JP-Lt Cmdr Orrey, Lt Wil Ukinix: Get Him To The Holodeck (Pt 1)

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Danny Lee

Nov 29, 2019, 10:16:57 PM11/29/19

((Counselor’s Office, Deck 6 - USS Veritas))


Wil pressed the door chime to Jansen’s office.  When the door opened, he entered with a smile.


Orrey: Enter ::Jansen turned from chair he was adjusting the pillows in.::


It had been half a year since Wil’s last counselling session.  A lot had happened in that time.  


He had been made acting Chief Engineer of Veritas for a short while, which had meant a giant step up for him. He’d met family from his grandfather’s side on Betazoid for the first time.  His Klingon girlfriend G’var had left the Veritas with a very quick goodbye, for personal reasons.  He’d been arrested and put on bail on a dubious charge, communicated telepathically with Raissa Moonsong, organised a pub crawl and embarrassed himself in front of his captain on his return (so he was told - he couldn’t remember), and he’d masterminded the required adjustments for the Veritas to be compliant for a ship race…

But nothing on that list had topped the biggest change of all. Jansen had grown his hair long.  Like, really long.

Ukinix: Counsellor, how are ‘ya.  I’m still getting used to that hair of yours.

Orrey: ::laughing:: This is what I hear. Objections?

Ukinix: Nah, I like it!  Looks good.

Orrey: Very well. Have a seat ::motioning to the various seating arrangements::

Ukinix: Hmmm… ::rubbing chin, looking at chair and couch combination in one are of the room:: Let’s go for the traditional arrangement.  I’ve never done that before.

Orrey: Not many have actually.

But instead of taking the couch, the sometimes mischievous assistant chief engineer deliberately sat in Jansen’s seat.

Ukinix: ::Gesturing to couch:: Make yourself comfortable.


Orrey: ::chuckling:: Very well.


Ukinix: ::Palms out, grinning:: What?


Orrey: ::settling on the lounge sofa:: So how shall we begin?


Ukinix: ::Cheekily:: So, how have you been, Counsellor?  Anything on your mind?


Orrey: Oh plenty, it has been quite a time.


Ukinix: I agree, it’s been a pretty crazy time, huh.  And tough at times.


He looked down, and clasped his hands.


Ukinix: I mean… G’var suddenly going has been a bit of a shock.  I haven’t heard from her.  She said it was personal and had to go home, I don’t know why she couldn’t tell me.


Orrey: Haven’t heard anything at all?


Wil took a moment, and pursed his lips, before looking back at Jansen.


Ukinix: I haven’t heard a thing.  ::Sighing::  I assume it’s to do with the House Km’Tek.  Or her arm.


He placed his elbow on the arm rest of the chair, and then leant the side of his head on his fist.


Ukinix: I miss her.


Orrey: I am sure something will come up soon. Outside of that how have you been?


Ukinix: Well good, I guess.  ::Folds left leg on top right::  Being acting chief engineer was a baptism of fire.

Orrey: How did all that feel?


Ukinix: To be honest, I didn’t have much time to think about it.  I had a lots of stuff to do, getting ready for that race was crazy.  Fun, mind you, but crazy.  And then, trying to patch the ship together once we got into the void...


Orrey: ::nodding:: You were kept busy. How did you find having people working under you?


Ukinix: It was difficult being responsible for all of those people.  ::Scratching back of neck::  It was hard to concentrate on doing engineering things and being a people manager as well.


Orrey: With your empathic abilities?


Ukinix: I, uh - ::sheepishly:: well yeah, we haven’t covered that off yet, have we.


Orrey: No, no we have not. ::he turned and stretched himself out along the lounge settling in some.::

Wil interlocked his fingers together, and took a deep breath, before breathing out through his nose as he pondered.

Ukinix: Well, my late teenage years weren’t the greatest for me because of it.


Orrey: That is traditionally a time of, lets say emotional unrest, how did it find you?


Ukinix: That’s actually a really good question.  It’s not like you wake up one day, and suddenly “bang” you’re empathic.







Lieutenant Commander Jansen Orrey

Second Officer

Counselor/Intelligence Officer

USS Veritas




Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Veritas



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