Lt. DeVeau - "Mittens"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 28, 2019, 11:59:26 PM1/28/19
to Veritas IC

(( On the Far Side of Limbo, Camp Nickson, Day 130))

::Nic wasn’t happy.  Actually, most of them weren’t happy.  After all,
the rain pelted on them from above, unwilling to let up. That wasn’t
unusual.  During her time in the forest, she’d been several spells that
had lasted a good week.  This, however, seemed to be the longest - and
Alora wondered if they had entered monsoon season.  Did that place have
a monsoon season?  It could be dangerous.::

::The skin she had managed to tan wasn’t bad in the rain - it seemed to
have natural water resistant properties.  Resistant, though, not proof. 
Eventually, the water would soak in so completely that she might as well
have been naked.  Okay, no, not naked - especially not with others
around.  Wearing her makeshift clothing was definitely better.  Still,
it was better than her uniform would have been.::

::Alora peered up at the sky, blinking against the rain.  There was
still no indication that it was going to move out any time soon.  Still,
rain was good for the planet, even if it was inconvenient for them, and
maybe they’d see a rainbow.  Alora hoped so.::

Nickson: Ukinix, Maxwell, you take point since you know where we're going.

Ukinix/Maxwell: Response

G'var: Response

Petras/Hext: Response

del Vedova: If we could not be eaten by anything en route, that would be
my preference. My mood will be black enough as it is.

::Alora gently punched Nic on the arm - though it could hardly be called
a punch.::

DeVeau: ::Singing::  Chin up, chin up!  Everybody loves a happy face! 
Wear it!  Share it!  It’ll brighten up the darkest place! Twinkle,
sparkle, let a little sunshine in!  You’ll be on the right side looking
on the bright side, up with your chinny chin! Chin up!

::With that, she shouldered a pack and grinned.::

Del Vedova: Response?

Macedon (NPC): We'll barely see anything until it's right on top of us.
Look sharp!

Rhee (NPC): I hate this damn place…

DeVeau: Man, people are grumpy.

Nickson: Let's move, people!

Ukinix/Maxwell: Response

G'var: Response

Petras/Hext: Response

del Vedova: ::dryly:: Yippee.

DeVeau: There’s the spirit!

::Sachiko was not happy about being in the weather, but it seemed the
cat preferred the company of her pet to being left behind.  As the
others pressed forward, she stayed close to Alora, trotting alongside,
ears flicking constantly at the rain that pummeled her.  Alora wondered
if she should scoop up her cat and let her ride on her shoulder, but the
creature seemed okay for the moment.  She’d just have to keep an eye on
the feline.::

DeVeau:  Sachiko can help us.

::She commented to her companions.

Nickson/Ukinix/G’var/Maxwell/Petras/Hext/del Vedova: Responses

DeVeau: Don’t underestimate the feline.  She’s actually made me aware of
danger before I could tell that it was on the way.  Be careful though -
we’re in their territory, and they just recently had mittens.

Nickson/Ukinix/G’var/Maxwell/Petras/Hext/del Vedova: Responses

DeVeau: No, mittens.  That’s what I’m calling them.  Mantilion mittens.

Nickson/Ukinix/G’var/Maxwell/Petras/Hext/del Vedova: Responses

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Veritas

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