Ensign Kivik: Expectation

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Keegan Flick-Parker

Jun 28, 2021, 12:21:49 PM6/28/21
to USS Veritas
((Ready Room, USS Veritas))
Captain Rahman, Commander Parker, and Ensign Kivik stood in the Captain’s Ready Room, discussing the new Science Officer’s arrival and alluding to an upcoming archaeological expedition. The junior officer was quickly coming to realize that this meeting was not going to wait on any frivolous formalities - the Captain getting straight into what interested her.
Rahman: I was reading over your bio and academy record earlier, Ensign. What was your most memorable class?
Kivik: ::Considering nir response for a moment:: Anthropology 114, Ma’am. Recognizing and Mitigating Cultural Assumptions.
Rahman: Response
Kivik’s reasons were numerous - but first and foremost in the J’naii’s mind was nir own upbringing.
Kivik: With all due respect to my homeworld, Captain, our society’s understanding of our own people is largely predicated on deeply-entrenched systemic prejudice.
Rahman: response
Parker: Which is unfortunate, since it is unfortunately one of the things which would keep you from Federation membership.
Kivik nodded. It was true - despite several overtures on the Federation’s part, the J’naii as a whole simply weren’t ready to join the larger galactic community. Much would have to change at home before the two societies would see eye to eye on many fundamental matters.
Parker: But enough of that. Tell us what makes you excited, what brought you out here?
Kivik: I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family that valued the scientific method and to have mentors who encouraged me to look at the facts, rather than at what my government told me to believe. That perspective led me to the Federation and to the Academy. Discovering and overcoming misconceptions about the world around us is core to my identity as a Starfleet Science Officer.
Parker: Well said, Ensign. Well said.
Kivik felt the beginnings of a slight smile on nir own face. Ne tried not to show it too much, but the Commander’s praise bolstered nir own pride. Choosing to leave J’naii behind had not been an easy decision, nor an easy task to accomplish - and much had been sacrificed to get here.
Rahman: response
Kivik: ::Smiling:: Since you ask, the class field expeditions were also a real pleasure.
Parker: Those are always fun. Putting theories into practice. Which is how I almost destroyed the Tactical lab, but that’s another story…
The Ensign raised nir brows in surprise and glanced towards the Captain. Ne wondered if this was true or if the Commander was exaggerating.
Rahman: Response.
Kivik: I see.
Ne looked at Commander Parker again with renewed interest. There was clearly much more to this man than one could discern at a glance. Perhaps ne would get to hear the full story while on their mission.
Rahman: Response.
Kivik: Ah, yes. My background is in biology, ma’am, but I also trained as an ethnologist on J’naii before applying for Starfleet. There, I specialized in Anthropology & Archaeology.
The junior science officer wondered for a moment if it was mere coincidence that ne had been assigned here, to the Veritas, at the same moment the Captain was planning to undertake an archaeological expedition. If it was a coincidence - it was a very fortuitous one, presenting a unique opportunity for the new Ensign to demonstrate nir skills firsthand to the Captain and prove nir worth aboard the starship.
oO Just so long as you don’t make any embarrassing mistakes in front of the Captain… Oo
Kivik: I assure you, I have a well-rounded knowledge of theory and application of the broader sciences as well.
For a moment, Kivik wasn’t sure who ne was trying to convince more - the Captain and Commander Parker, or nemself. Despite years of study, practice, and experience, Kivik still worried about falling short of expectations.
Rahman/Parker: Response(s).
Kivik: I appreciate the vote of confidence. Bringing me on this mission so quickly, that is.
Rahman/Parker: Response(s).
Kivik: I’ll keep that in mind. ::To Rahman:: You can count on me, Captain... ::Turning to Parker:: Commander.
Rahman/Parker: Response(s).

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