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Jan 8, 2020, 2:39:24 PM1/8/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Briefing Room, USS Veritas))

Rahman: Before we begin, I'd like to do an assessment from all departments on the state of the ship. I know there were a number of repairs we needed after our last mission. Let's start with the basics. Engineering?

Teller: Three big categories for us, Captain.  Lt. Ukinix has been chasing the yard around to get our hull repairs finished - he's got an update on the work to deliver.  Secondly, Lt. Jg. Vanlith has done an excellent job getting our power systems and sensors back in shape, she can give you the details herself in a minute.  I've been busy replacing the door to shuttlebay 2...which someone decided to blast open.

The chief engineer gave the captain a knowing look.

Teller: It is repaired, but the damn thing squeaks every time we open and close it now.  Should have it sorted soon.  Wil?  

Ukinix: Yeah, so progress on the hull depends on which shift you get from the Livernois shipyards.  A few days ago I caught one set of the shift workers on the outside of Deck 12 with grav boots on their hands seeing who could do the best cartwheels.  Thankfully Deck 12 is now all done, and the Stargazer lounge is back up and running.  We still have a containment field around parts of deck 11, those holes that the blue squiddies left for us were pretty bad, and the shipyards are estimating 3 more days. But the rest of the hull is looking good, any other holes should be repaired today.

Vanlith: Response

Teller:  Overall, we're in good shape.  Warp and impulse drives are running above 95% efficiency and primary systems are all behaving themselves.  

The captain nodded and then turned to her chief of security, Commander Kelrod.

Rahman: How about our security department? I'm sure everyone has noticed that our assistant chief of security Lieutenant G'var has returned to us.

Kelrod: Yes and it couldn't be better timed. She'll resume her duties as ACOS.

G'var: Response

Their new ensign seemed just as eager to begin.

Masters: Yes Captain! I know that I'm to greenie here and this is my first mission briefing, so I am ready to get underway. 

Cumar: A security detail is being arranged for Secretary Ventu and will be in place prior to our arrival at Ketar. Every officer whose phaser qualifications were up has been re-authorized to carry. The next round of personnel who need to requalify will be tested over the next leave period.

Kelrod: Security is all accounted for, SAR have started some new training scenario for oceanic conditions that should improve, not only our versatility but the physical condition of our people. We're as ready as we can be.

Rahman: Excellent. ::turns to Orrey:: Counselor, your assessment of the crew?

The second officer sat up in his chair, nodding before he began.

Orrey: All the evaluations have been handled and are up to date, no worries on anyone not being cleared and ready for duty on my end. 

Rouiancet/MacKenzie: Response

Roshanara nodded and looked back to the rest of the staff.

Rahman: In addition to the return of Lieutenant G'var and Ensign Masters' arrival, there are also a few other personnel announcements: Lieutenant El Sayid and Ariadust are on leave, and Ensign Alse is now assigned to engineering. ::to Moonsong:: With Lieutenant El Sayid away, Commander Moonsong, you'll be assuming duties as the ship's primary science officer. Lieutenant Solak had contacted me earlier about increased solar activity from the Ketar star. Is it anything to worry about in regards to the Secretary's visit?

Moonsong: Response

After Moonsong's report, their new security officer spoke up to his fellow security officers.

Masters: Lieutenant, I have found a schematic of the building. If you would like, we could would work together on the detail. If need be, we can even have an away team go down to the planet and scout out the best places so the Secretary will have the best protection. I even volunteer to go down there and make a report. With the approval of the Chief of course. 

Cumar/G'var/Kelrod: response

Masters: Aye Aye! I will get  on that right away. 

He looked over at the captain.

Masters: Captain, what is the ETA of the Secretary?

Rahman: The Secretary actually has just arrived aboard. Counselor Orrey saw to her accommodations just before this meeting, I believe.

Orrey: Response

Masters: Check. Looks like we have work to do. We haven't much time. 

Rahman: ::to Orrey:: After this meeting, you, Commander Blake, and I will give her a proper welcome to the ship.

Orrey: Response

Blake: Response

The captain turned back to the rest of the crew.

Rahman: First, though, I'd like to acknowledge this crew's performance during our last mission. What started as a simple exercise to participate in a local starship racing event turned out to be quite the scientific discovery--with all the thrills and horrors that can accompany such.

She took out a PADD and began reading the list of citations she'd prepared.

Rahman: In recognition of the discovery of the subspace void, all those who participated in our last mission are hereby awarded the Explorer's Ribbon.

(OOC: Rahman, Blake, Orrey, Kelrod, Ukinix, Hamasaki, Alse, Moonsong, El Sayid, del Vedova, Teller, Vanlith, Cumar, Monroe, MacKenzie, Petras, Maravosh, Core)

Rahman: Furthermore, I'd like to recognize those officers who helped launch USS Diligent and ensured our rescue. Commander Teller, Dr. MacKenzie, and Lieutenants Vanlith and Cumar, you are all hereby awarded the Maiden Voyage Ribbon.

(OOC: Delano, Monroe, Petras, and Maravosh are also awarded this ribbon)

Any: Response

Rahman: Under the command of acting captain Geoffrey Teller, with the support of first officer Addison MacKenzie, the Diligent skeleton crew were also able to rescue the survivors of the SS Iberia. Commander Teller, Dr. MacKenzie, for your adept leadership in the finest traditions of Starfleet captains and XOs, I am pleased to recognize you both with the Legion of Merit.

Teller: Response

MacKenzie: Respones

Rahman: Once we entered the void, it was only through the teamwork of these next two officers that ensured our escape: Lieutenant El Sayid and Ensign Alse. I hereby recognize both with the Innovation Ribbon.

Alse: Response

With the service ribbons and personnel changes announced, Roshanara looked over and winked at Masters.

Rahman: All right, as Ensign Masters said, we have plenty of work to do and not much time to do it. Here is the situation: with tensions still running hot in the wake of the CCMS drug raid in the Romulan refugee community, the Ketar government is seeking a plan forward for the colony. Secretary Ventu is here to help mediate the talks.

The captain turned to the chief engineer.

Rahman: Mr. Teller, I'd like you to complete a final inspection of the repairs with your staff before the shipyard crews leave. When you're done, contact me.

Teller: Response

Rahman: Lt. Rouiancet, Commander Kelrod, you'll be joining Commander Blake and myself down at the Ketar Capitol in the city of Opportunity after we greet the Secretary. We're all scheduled to meet the governor of Ketar and other members of the government this afternoon at 1500 hours.

Rouiancet/Kelrod: Response

Rahman: Counselor Orrey, I'd like you to take a team to meet with Representative Tessara and her political allies. She's the first Romulan elected to the Ketar general assembly, and I'd like to know what she wants out of these talks.

Orrey: Response

Rahman: Commander Moonsong, Dr. MacKenzie, and Lieutenant G'var will join you.

Any: Response

Rahman: Finally, Commander Leix, I'd like you to take Commander Jolara, Lieutenant Cumar, and Ensign Masters down to the surface and meet with the Colonial Coalition Marshals to discuss security arrangements for the meeting.

Leix: Response

Rahman: Your contact is Marshal Calbert, who worked with us previously during the Illanos homicide investigaiton.

Leix: Response

Rahman: Are there any questions?

Any: Response

(OOC: Will backsim as necessary)

Rahman: All right then. ::nods:: Let's get to work. Dismissed.


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