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Mar 27, 2017, 11:28:29 AM3/27/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Conference Room, USS Veritas)) 

Mei'konda: Three liight years?  God, that must be some kiind of record.  I taake it back.  Let's go somewhere a little less exciiting.

::Roshanara suppressed a chuckle. Surely the operations officer wasn't the least bit intrigued? Then again, curiosity killed the...::

Kimura: Do we have historical data for the Maelstrom including speed, course and most importantly, rotation?  Such data could be very helpful should we need to enter or pass.

Sepek: It appears to be traveling at one quarter the speed of light.

Rahman: We'll be paying it a visit. The leading edge extends out across a route between Antor and Shadow's Edge--a short cut called Missirian's Pass that's only open for about a quarter of the year after the storm moves through.

::She could tell from several of the stares and facial expressions she was getting back that some were thinking their captain might have been crazy.::

::Or this was the best prank ever. She shot a glance at Walker to see if the chief engineer would try to call her bluff.::

Jolara: Why exactly?

Tuk: That would be *my* question, too.

Dickens: A Tetryon storm that covers a whole sector should be something to avoid. Is there any particular interest in going to check it out with a ship instead of a probe?


::All fair questions, and of course, they did have a reason. Something they'd all signed up for.::

Rahman: A few days ago, Antor lost contact with a small refueling station that was set up along the Pass. With the storm still lingering, no other ships are able to approach, and we've been tasked to investigate.

Delano: Captain, are we planning on taking Veritas into the storm? 

Rahman: We won't know for sure until we get there. A storm like this follows similar rules as the tetryon fields in general in this region: larger vessels are affected disproportionately.

Delano: If we’ve lost contact with that station, it’s almost certainly been destroyed. 


Rahman: On your PADDs, you'll find everything that's known about the Maelstrom and the station. I want you all to review it, and we'll go over a plan before we arrive at the storm's edge in four days. Are there any immediate questions?

::The gathered crew began reviewing their notes.::

Mei’konda: I can dispaatch probes.  Since they’re so small, we might risk sending them at waarp seven or eight and find out what’s going on more quiickly. 

::She shook her head.::

Rahman: Best we might get them out here is warp 6, especially with the intensity of the tetryon fields even higher around the storm. That said, warp 6 is better than nothing and certainly faster than we'll get out there, so it's worth a shot.

Delano: I can help you reconfigure them, Mei. I’ve had some recent experience with tetryon storms. But the first danger is going to be the debris field along the edge. You’ll need to get every ounce of power you can out of the probe’s deflectors. Same for us, really. That is, if we’re planning to take Veritas in. 

(OOC: Putting my captain hat on and deleting the freighter reference until we find out about it IC later in this sim...)

Kimura: ::motioning to the representation of the storm on the map:: : At the time of our arrival in four days, the station and any debris will have rotated 64 degrees clockwise with the storm’s rotation, putting them... ::she pointed:: : here.

Sepek: I'll help go over the information we get from the probes.


Tuk: While this at first glance, seems to point to the Science Department’s purview, what would, say, my department’s ‘role’ be in all this?

Rahman: If we find any survivors...

::She didn't need to finish the thought.::
Tuk: That makes sense. ::beat:: I'm thinking the SAR team would play an active role, as well.
::She nodded as the SAR team leader piped up.::
Kelrod: First we need to find the station or it’s remains, then if needed, my team could go and check on it, but we’ll have to see if that storm allows us to even get near it.

Tuk: That shouldn’t be too difficult, barring any unexpected directional changes.
Kelrod: I’ve learnt to walk my path waiting for the worst, so we’ll use those four days to prepare for navigating a chaotic tetryon storm and trying to guess what problems we’ll have to deal with.


(OOC: Anyone who still hasn't replied yet, feel free to add any last questions, and I'll back sim it.)

Rahman: All right, then, ladies and gentlemen, we have our work cut out for us. Also, one last thing. Dr. Blueheart has been recalled on special assignment for the next few months. As such, I've asked Dr. Ryan to join us. ::She gestured to the medical officer seated in the back of the room.:: Doctor, if you'd come up here please.


::Once the other woman had stepped up, Roshanara pulled out a pip from her pocket.::

Rahman: I'm hereby promoting you to the rank of full lieutenant and assigning you as our chief medical officer. I have no doubt in your abilities to serve well as a leader for the department, just as you demonstrated as chief engineer on the Syracuse.


::She smiled as she placed the pin on the collar of the woman as she stood at attention.::

Rahman: ::softly as she finishes adding the pin:: Two chief positions in two years. Not a bad feat at all.


::Once the pin was added, Roshanara returned a single nod back at the lieutenant.::

Rahman: Congratulations, doctor.



::She turned back to the rest of the staff.::

Rahman: All right, everyone. Four days. Make the most of it. Dismissed.

((Four days later))

::When they arrived at the edge of the Maelstrom to where Kimura predicted the station would be, all the long range scans and background reading couldn't have prepared them for the sheer awesome sight before them. The 432.5 meter-long starship looked like a toy as it approached the stellar behemoth. Bright flashes of plasmic discharges lit up the storm, revealing only a fraction of its size.::

::The captain stood up from her chair and took a step towards the viewscreen.::

Rahman: That's close enough for now, helm. Commander Mei'konda, what's the status of the probes?

Mei'konda: RESPONSE

Rahman: Ensigns Sepek and Harik, any signs of the station?



::Roshanara continued to look at the viewscreen for a moment before shaking her head.::

Rahman: We aren't going to get any more information just sitting out here. 

::She turned back to look at her first officer.::

Rahman: Commander Blake, I want you to take one of our type 10 shuttles in to survey the area.


Rahman: Take Agent Delano, Ensign Kimura, Dr. Ryan, and Ensign Sepek with you.



::She then glanced over at the Caitian at ops.::

Rahman: Commander Mei'konda, you'll take another type 10 as well. Increase our chances of finding something.

Mei'konda: RESPONSE

Rahman: Take Lieutenants Tuk and Greyson along with Ensign Harik.

Mei'konda: RESPONSE


::As the teams headed off to the shuttlebay, the captain addressed them one last time.::

Rahman: Eyes sharp.


::A short while later, the remaining bridge crew watched as the two shuttles departed from the ship and made their way ahead of Veritas to enter the storm.::

Rahman: Commander Moonsong, if you could monitor communications with the shuttles?

Moonsong: RESPONSE

Rahman: Have them perform a com check as soon as they're inside.

Moonsong: RESPONSE


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas
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