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Sophie Philbrook

Feb 24, 2020, 4:43:05 PM2/24/20

((Brew Continuum, USS Veritas)) 

Charlena smiled as she pushed her hair off her face. She tugged slightly at her shirt that kept sliding off her shoulder as she decided, since she was currently the only one there, to step behind the counter and make herself a coffee. 

Char inhaled deeply as she felt the aromas of coffee surround her filling her with warmth. Clasping her mug in both hands a book tucked under her arm she made her way to a corner facing the door and curled up with her mug. Part of her wished she had someone to share this moment with. Even if it was just in silence so she wasn't alone. For the first time Char was actually considering just how alone she was and if really a relationship would help to change that. 

Taking a swig from her mug she opened her book to where she had last been. A small blush fell on her cheeks as she envisioned herself there. Having words spoken to her like that. 

Jon made his way into the BC after his double shift in security. He felt that he needed a good, strong cup of coffee to take the edge off of the last several hours. As he saw Char behind the counter, he gave a smile and approached.

Cumar: Hey, Char. How’s things in engineering? 

Vanlith: ::smiling as she jumped slightly:: Hi. Well nothing’s broken so I guess we are doing our job well ::chuckles::

Cumar: Sorry if I startled you. Could I trouble you for a cup of coffee?

Vanlith: Don't worry about startling me. I should probably be much more observant and less absorbed by these things ::gesturing to her book::. Any preference in coffee? 

Jon considered his options. Dr. Skyfire had introduced him to that strong and powerful raktajino, but at the same time, the man preferred simple black Terran coffee. As he glanced at the available planetary offerings, he decided to stick with what he knew. 

Cumar: Just plain black Guatemalan coffee is fine. 

Charlena began the process smiling up at Jon. 

Vanlith: Simple and straight to the point. I wonder if your coffee choice says anything about you? ::Chuckling:: 

Cumar: Should say that I like Earth coffee. I’ll probably try some of that Klingon raktajino Dr. S is talking about a bit later.

Vanlith: Interesting choice ::handing him his drink then taking a sip of her own::. Part of me is convinced that certain choices show something about a person. I don't know it's probably rubbish. 

Cumar: It’s possible, I suppose. I don’t subscribe to that philosophy of learning about people. 

He took his drink and had a seat across the bar from her, allowing a sip of it before he decided to speak again, though for once he was out of conversation topics.

Char placed her book on the table, having indulged her slightly poor taste in 21st century supernatural romance she was much more interested in this conversation. 

Vanlith: I guess it's just an idea of mine. Something I probably notice more in myself than anything else. 

Cumar: I doubt it. :: He glanced briefly to the book. :: What’s that you’re reading?

Vanlith: ::chuckling and blushing slightly.:: Just an old favourite. It feels a bit weird calling it that but I guess I can't not enjoy the romance. Even if it hits creepy a few times. And who wouldn't want a vampire husband?

Jon’s brow creased slightly as he listened to her description of the book. He pondered over that statement for a moment and had another sip of his coffee. With a shrug, he set the drink down and spoke again.

Cumar: I’m not sure. That does sound a bit creepy to me, so I’ll pass on the vampire husband.

Vanlith: ::blushing and a little quieter:: Maybe not the best way to describe the book.

Cumar: That’s a nice shade of red for you.

Charlena lifted her hands to her cheeks and feeling the heat dropped her eyes to the floor. Unsure what exactly had caused such a flush across her face. 

Vanlith: Sorry, I hadn't realised I had gone quite so red. 

Cumar: No worries. :: He paused and had a sip of his drink. :: What’s going on inside that pretty head of yours, Char?



Lieutenant Jonathan Cumar
Security Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035



LT. JG Charlena Vanlith

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas 


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