(JP) Lt. Cmdr. Evan Delano and Lt. Cmdr. Lael Rosek: Interrupted Holodeck Time (Part 2)

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Lael Rosek

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::The gray skies rumbled in the distance as she walked idley amongst the field of flowers. They weren’t Terran, that much she was certain of. She vaguely remembered seeing them in her father’s home when she visited Leya-I, but she couldn’t recall what he’d called them. A gentle, cool wind stirred around her, lifting the hem of the white lace sundress she wore. The dust seemed to avoid her feet, her white flat sandals pristine as she continued to walk amongst the grasses that tickled her bare calves. She smiled, a feeling of contentment suffusing her being as she walked, the same cool wind blowing through her tight blonde curls.::

::It wasn’t so much a sound as it was the strangest sixth sense that someone was watching her. A wave of nervous excitement filled her as she dared to reach out, recognizing the presence immediately. She’d felt him first during Captain Brell’s promotion ceremony, a sensation that had invaded her dreams, teasing her, making her think that he was right beside her.::

::She turned, her eyes meeting his brilliant sapphire ones and she felt at once as though every ounce of oxygen had been stolen from the word around her. Struggling to calm her racing heart, she remained rooted to the spot for a long moment before, almost against her will, her legs began to carry her in his direction. She felt this undeniable pull between them, as though they were connected by a string. Her heart thudded harder against her ribcage as each step brought them closer together.::

Raga: ~Lael….no...that can’t be her.~

::She heard his voice, her breath catching and she worried her lower lip. Was he really here or was this another one of her crazy dreams? He looked so real...his presence felt so real. He was mere steps away now and as she closed the remainder of the distance between them, she reached out a shaking hand and laid it on his cheek, surprised to feel skin beneath that was warm and alive, the physical contact increasing her awareness of him slightly.::

Rosek: ::breathless:: ~You’re here. You’re really here. But how--?~

Raga: ~I am...but how..are you here? Where is..here? I was just on the Atlantis, in my quarters meditating.~ ::He reached up and cradled her cheek in his palm:: ~I was in the Par’tha Expanse...nowhere near the Shoals.~

::A wave of what could only be described as butterflies filled her stomach as his hand cradled her cheek and she felt tears prickle at the corners of her eyes at the overwhelming sense of rightness his touch invoked. She fought to remember to breathe, any thoughts of anything beyond his touch, the masculine scent of him swirling in the air between them, and the timber of his voice as he spoke driven from her mind. It took several long moments for her to compose a halfway coherent response.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: ~I’m not in the Shoals. I’m on Earth.~ ::pauses and blushes:: ~The last thing I remember is being more than a little tipsy...climbing into bed after my shower. I--I was thinking about you and--here you are.~

((End Flashback))

(( Holodeck 1, USS Veritas ))

Rosek: ::pauses:: I--I’m not sure. I--It felt so real. I heard Toryn in my mind. Saw him in front of me clear as day.

:: Evan’s tricorder beeped several times to indicate that the diagnostic had been completed. No problems there. He replaced the panel and stood. ::

Delano: I’ve experienced similar things, but only with a very strong telepathic connection. Physical mind melds. Or the experience we had with the Community. :: He gave her a look. :: Long story. Not worth covering right now. :: beat :: Is this a connection you want?

Rosek: ::pauses:: I’m not really sure what to make of it. I don’t even know if they’re dreams or visions. ::blushes:: In one of them, Toryn and I get rather...intimate. After him pushing me away at Brell’s promotion ceremony...well, I’m really confused. ::pauses:: I really shouldn’t pursue it because I’m engaged to Jon. But there’s something about Toryn that just draws me in every time.

:: Evan had started running a routine degaussing sequence on the holodeck. The grid buzzed faintly as the work progressed. ::

Delano: Can’t say I’ve ever had that kind of psychic experience. If they’re, uh, enjoyable and not too disruptive, I’d say there’s no harm. But they seem to be bothering you.

Rosek: ::grimaces:: Mostly because of the conflicting feelings they’re causing. It’s...complicated.

Delano: Have you talked to a counselor? T’Katt seems to know what he’s doing.  

Rosek: ::nods:: I have, yes. ::pauses:: It’s just a lot to process. I’m used to a lot of things coming at me at once...but this hits a whole new level.

Delano: Well, there’s always meditation. I believe we’ve talked about that before. Keeping your mind clear is usually the first step to finding some kind of balance when it comes to telepathic issues.

::Again, she nodded. That discussion seemed like a lifetime ago...before everything with Toryn had come into the picture. It was in the days when she’d been dealing with her non-platonic feelings for Chythar. Was she really so fickle that she jumped between men so easily? She’d never been all that emotionally literate. It seemed to be a running theme. She dealt with emotions just fine once she understood what she was feeling. But the understanding part of that process always seemed to elude her.::

Rosek: ::pauses:: Thankfully, I’m on Alpha for the next week so that leaves my evenings pretty wide open. If you have time, maybe we could meet here on the holodeck?

Delano: Actually, that sounds like a good idea. Though I’m not sure most of the programs in my “meditation” directory will be what you’re looking for. Most of them are modified martial arts training simulations.

Rosek: ::smirks:: That sounds fun. I’ve been looking to test out some new moves I picked up.

Delano: That used to be the only way that really worked for me. You’re welcome to try them out some time if you’d like. I’ll give you access to my holodeck files. Just, uh, don’t look too closely at the programs in the “date night” directory. I’ve been trying to surprise Mei with some simulations I had sent from Antor. I haven’t been through them all, but a few are a little, uh… tasteless.


Lieutenant Commander Evan Delano
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Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Eng.D.

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