Serran - The Singing Shoals

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Danny Lee

Aug 29, 2019, 1:44:15 AM8/29/19

((Stage 3 - The Singing Shoals))


Ketar V was a long way from the Vulcan Science Academy.


Three years earlier, Serran had decided that he had studied music from different cultures extensively enough at the Academy.  It was time to travel and experience it for himself.  He set out with no real plan when he left Vulcan, other than to wander from place to place, and record his observations.


Sometimes he wondered then how he ended up managing a hardly patronised Karaoke bar on a run-down planet in the Shoals. For 6 months.  Most of the few people that did visit The Singing Shoals never got up to sing themselves.  He wondered what their purpose was for attending in the first place.  Still, latinum was latinum and a requirement for travelling around the Shoals, so the logical decision was to find employment for 12 months, and then move on to his next destination.


At least, that what he told himself.  The Vulcan in him knew that he wasn’t being true to himself.  However, sometimes lying was logical if it meant it resulted in a satisfactory conclusion.


Looking around the bar as he sang the Vulcan meditation song “Fmak t’Sochya” (“Sanctuary of Peace”) on the small stage that was augmented with ageing transparent holographic projectors, he counted five people.  Five.  One had nestled themselves at the bar, and three were sitting at tables by themselves reading their PADDs, only occasionally looking up. 


Serran: oO Humans are illogical. Oo


The remaining two, an older human couple, were sitting together, swaying slowly from side to side as they watched Serran singing in his native Vulcan tongue.


Serran: (Singing) Na’vathsular awak’es… T’kasheklar heh ha’kivlar… Vun-sapulau etek…


The doors to the establishment suddenly slid open.  A larger group of people entered, in a seemingly jovial and he guessed a possibly “lubricated” mood.  All the other existing patrons looked around at the group that entered, before turning back to whatever they were doing before.  If Serran didn’t have control over his emotions, he would have been smiling at the number of new people.


Serran: (Singing) Na’vathsular k’nuhk’es… Heh nar-tor etek pulaun… T’au svi’ka-tu… K’el’rular tun-bosh


As the song finished, the older human couple smiled and gave a small applause – which was suddenly drowned out by the applause from the newly arrived group.  He graciously nodded his head to them, and spoke (too closely) into the audio transmitter that he held in his hand.


Serran: (Monotone) Welcome… everyone, (gesturing) and to our newly arrived guests to… the Singing Shoals. I hope you find it… (exhaling) satisfactory.


He moved over to the nearby “K-Art-Int-oke” device, an ageing computer system designed to play Karaoke music and control the accompanying transparent holographic projection devices.  He spoke while he slowly operated the computer’s console.


Serran: (Monotone) I’m your… host… Serran… and it is agreeable to… have you………. here.   We have (exhaling) many different songs… for you to… sing.  From many …. different… cultures.  The software on this… (exhaling) device… can change the composition of…. songs, and…. lyrics to suit your… (exhaling) preferences.  If I may… offer an example…


Suddenly, music began to play out of hidden speakers.  The small stage lit up, and he stood on it, facing the room and the people in it.  In front of him, lyrics began scrolling in the air in front of him at his waist level.  Behind him, a larger holographic version of the same lyrics were scrolling for the crowd’s benefit.  The new group watched on as he began to “sing”…


Serran: (Monotone recital) My Terran dairy beverage attracts many males to the vicinity, and they report that it is of better quality than yours, and I confirm that it is of better quality than yours, I could educate you but it would incur a financial transaction…


As he continued the recital of the song’s lyrics that he had configured to be in a more “Vulcan friendly” format, the new patrons were talking amongst themselves.  One of them walked forward towards the stage, seemingly keen to sing a song.  Serran stopped singing and walked forward off the stage towards them as the music continued in the background.


Serran: Would you like to perform a piece of music?


Any: Response


He moved to the nearby console.


Serran: (Tapping console) Please take the stage, the music will begin shortly.


Any: Response











Manager, The Singing Shoals

Ketar V



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