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Carter Greyson

Mar 21, 2017, 2:07:58 PM3/21/17
to Veritas IC
OOC: Takes place after D. James' "Falling Slightly Askew" / Greyson's "Conundrums of the Galaxy (Class)"

(( Officer's Lounge ))

:: Carter came in and sat down where he found the Caitian officer waiting for him. As he had done with Rahman, he dreaded being late to anything. The moment when you realize you're the second one there and thus the party had started without you. He swallowed and sat down across from Mei'konda. ::

Mei'konda: Welcome, Lieutenant.  No hurry, I promiise.  :: Mei’konda shook his head toward the waiter when the human man strolled back over and asked if they needed anything. ::

Greyson: Black coffee, thanks. :: He paused for a moment as he got comfortable. :: So, what's my brain needed for involving a Galaxy-class?

​​:: He found it interesting that they were talking about a ship class he'd read up on extensively, but had only the briefest of service on. Once his coffee arrived, he had a sip of it and waited for Mei'konda to ask the question before formulating a reply. ::

Mei'konda: I seemed to remember thaat you tend to work more on auxiliaary sysstems than engiines, and that’s what the Astraeus is haaving the most trouble with.  Plus, we did serrve on the Garuda togeether, if only briefly.   You were the first naame that came to mind.  
Greyson: You said this vessel was undergoing a refit?

:: The Caitian bobbed his head once in return to the human. ::

Mei'konda: That’s riight.  She’s one of the first six Galaxy class vessels that were commissioned.  Along with the Galaxy, Enterprise, you know.  So, she’s an older shiip, and this refit is systems wide, briinging her up to modern staandards.

​:: He scratched his chin thoughtfully before having another sip of his coffee. There was something that didn't sit right with him about what Mei'konda described but without reference material he wasn't sure of the answer. ::

Greyson: Any project logs on that PADD I could look at?

Mei'konda: Of course.  My braain is frazzled.  I just thought I’d see about gettiing a fresh perspectiive.

Greyson: :: smiling. :: Any time. Let's take a look. 

:: The PADD slid across the table easily as both Caitian and Terran picked up their drinks and took a sip in unison. Carter was reading through it at a relaxed pace, taking his time comprehending the gravity of the problem. ::

Mei’konda: This problem only cropped up aafter I left the project and traansferred to the Veritas.  It’s almost liike the computers haave a mind of their own, and are beiing stubborn.

:: The mention of bioneural circuitry taking on a mind of its own was a common problem area from the textbook. Most of the time it was beaten into submission by a complex programming algorithm, but this time there seemed to be no mention of such being tried. ::

​Greyson: Interesting.​

Mei’konda: I’m not reaally sure what to make of it.  Perhaps if I haad direct access to her, I could do some work and help diagnose the problem, but… I don’t see how, from here.

​Greyson: What I used to do back at the academy was reverse algorithms, which worked well enough in simulation. :: He pondered over another swig of coffee, then repeated the class of the ship quietly as though lost in thought for a moment. :: Galaxy...​ :: Audibly :: When we had this sort of discussion in our bioneural components class, we usually ran a few dozen simulations with different approaches to make the system behave. I'd have to check my programs again to see if that was one of the types we played with. 

Mei'konda: Response

:: The engineer nodded and took his own PADD from his pocket, swiping a finger over its face as he had another swig of coffee. :: 

Greyson: Anything to help, sir. 

:: The PADD vibrated gently. A single message from Danni, only one word in length. ::

// Go. //

:: He had to suppress a chuckle as he typed in a return command sequence, linking his device to the one in Luna's office. ::

// Activate DJ-G1. //  

// Acknowledged. // 

:: The force field surrounding Luna's office engaged, and the holoprojector took effect. Presumably the clown fish were now swimming happily in and around her office. Once all was in place, he exited out of the console to return to the conversation at hand. It took him a few minutes to produce the requested program, and then slid his device across the table towards the commander's furry paw. :: 

Greyson: Greyson-G23 may be the one you're looking for. Reverse algorithms on all auxiliary systems with bioneural components, which slows down the processing speed during dry dock so that everything can be processed at a speed which won't fry the computer core, which was one of the last systems to be upgraded.

​Mei'konda: Response​

Greyson: In theory, you wouldn't replace the core until you were certain all the other systems worked. Hence why you'd slow the speed of the other systems as a debugging mechanism before you'd put it in.

Mei'konda: Response

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