Congratulations, lieutenant.

Xerix: Response

Rahman: ::nods:: Well-done.

Kelrod: Response

Rahman: Congratulations.

Ukinix: Response

Rahman: ::smiles:: Congratulations.

Moonsong: Response

Rahman: Congratulations, doctor.

MacKenzie: Response

Rahman: And last but certainly not least, commander… ::She looked up at him as she pinned the final ribbon on her tall first officer.:: Congratulations.

Delano: Response

Once the applause finished, she looked over at the group.

Rahman: Will everyone except Lieutenant Ukinix clear the way?

Ukinix: Response

Rahman: Lieutenant Ukinix, in addition to personally assisting with the fire on the ground, you had the clever idea to use the Veritas herself to directly contain the blaze.

Ukinix: Response

Rahman: I’m sure. Nonetheless, you were the one who made it happen, and as such, you’re the one who rightfully gets the recognition now. For your ingenious use of all the resources at your disposal, including an orbiting starship, I hereby award you with the Innovation Ribbon. Congratulations, lieutenant.

Ukinix: Response

Once the engineer had received his ribbon, she watched for a moment as he walked away before looking back at the rest of her gathered officers.

Rahman: Finally, all officers who were present for this past mission will receive the Joint Meritorious Unit Award for working with the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service in our joint homicide investigation. While our reception has not always been the warmest, I am proud of the professionalism you all brought to the investigation and in the performance of your duties. I could not ask for a finer crew.

(OOC: Recipients of this ribbon include the following: Rahman, Delano, Blake, Xerix, Kelrod, Monroe, Teller, Ukinix, Vanlith, Moonsong, El Sayid, del Vedova, MacKenzie, Orrey)

Any: Response


(OOC: I’ll continue with some personal tags during the mingling in my next post…)

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