[MINI-MISSION ALPHA START] Captain Roshanara Rahman: Who are you? I really wanna know

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Jun 29, 2021, 2:59:57 AMJun 29
to USS Veritas – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Runabout USS Baikal, en route to site of Endeavour shuttlepod - Day 1))
They'd just departed from Star Station Esperance, the massive independent station and planet quickly fading into the background as just another star. The Baikal was a third-generation Arrow class runabout, and as such was able to reach speeds of warp 6, perfect for traveling along the Mother Road, the main route through the Shoals where the tetryon fields had been mapped to allow faster travel. After heading in the direction towards Antor, they'd then depart the Mother Road and fly directly towards the moon where the Endeavour shuttlepod had been sighted. The whole trip would take them about five days. Once they got to the moon, it was anyone's guess where their investigation might take them next, but Roshanara had briefed the runabout crew to plan for the whole excursion to last at least three weeks.

The captain walked down through the center of the runabout, and as she passed one cabin, whose door was opened, she saw Lieutenant Ikaia Wong still unpacking his things. The Klingon PA was bunked with Ensign Scotty Reade, which made sense given the two were already roommates on Veritas.

Rahman: Forget anything?
The man looked back at her through the doorway.

Wong: Response

She smirked.

Rahman: Don't worry. This trip will feel like a run to the corner shop compared to our last journey through the Shadows.

Wong: Response

Rahman: I've asked everyone to join me in the lounge if you have a moment.

Wong: Response

The two headed back to the aft lounge to find the rest waiting for them: operations officer Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker, security officer Ensign Lilith Thorne, engineer Ensign Scotty Reade, and their new science officer Ensign Kivik. After Wong had taken his seat, Roshanara began the briefing.

Rahman: First, for those who haven't had a chance to meet nem, this is Ensign Kivik, who just joined Veritas as a science officer.

Kivik: Response

Thorne/Reade: Responses

Wong/Parker: Responses

Rahman: You've all already seen the briefing I sent you regarding the basics of this mission. I'd also asked a few of you to do a little more research on the individual crew members who went missing 242 years ago. Ensign Reade, why don't we start with you. Can you tell me more about Elon Blackford?

Reade: Response

Rahman: Next, what were you able to find out about Sasha Maine, Ensign Thorne?

Thorne: Response

Rahman: And how about Oksana Yunin, Lieutenant Wong?

Wong: Response


Captain Roshanara Rahman
Commanding Officer, USS Veritas
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