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((  Deck 3, Junior Officer's Quarters, Cabin 1101 ))

In the weeks it was taking the Veritas to get to Havley's Hope, Kionn and Alden had quickly moved out of the new, awkward phase of their roommate relationship and grown comfortable around one another, learning the various eccentricities of one another and getting used to them. One thing they both had to make peace with was old rivalry between their alma-maters: the California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology, which on Earth might have led to a series of ever escalating pranks and one-ups that would've made a warzone of their quarters and no doubt dragged the rest of the crew into it as it spiraled further out of control. Other than that the differences between the two men were largely either cosmetic or complimentary. Both spent most of their early and late off-duty hours lounging about in their small clothes, though where Kionn stuck with pajama pants Alden preferred his underwear, which displayed their aforementioned Universities colors and emblems. Kionn showered in the evening, Alden in the morning so they never fought over the sonic shower before a duty shift. Their taste in breakfast food was similarly simple but Alden had long since learned better than to try one of Kionn's "early morning nutritional supplements". Also that Kionn's Regeneration unit wasn't effective at getting over a hangover.  

Their music tastes were the main points of divergence between the two. Where Kionn leaned towards european music from all eras and genres, Alden preferred classic north american rock music from the 20th and 22nd centuries. It was hard to find a point of agreement between Donizetti and Springstein. Kionn knew that if they didn't already (considering how often Alden ended up at the Engineering department parties), Alden and Wil Ukinix would get along famously thanks to their love of "Rock 'n Roll". 

Wolcott: Whatcha listening to?

Kionn looked up from his PADD and removed one of his headphones, which he didn't need to do to hear Alden but he found polite to do so.

Rao: Watching. :: He tilted the PADD to Alden's view.:: Lucia di Lammermoor, from the latest season at La Scala. 

Wolcott: :: Having to think for a moment.:: Didn't you watch that yesterday?

Rao: No that was from the Bavarian State Opera from three seasons ago. 

Wolcott: But it was the same opera right?

Rao: Yup. 

Wolcott: So you're what? Comparing them?

Rao: Correct. 

Wolcott: But isn't the point of opera that there's minimal room for interpretation?

Rao: Pretty much. :: Though it sounded like more of a question.::

Wolcott: Ahuh... So any glaring mistakes? Someone in the chorus out of tune? Soprano off by a half-key?

Rao: Actually yes, I think they're going to 'boo' T'Palla. 

Wolcott: What seriously? Since when do people 'boo' a performance after it's done?

Rao: They do at La Scala...

Wolcott: Oh well forgive me my plebeian American ignorance. Do they still throw tomatoes and rotten fruit?

Rao:  Yup, right from the upper level.

Wolcott: Oooo now that I'd pay to see! Cast it to the big screen, I'll watch that.

Rao: Do you speak Italian?

Wolcott: I'm assuming it has subtitles?

Kionn tapped at the PADD to cast the stream of the performance to the larger monitor they had on the wall of their quarters. 

Wolcott: Ok so what's happening?

Rao: Ok so Lucia and Edgardo are in love but their families hate each other and Enrico, Lucia's brother is trying to convince her that Edgardo is cheating on her so that she'll marry Arturo for the good of the family.

Wolcott: Sounds juicy. :: After a few moments.:: Why are they wearing kilts?

Rao: It takes place in Scotland,

Wolcott: Oh.... 

Other than the odd observation or clarification, Alden was relatively silent throughout the second act and into the third. It was only when they came to the second scene of the third act, the famous "Mad Scene" that Alden broke the silence between them. 

Wolcott: Oh damnit did she kill someone?

Rao: Yup, she killed Arturo. 

Wolcott: She doesn't seem that broken up about it...

Rao: She's supposed to have gone mad and is now imagining she's getting married to Edgardo but with a Vulcan Lucia she just looks...

Wolcott: Vulcan...

Rao: Yes. It was an interesting casting choice to be sure, T'Palla delivers a technically brilliant vocal performance, but she doesn't have the emotional range to portray the depths of Lucia's madness and sorrow. 

Wolcott: And that's why they're going to boo and throw tomatoes.

Rao: Ahuh. 

The performance continued to the end which left Lucia and Edgardo dead and everyone else miserable. True to Kionn's prediction, when it came time for T'Palla's curtain call there were 'boos' from the upper gallery, where the famously discerning La Scala regulars were seated and held no qualms about expressing their displeasure. 

Wolcott: Awh...

Rao: What, you thought she was good?

Wolcott: No I was expecting actual tomatoes to be thrown.

Rao: Other than that what did you think?

Wolcott: I'm thankful for the subtitles but I think this might be something you would better enjoy alone.

Rao: The Bavarian State Opera production was better. 

Wolcott: I'll take your word for it. Think I could convince you to watch one of Metallica's concerts?

Rao: I suppose it's only fair.

Wolcott: Metallica: Through the Never is kinda like an Opera, it's one big video album with just their greatest hits. It's about this roadie who has the worst, most surreal night of his life...


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