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Rune Jolara

Nov 27, 2016, 1:38:28 PM11/27/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Unknown Location))

:: Every lead Rune managed to uncover seemed to lead to a dead end. She hoping this one would turn up something… anything. She sat in a dimly lit corner with her back to the wall and a clear view of the door. The establishment was mostly empty except for a few regulars who knew it was better to mind their own business than to ask any questions. That was probably why her latest contact had chosen it to meet face to face. ::

:: She raised her glass to her lips to take a drink but stopped when she spotted the black clad figure that just entered. For a moment, she thought perhaps it was just another questionable local. But then the figure pulled back the hood to reveal their face. ::

:: She calmly sat her glass down as she watched the woman approach. ::

Jolara: ::calmly:: You are the last person I expected to see here.

:: Silently the dark haired Bajoran slid into the chair opposite her. ::

Denari: ::quietly:: You shouldn’t be here.

:: That simple statement took Rune aback. ::

Jolara: Why not?

Denari: Because I said I would take care of it.

:: The woman reminded her so much of Kieran it hurt. Rune had no doubt what the former Starfleet Officer now Bajoran Intelligence meant by “take care” of it. She had seen the woman’s record and she knew she had no qualms about killing if that’s what she felt she needed to do. In that respect, she was very different from Kieran. ::

Jolara: I do not simply need revenge, Denari. I need answers. I need to know why.

:: Denari leaned forward with her arms on the table and kept her voice quiet and calm. ::

Denari: Some answers cause more harm than the questions.

Jolara: Maybe but I still need to know.

:: Denari looked at her for a long while before blowing out a breath. She reached inside her jacket and pulled out a PADD. She laid it on the table and pushed it toward Rune all the while never taking her eyes off the Al-Leyan. ::

Denari: I know. That’s why I came to give this to you. You will find what you want to know and some you don’t. You will also find her current location. ::tilting her head slightly in a manner she had see Rune do it:: I will give you a fifteen minute head start. But make no mistake, Rune. By the end of this day she will regret taking Kieran from us.

:: Rune’s expression hardened as she reached for the tablet. Picking it up, she turned it on. As soon as the black screen gave way to the image of a woman, Rune’s lips parted and her face paled. Her guts felt as if someone were twisting them. ::

:: She shook her head and looked at Denari. ::

Denari: There is no mistake. She is the one. ::standing:: Make it twenty just so you can wrap your head around it.

:: With that, Denari turned away and walked out. ::

Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara
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