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Geoffrey Teller

Sep 16, 2019, 1:22:56 PM9/16/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Stage 4 - The Explosive Decompression - 2215 Hours))

Teller:  Wil, are you out of your damn mind?  We've gotta get out of here. 

Ukinix:  Not for another forty-five minutes at least!  Why d’ya wanna leave?

Teller:  Why??!  ::Teller rubbed his forehead in frustration.::  Ok, answer me this.  Do you think the Captain would have a drink here?

Ukinix:  (Smiling) No.  Because she doesn’t drink alcohol.  Remember?

Teller:  Right - so talk to me about getting out of here.  Tell Karen you'll cover her next duty shift.  Anything.  Just get us out of this dump before one of these guys finds out there's a dozen drunk fleet personnel here.   

Ukinix:  (Looking around) Alright, it might not be Risa, but the place is jumping.  I know the whole, you know, Illanos thing, makes it a bit weird, but this is one of the bigger nightlife places on Ketar V.  We shouldn’t not come here just because of that. 

Teller:  Am I really the only one who sees the problem here?  

As he looked around, Teller found the group unmoved by his points and rubbed his forehead in frustration as it throbbed along with the 'music.'  

G’var: Responses

MacKenzie: ::shrugging to the group:: Teller’s a party-pooper.

Addison playfully blew a raspberry in his direction and Teller attempted to relax and let his misgivings go.  Taking a pull from the smoking cauldron his drink arrived in, his eyes nearly crossed in pain as the searing Klingon beverage crawled into his gullet.  He had to give Wil credit - he'd asked for strong, and he'd gotten strong enough to move a starship.  Just as the knot in his shoulders was beginning to unkink, an argument and shoving match broke out nearby.  

Any: Responses

Fan 1: *Typical* Esperance fan.  Think you’re so much better than everyone else.

Fan 2: (Pushing fan 1 in the chest) Well, we are at least better than your team, (Pointing at holo-link)  according to the scoreboard. Two - nil!  It wasn’t *my* team that missed a penalty.  (Turning back to holo-link)  Build a bridge and get over it.

Fan 1: Yeah, and you only got your penalty because Ywu’usnher took a dive!

Fan 2: (Grabbing Fan 1 by the chest) You idiot, Pudney tripped him!  He’s always been a dirty player!

Teller watched the avalanche of violence in slow motion.  A shove here.  A grab there.  Thrown drinks escalated to thrown glasses and culminated with thrown fists, and within seconds an idiots ballet had turned into a full scale riot not 2 meters from their group.  Beside him, Addison took a step closer, assessing the violence with wide eyes.  

MacKenzie: Time to go, boss.

Teller narrowly ducked a small missile that he identified as someones boot when it thudded off the wall behind him.  

Teller:  I never argue with my Doctor.  Hey Wil!  Still enjoying the 'nightlife?!'

G’var: Responses

Petras/Vanlith: Responses

Wil grabbed his commbadge out of his pocket.

Ukinix: On second thoughts Chief, you make a valid point.

Teller finished as much of his drink as he could tolerate, then absently tossed the cup into the melee.  A few well timed shoves had kept the fighting away from their group, but they were becoming dangerously surrounded and pressed back, their perimeter narrowing to the space around the one table they controlled.  

Teller:  Hope everybody is feeling feisty because this is going to get physical for us real soon.  

A brutish looking man pushed through the crowd and shoved Wil hard.  

Male: (Pushing Wil sideways) Starfleet, huh?

Wil took a few paces back to de-escalate the situation.

Ukinix: Mate, we’re just (raising hands, showing palms) having a quiet drink.

MacKenzie: ::tapping Wil on the arm:: Time to go, gents…

Several of the mans companions were lining up beside him, some already bloody from earlier skirmishes.  From behind, Teller could hear G'var growling dangerously as Wil attempted to hold her back.  Teller attempted to bluff for time.  

Teller: Don't suppose you fellas know any sea shanties?  

Any: Responses

Wil grabbed G’var by the arm.

Ukinix: Let it go.  (Shaking head) It’s not worth it.

G’var: Response

That was the straw that broke the camels back, and the gang of toughs began charging in swinging.  Teller's hands snapped up defensively as he ducked under the wild hay-maker of one man.  Nearby, Teller could see Wil fumbling with his comm badge.  

Ukinix: =/\= Ukinix to Queens.  Beam us out to the next stage! =/\=

Queens: =/\= (Chuckling) Wil, you said no matter what- =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= Do it! Do it! =/\=

Any: Responses

Distracted, Teller never saw the kick that caught him across the ribs and sent him sprawling to the ground.  As he rolled to right himself, he caught the briefest glimpse of a barstool descending on his head as the transporter beam took hold and whisked the group to safety.  

Male: (Swinging punch at de-materializing Wil) You group of weak-

((Stage 5 – The Republic Arms - 2219 Hours))

Materializing on the pavement somewhere outside, Teller groaned as he got to his feet and patted his tender rib-cage.  At least nothing seemed to be broken.  The rest of the group were similarly collecting themselves as they stood outside a cozy looking pub.  It had a charmingly quaint vibe to it and after the seething hostility and horrendous noise of the Explosive Decompression, it looked like the perfect place to fall asleep in a comfortable chair with beer in hand.

Ukinix: (Hand on chest)  Well that escalated quickly.  (Looking around) Everyone alright? (To G’var, quietly) You OK?

MacKenzie: All good here.

Teller:  I'm going to leave that place a real nasty review on FleetNet.  'Bad drinks, bad smells, random violence, 0/5 would not get stabbed to death there.'  

G’var/Petras/Vanlith/Gaz/Daymo/Any: Responses

Queens: =/\= Are you all alright?  There’s multiple CCMS units en-route to the Explosive Decompression bar. =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= We’re fine.  Thanks to you Karen.  Ukinix out. =/\=

Teller smiled up to the sky, thinking of their distant rescuer.  

Teller:  Can I promote her?  I'm going to promote her.  Or give her a medal.  

Any: Responses

Ukinix: This is a classy little place called “The Republic Arms”, and I thought it’d be a good place to wind down and relax to end the night.  (Raised eyebrows)  I couldn’t have been more accurate.

Finding himself again close to Addison, Teller couldn't help but notice the Doctor relishing the sight of their new destination.

MacKenzie: My kind of place.

The somewhat bedraggled group went inside, finding a the interior as warm and inviting as the outside had promised.  Teller was immediately struck by the rich, warm aromas of old leather and good coffee, and wondered how this little island of civility had found its way to Ketar V.  Addison went directly to the bar as Teller took a moment to savor the feel of the place.  

Chendain: Response

MacKenzie: I’ll have an Irish Coffee. What about you guys?

Teller:  That sounds like a bit of heaven, Doc - make mine a double, would you barkeep?  

Any: Responses

Teller found himself a comfortable high-backed chair in which to collapse and put his feet up on the nearby ottoman.  With the adrenaline rush from their near miss finally abating, and the hours of drinking finally catching up to him, Teller felt a deep exhaustion creeping through his chest.  He had nearly nodded off when Gaz and Daymo landed heavily on a couch next to him, rattling the table holding his coffee.  

Gaz/Daymo:  Response

Teller:  Oh sorry fellas, this place not up to your standards?  

Gaz/Daymo:  Response

Teller:  Ha, that's fair.  You guys are alright.  

Gaz/Daymo:  Response


Lieutenant Geoffrey Teller
Chief Engineer
USS Veritas - NCC 95035
Capt. R. Rahman, Commanding

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