(JP) Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek & Ensign German Galven: May I Have This Dance? Part II

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German Galven

Aug 30, 2018, 8:37:05 PM8/30/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

OOC: Takes place after Lael’s “Frank Conversations”

OOC2: Takes place after German’s “Time Freeze!”

((Officer’s Lounge, USS Veritas))

::German nearly forgot that she was a superior officer, but the fun atmosphere they both had after her story about the Romulans was going in the right direction. He took another gulp of his drink and then looked up at her and smiled. ::

Galven: No sir, but I’m not the one that spilled their drink after such dire puns. My drink is still in tact. ::He knew he was on thin ice with that one, but decided to go for it. ::

Rosek: ::arches both eyebrows:: Your horrific pun aside, do I look like a “sir” to you, Mr. Galven? I’m fairly certain I don’t look like a man.

::He looked at her up and down as if he was inspecting to see if she was male or female. Definitely a female, he started to feel something towards her. He’s always immersed in his scientific work that he never bothered to engage with anyone else, much less than the opposite sex. ::

Galven: No ma’am. You look much better than any man or woman I’ve come across.

::German never was that bold with a woman before. He took a long drink so he wouldn’t see her reaction to his rather bold compliment. ::

Rosek: ::chuckles:: Such a flatterer, Mr. Galven. ::smirks and teases:: Trying to make up for all of those terrible puns you’ve been suffocating me with all evening?

::German coughed into his drink and choked a little bit. He was trying to flatter her, but he was terrible at flirting. He looked up at her and smiled. ::

Galven: Well, I mean you do have a very nice smile and those puns I’ve made seem to work up a grin on your exuberant face even though there’s bit of a cut on your lip…

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: Which is your fault, by the way. You’re just lucky I wasn’t fighting Klingons. The last time Chythar snuck up on me when I was running that program, he nearly got his head taken off by a bat’leth.

Galven: My fault? You stayed a little too long in the Holodeck. The computer confirmed it. ::Takes a sip:: However, I did enjoy watching you move in the way you just went through those Romulans.

::It wasn’t the first time someone had commented on it. When she’d first started learning, she’d been all over the place and had been teased a lot by the other kids in her Jiu-jitsu classes for it. But she’d picked up on things quickly, causing frowns to replace the once taunting smirks. She’d received her blue belt in a matter of weeks and had only continued to improve from there. Over the years, most she’d encountered had expressed surprised that an Engineer was so proficient in hand-to-hand combat.::

Rosek: ::shrugs and takes another long drink:: I needed a distraction. ::grins wryly:: It’s been pretty much work, eat, sleep since I came back aboard and I was going stir crazy in my quarters, but didn’t really feel like socializing with my friends. ::sighs:: They’d ask too many questions that I’m just not sure I’m ready to answer.

Galven: ::nods and acts like he’s looking down at a watch:: Sounds like I came at the right time then. ::takes another drink:: It must be awful being in your quarters alone. ::smiles and takes another drink::

Rosek: ::sighs:: I’m only alone now, really, with my fiance on leave back on Earth to spend some time with his folks. ::shrugs and takes a drink::

::This was the first time German heard that she had a fiance, but also she mentioned that they had opposing shifts. He just kind of nodded awkwardly at her when she spoke. He took another long drink.::

Galven: ::looks at his empty glass:: I’m going to go get another drink, you want another also?

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: I better slow down on the brandy or my attending will chew me out. ::pauses:: An Al-Leyan spiced tea maybe?

:: German nodded and went towards the bar. He was confused by her expressions that go back and forth to flirting and then matter of fact attitude. He grabbed both drinks and walked back to the table as if he was a waiter.::

Galven: An Al-Leyan spiced tea for the pretty lady and then this… for whoever that guy is! ::He set it down dramatically and smiled.:: You know, I could’ve been a waiter. But I’d rather wait longer apparently in my type of field. Or wait less. However, you want to look at it. Temporal mechanics. I’m always dealing with time. However, it’s irrelevant if you think about it. ::smiles candidly::  

::She grinned, shaking her head before taking a sip of the Al-Leyan tea. She felt a bit like he was trying to impress her with his colorful personality. Thank God her empathic abilities required touch and that German seemed not to be broadcasting too strongly. She wasn’t sure she was entirely prepared to learn exactly why he seemed to be trying so hard to win her approval.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: No comment.

