JP: Lt MacKenzie & Lt Ukinix: Fatefully Ironic [Part 1]

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Addison MacKenzie

Dec 18, 2019, 4:58:12 PM12/18/19

((Sickbay, USS Veritas - Stardate 239612.18)

PADD in hand, Wil headed into sickbay reading the job that had been placed on the queue -  a biobed that needed attention. He hadn’t been in sickbay for a while to avoid having to have a medical.  He hadn’t scheduled one, even though he’d had a few reminders. He hoped no-one would point it out when he got there.

MacKenzie: You engineers - always breaking more than you’re fixing. ::patting him on the shoulder::

Wil closed his eyes and chuckled ironically.

Ukinix: I just walked in here!

MacKenzie: Here for your physical, eh?!

Ukinix: ::Showing PADD:: No, I came because apparently there’s a biobed on the fritz.

She was not amused.

MacKenzie: What about Teller’s father?

Ukinix: No, not *Franz*, *fritz*.  Broken.  ::Smiling:: I’m your friendly engineer here to repair it, so you can keep doing all your - you know, medical type stuff.  

MacKenzie: OH! Right then. Teller sending the minions now that he’s got that extra hollow pip on his collar...

Ukinix: Which bed is it?

MacKenzie: ::gesturing to the one in the farthest corner of the room::The one in the back.

Ukinix: ::Sighing:: OK, I promise I’ll schedule a medical, nothing’s wrong with me anyway, I feel fine-

As Wil turned to head towards the biobed, he felt his ankle that had been a problem for him on and off since age 17 twist awkwardly.  He limped a few times, before sucking air through his grimaced teeth. He leant back against the very biobed he was meant to be fixing.

MacKenzie: ...everything alright, Wil?

Ukinix: ::Eyes watering:: I’m fine.

MacKenzie: ::smirking:: You look like Teller after he ate some of that hot chili paste at the Captain’s banquet the other night. Did you just eat some chili paste, or is there something else bothering you?

Ukinix: ::Nodding:: Ankle

MacKenzie: ::pointing at it:: Hurts pretty bad, doesn’t it?

Ukinix: You’re enjoying this aren’t you.

MacKenzie: ::shrugging while reaching for a tricorder:: I’m just saying, there’s a reason we report to our physician when it’s time for our physical. Too many reminders and she stops being as sympathetic as she might be otherwise.

Addison pointed at the bed.

MacKenzie: Sit.

Wil placed his hands on the bed, before lifting his body up to sit on it.

MacKenzie: How about that physical now, eh?

Ukinix: Well, there’s no time like the present, I guess.

MacKenzie: ::smirking while opening the tricorder:: So, Lieutenant… any complaints today?

Ukinix: ::Chuckling:: Yeah, my Doctor being a smartarse.

MacKenzie: Shame I can’t give you anything for that… Is it the same ankle from before?

Ukinix: Yeah, it’s the same ankle.  Sometimes I can twist thing thing like a shuttlepod, and sometimes it’s just the simplest thing that will re-injure it.



Lieutenant Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

USS Veritas



Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Veritas

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