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Kelrod Dickens

Oct 29, 2018, 6:24:10 AM10/29/18

( New Macau – Antor II )




:: They took the private transport and flew towards one of the main domes that housed the government building. His plan has just started ::


:: As he got to the government building the comitee was waiting for him and a dozen of journalists were there too, so he adjusted his attire and exit from the transport, with a smile on his face attending the different demands of the press, but not stopping in his way to the building. Once there, he saluted the different members of the comitee, most of them known to him by direct interaction through the last year and others from indirect approach as they’re less prone to him. ::


Rashtu: Mr. Tutoatasi, welcome to the Senatrum. :: The comitee president received him. He was an old figure of the government, higly respected by most of the political individuals on Antor, but with really not much power today. Rajel showed respect to him as the others, but he’d managed to get his good side so it’ll favour his requests. ::


Tutoatasi: Thanks sir Rashtu, I’ve been expecting to be here all week.


Rashtu: :: smiling :: I know, but, bureocracy needs time and the agenda of both, the senatrum and the governor is quite busy. I guess that you know the rest of the comitee members.


Tutoatasi: :: He knew bureocracy and also knew that the Governor have had three blank spaces in her agenda this week. The delay was intentional :: Yes, I know them. :: He saluted all of them with a formal greeting that was traditional, yet, not overly used those days.:: So, it’s everything ready?


Rashtu: Yes, you only have to inscribe yourself officially and everything will be set. We’ve arranged the attention of the press in about ten minutes.


Tutoatasi: All right. There’s something I’d like to announce so let’s get it done.


:: As Rashtu and the rest of the members of the comitee entered the adjacent room, they all sat in their respectives chairs. The room was a triangular one, with Rashtu on the vertex and the rest of the members to both sides of the podium where Rajel will walk on. The room was partially lighted with an orange light and a white beam was projected on the podium, so everyone could see him clearly ::


Rashtu: Rajel Tutoatasi, you’ve stated your willing to dispute the governor seat for Antor, is your will still there?


Tutoatasi: Yes, it is :: he said clearly in a formal tone ::


Rashtu: Then move on to your place and make your claim.


Tutoatasi: :: he stepped onto the podium and looked around to the members before speaking:: I, Rajel Tutoatasi, with the required supports from the people of Antor, with the right that assists me as Antor citizen and with the willingness to serve the people of Antor, hereby declare that I’ll be able to lead our people to a brighter future and challenge the Governor Carolyn Blackhurst for the right to represent our people.


Rashtu: Your claim has been heard, the comitee validates it and the challenge is right in time and form. You’re hereby bestowed the challenger’s coat. You’ll face any other challenger before addressing for the Governor’s seat. Do you accept?


Tutoatasi: I do.


:: The lights of the room changed and the beam turned off, leaving the room with standard white illumination and most of the members clapping. Rajel took note of those that didn’t or did it lightly but kept his smile to Rashtu ::


Coryn Jein: :: He moved down to reach Rajel :: You’re quite bold to challenge Blackhurst. I hope you know what you’re getting into...


Tutoatasi: Don’t worry Jein, I know exactly what I’m doing. I’ll make my declaration in a moment, I’d like you to stay while doing it.


:: Jein seemed intrigued, he’d worked as minister of  commerce for ten years and saw people come and go, but something kept him wondering why Rajel choose this moment to challenge Blackhurst, so he moved out to watch the declaration of Tutoatasi ::


Tutoatasi: :: stepping in front of the press, he looked at them for a moment before speaking :: Hello everyone. I present myself to you today, as the chance to regain our place in The Shoals, in the Coalition and in the galaxy. For years we’ve seen how despite being considered capital, we’ve little influence and even less power. We’ve suffered recently because the inhability of the government to improve our lives and protect us. We have to rely on Starfleet’s availability to protect us, they can be brave and well intentioned, but they can’t be everywhere so we must raise and reclaim our place, our dignity, our pride. With that in mind, I’ve decided to be a challenger for the position of Governor.


Journalist: Mr. Tutoatasi, what are your plans to do all that you claim?


Tutoatasi: That’s still to be developed, and you’ll allow me to not reveal my guidelines, but I can tell you this. I’ve been in contact with Meridian and Karakka personalities and companies that to a certain point agree with my view of the political situation on the Shoals, so you can expect some changes in the short to medium time.


:: As Rajel continued with the press, Phillip, his assistant, was on the back of the zone attending to the agenda and communications from the stock markets and some incoming calls. When he received a particular one, he put the rest on hold and attended that specific one ::


Phillip: Yes... :: the other end spoke to him :: Yes, everything went fine. :: ....... :: I doubt there will be other challengers, but if any appear it’ll be dealt swiftly  :: ......... :: According to our campaign plans, his popularity should raise twenty points in the next two months, so yes, everything will be fine.  :: ........ :: Yes sir, good bye.


:: Phillip closed the call and moved next to Rajel, keeping himself a few steps behind him to his right, checking how the media showed their interest in the new candidate ::





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