::By the way she reacted towards his job, German thought that maybe she doesn’t care about his subject so he decided to change to a different topic. He felt she was way more responsive to things about her. ::

Galven: You know…::hears oldies music playing in the background:: Hey, do you care to dance? I’ll take the lead. I’ve seen the way you take a punch when distracted. ::winks::

::Lael arched an eyebrow at the offer. It was probably bordering on inappropriate to accept, given that she was engaged to Jon and had feelings of a very complicated nature for Toryn on top of the fact that the man asking was at least a few ranks below her in the chain of command. But the distraction from her relationship troubles and her less-than-stellar love life was one she’d been needing.::

::Galven was certainly charming enough.::

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow and stands:: I’ll have you know, Mr. Galven, that I attended finishing school and am properly trained in several different styles. ::smirks:: Including a couple I learned outside of that training that I’m not sure are entirely appropriate anywhere but in a crowded club.

::German took her hand and walked over to a more open area. He didn’t want them knocking over anything or anyone.::

Galven: You know, you really should get that eyebrow looked at. Got a bit of a twitch! ::He spun her around with grace.:: Let’s see what you got Ms. Rosek! Be careful not to split the other side of your lip. ::He bent her over and looked down at her:: I’m not a doctor, but I could take care of that for you. ::He brought her back up:: What were those couple of moves you were talking about?

Rosek: ::bumps his shoulder playfully with hers and grins:: If I have an eyebrow twitch, it’s your fault.

::Suddenly, she picked up on whispers from the other side of the room as a couple of officers glanced in her and Galven’s direction and she blushed a brilliant shade of red. People were watching...staring. It was likely they’d be the talk of the ship. She disengaged from him and cleared her throat, smoothing her uniform jacket.::

Rosek: I, um--It’s getting late. ::smiles:: It was nice having someone to talk to who wouldn’t interrogate me. ::pauses:: Thank you.

::Confused, he noticed her look around and he looked behind him and saw that people were looking at them and saw their mouths moving. He didn’t want the night to end so abruptly because he had such a fun night and hadn’t had one in a long time stuck in the office.::

Galven: Are you sure? We could go somewhere more private?

Rosek: ::pauses:: I--German, you’re very sweet. But I’m engaged to a Human...a rather jealous Human and I’m not the type to engage in intimacy with someone else when I’m in a committed relationship. ::blushes:: I--I suppose I got caught up in the moment.

Galven: A moment that could last a little longer? ::holds her hands::

::She stared at him for a long moment, her gaze dropping to her feet, worrying her lower lip. It was a nervous habit from her early years at the Academy that she’d never quite been able to completely shake. It came out most often in situations when she didn’t quite know how to react.::  

Rosek: ::breathily:: I--

::German saw that she was conflicted and was only trying to reassure the Al-Leyan woman he had a crush on. It wasn’t everyday a beautiful woman was staring back at him. He took both her hands again and guided her out of the club.::

German: ::brushes her cheek lovingly:: Lael, you’re an extremely intelligent woman. We can continue having a good time?

::She sucked in a sharp breath and jerked her hands from his as though burned.::

Rosek: I--I have to go.

::She turned, and without looking back, strode quickly in the direction of her quarters, not relaxing until she’d rounded the corner out of sight. The blush in her cheeks returned as she played what had just happened back in her mind. She was startled by how forward he’d been. It was the first time she’d been in that particular situation.::

::If she weren’t engaged to Jon, she might have taken him up on his offer. But there was also the fact that she was a Lieutenant Commander and he was an Ensign. The gap in rank only served to make her more nervous. They’d made quite a spectacle of themselves in the Officer’s Lounge. She really should have put a stop to it when he’d asked her to dance, but she’d been having fun and had been enjoying the attention. She grimaced. Did that make her a bad person?::

::He was stunned and shocked when she left so abruptly. His dad and moms brought him up that way. Even though he wasn’t looking for multiple partners he assessed that was probably what she was thinking. He’d have to figure out a way how to insert that bit of information if he ever had the chance of talking to her again. ::

::He tried to shrug it off as he walked back to his quarters. They were having so much fun. Drinks, laughter, and dancing. He took a mental note of the way he talked about his career. She could’ve been turned off by that. Maybe if he saw her again, he could tell her he was sorry. An apology would be sufficient enough to at least be mutual friends.::


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek

Acting Chief Engineering Officer

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Ensign German Galven

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USS Veritas NCC-95035



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