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Core: You didn't tell me what's happening at home.

::They'd been forced to clear out Samual's locker. Despite being incredibly helpful when Tristam volunteered himself as a new parental for the kid, Salamara had stressed that they no longer wanted Mual within the area of the school. He was to leave immediately. The fact that other learners had scattered when they saw him spoke wonders about how serious the 'scuffle' had been.

::All of Mual's music gear had been stuffed into his bag, Tristam cringing when he heard what might have been the boy's instrument crack under the pressure of the books, trinkets, and electronic devices now pushed up against it. Textbooks that had been given to him over the years by the school had been returned - Tristam had never seen a librarian shove her nose so far into the air, eyes piercing downwards in a clearly judgemental look. If it hurt Tristam, Samual was definitely feeling the scrutiny.

::When they finally left the building, Maul looked back over his shoulder, recognizing a slightly older boy leaning up against the paved outer wall. Tristam watched on as his nephew almost crumbled.::

::Now they were slowly walking home, Tristam having stopped to get a bag of pop rocks, now sharing them with Samual. He didn't need anymore attitude, didn't need Tristam saying how incredibly bad his actions had made him look. Now he just needed a shoulder to lean on.::

Samual: There's not much to tell.

Core: Four months worth of bad behaviour on a kid's otherwise stellar record says to the contrary. Spill.

::Mual sighed, rubbing his forehead.::

Samual: They're just . . . always arguing. I ask them to stop, they look at me like I broke their basotile, and *I* get told to back off. Help with homework? Forget about it. Then every word mum says at me . . . It's not abusive - at least, I don't think it is. But she picks on basically everything I do. And then says that I'm better off for hearing it, strengthening me for someone harsher. ::He paused.:: It sounds worse when I say it then it actually is.

Core: I don't think so.

Samual: I do. I love her. She loves me. Dad loves me, too. But when they broke their basotile, they tried playing tug of war with me, and that wasn't . . . it wasn't good. Mum wanted me to go with her on her trips, dad said I should go do overseas studies so that I'm out of the house and in a "more positive environment".

Core: And what does Huzana think?

Samual: She's been gone since last Areil.

::As Medledore was to Tristam and Nygeyan, Huzana was Samual's individual tutor. In the event Samual needed more assistance in his studies, Huzana was the go-to. Tristam knew extraordinarily little about her, having never met her. Her job was like Medledore's for him - help the kid, always be there for the kid in his studies and the stress they involve, be the guiding rock for the kid until they're no longer a kid.

::Last Areil was almost a year ago.

::He'd been without a mentor or a guiding rock for a freaking *year*. No wonder he had some pent-up emotional issues. There had been no one around to recognize he was having problems - no one unbiased in their opinion of him.::

Core: You're telling me she's been gone a year?

Samual: She moved overseas.

Core: And nobody found you a replacement?

Samual: We just . . . didn't have time to, I guess.

::They live on Rodul. Rodul has 29 hour days. "Didn't have time to" was a lie. Nobody could say that unless they dealt with the 24 hour time most Federation vessels stuck to - *that* was a nightmare when first getting used to it.::

Core: Because of gradda's illness?

Samual: I think they just didn't get around to it.

::Tristam sighed, throwing a handful of pop rocks into his mouth, chewing as he thought of his next words, swallowing when he was ready to say them.::

Core: Okay. So the way I see if, yours being at home, at this stage in your life, is not ideal. That's not because I think your parents are evil beings from the shadows of the canvas, ::he said before Samual could interrupt:: but at some point they've not realized that what's happening between them is clearly affecting you. And I am *not* okay with that.

::Silence. He was honestly surprised Mual had had enough courage to grab a handful of pop rocks, picking one by one out of his hand.::

Core: You have two options. You stay at home, ride this out, put up with whatever is happening between your parents right now. Or, you can exercise your right to find a new carer - if only temporary until they can sort out their problems.

Samual: Are you volunteering?

Core:::sighing:: I'm not sure the Gate's legal teams will recognize my ability to look after you, given that I tend to be off-planet for decades at a time - not to mention currently sleeping on my best friend's couch because I've nowhere else to go.

Samual: Nygeyan?

Core: Does it seem like I have any other friends here? ::He grinned.::

::Samual just shrugged, still depressed about the entire day.::

Samual: If I leave, they'll hate me.

Core: They won't hate you.

Samual: They will.

Core: Emotionally blackmailing you to stay isn't fair. It's all the more reason to leave. I'm here now - I will defend you if required. If I have to step up as the oldest, then so be it.

Samual: But you're *not* the oldest. Neither of you are. It's a two minute gap.

Core: Exactly. I'm older. Not to mention apparently more mature then both of them combined. ::He sighed again.:: Samual, this is your decision. And it's a tough one to make, I know - but it's not permanent. I know that my saying you should leave is harsh, unfair and unwanted, but hearing everything today, hearing that neither of them so much as lifted a finger to support or be there for you today, proves to me that you are better off with them in the background until they can get their act together. It's not just me that will rally, it's the entire freaking *neighborhood*. Vebra is probably shaking in her slippers right about now.

::That earned a giggle from Samual, likely picturing his elderly neighbor literally shivering in her woolly brown slippers.::

Core: If you want to leave, you only have to give the word, and I'll have people on the com to make it happen. You just have to say when and who.

::The boy glanced back to his uncle, gripping the straps of his bag.::

Samual: Okay. But . . . not today.

Core:::nodding:: Not today.

Tbc . . .
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