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Mar 12, 2018, 10:37:06 PM3/12/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
(( Recreation Deck, somewhere on Star Station Esperance ))

:: The size of the Esperance station was truly stunning.  With a population of over eighteen million, it was comperable in size to some of the largest cities on Federation member worlds.  The massive recreation deck that he’d reserved for the Veritas’ crew as the Veritas herself was resupplied and repaired by Federation annex personnel was equipped with arboretums, spas, restaurants, lounges, holodecks.  The works, basically. ::

:: He’d assembled the senior staff in one of those lounges, three days before his wedding.  He was starting to get a little nervous.  His parents were due to arrive tomorrow, and Evan’s, the day after that.  He could only hope that it’d be a good time for everyone invited - most of the same people standing in front of him now. ::

:: Dressed just in his standard uniform, the Caitian settled his hands on the podium in front of him, and glanced aside toward Captain Rahman.  She might’ve been in charge of the ship again, but she’d offered him the chance to present the awards himself.  It was something he hadn’t been able to turn down.  The feline man smiled back at the faces in front of him. ::

Mei’konda: Thaank you all for joiniing me toniight, everyone.  It’s been a diifiicult few months, and I would like to thaank Captain Rahman for allowing me to present these recogniitions to you all.

Anyone: Response

Mei’konda: I know for a faact that we wouldn’t haave made it back if we didn’t have one of the best crews on one of the best starshiips in the fleet.  So thank you all for your very haard work. 

Anyone: Response

:: Plucking up the first two of the small replicated-wood boxes, the Caitian stepped forward. ::

Mei’konda: Would Lieutenant Tuk and Commander Kelrod join me up here, pleaase?

Kelrod / Tuk: Responses

Mei’konda: For actiions against the enemy and efforts to safeguard the crew of the USS Astraeus, you haave both been awaarded the Good Conduct Ribbon.  Congraatulations.

:: He carefully pinned one of the ribbons on the Lieutenant, then the Commander’s uniforms, then stepped back to retrieve the next awards. ::

Mei’konda: Lieutenant Commander Rosek, would you join Commander Kelrod here?

Rosek: Response

:: Mei’konda stepped forward, attaching the new award to Lael’s uniform, and then Kelrod’s. ::

Mei’konda: Your efforts in saaving the Astraeus from a bomb intended to destroy her and kill her entiire crew were essential, Commanders.  You’ve been awaarded the Innovation Ribbon to recognize this.  Congratulaations, and thank you!

Rosek / Kelrod: Responses

Mei’konda: Now, would our medicaal staff step forward?

Skyfire / Solok / Fergus / Alexander: Responses

Mei’konda: For your efforts in saaving the liives of your fellow Starfleet officers, you’ve all been graanted the Silver Lifesaviing Ribbon.  Congraatulations Doctors, Nurse.

Skyfire / Solok / Fergus / Alexander: Responses

Mei’konda: Doctor Skyfiire, you’ve also been awarded the Purple Heart for the injury to your leg, on board the Astraeus.  I’d congraatulate you, but I don’t thiink anyone really likes receiiving these.

Skyfire: Response

:: Mei’konda made his way down the row of the four officers, adding the ribbons to the awards they had on display already. ::

Mei’konda: Ensiign Wolfe, would you step forward, please?

Wolfe: Response

:: Stepping down to face the young man, the Caitian tugged open the latest box and lifted the ribbon out of its container. ::

Mei’konda: Your efforts in workiing to traack the cloaked enemy taargets were essential to our rescue effort.  For thaat, you are being awarded the Captain’s Commendation Ribbon.

Wolfe: Response

:: Stepping back up toward the podium, Mei’konda shifted his eyes back out toward the assembled crew, and smiled. ::

Mei’konda: In addition, every member of the senior staff has been approved to receiive the Silver Star.  You can pick those up in your quarters, laater.  You’re all on leaave for the rest of the evening.  Thaank you, everyone.  And if you need anythiing, I’ll be here.

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Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda
First Officer
USS Veritas

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