Captain Roshanara Rahman: 100 Days

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Jan 2, 2019, 12:26:37 AM1/2/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Limbo, Day 100))

::One hundred days had passed since they had first set foot on the rock they now called Limbo. The rock they now called home.::

::Though the discovery that time may have been passing at a snail's pace beyond their confines meant there was a chance they might return to their loved ones without having missed the passage of time, it also meant that there was a real possibility they could live the rest of their lives and die on Limbo, having turned long to dust before Veritas finally completed its descent into the moon's atmosphere.::

::As Roshanara looked out across the town that had now become as familiar as the corridors of her former starship or the streets of Lahore, she knew that morale was starting to slip amongst the crew. While some may have still enjoyed the sun and beaches, she could see in the faces of others that their stay was beginning to turn them numb. What they needed was a reminder of who they were, even more than hope. For if they were truly to die on this moon, then Roshanara was determined that their progeny would live on, that they would know the sacrifices of their parents and ancestors and perhaps one day be able to return to the rest of the universe to tell their stories.::

::She saw Evan approach her, having finished summoning the officers and crew below in the middle of the town's center.::

Delano: Response

::She nodded and began walking down, joining by his side.::

Rahman: Thank you, Commander. I think it's long overdue.

Delano: Response

::As she walked into the town, she saw a few other nods from crew members who were leaning against the makeshift buildings while others sat on the ground. Though they were still a Starfleet crew, it seemed it might tempt an eventual mutiny if she expected them to continue acting as if they were still on an ordinary tour of duty aboard ship with all the usual formalities.::

::There was no stage this time as was her previous style of awards presentation in the ship's auditorium. And if there was to be dancing and music later, well, it wouldn't be anything official.::

:She walked into the center of the square, turning to address the officers and crew around her.::

Rahman: To the crew of the USS Veritas... my crew... we've passed a notable milestone here on Limbo. It's been one hundred days.

::She looked over at Blake and then the tired faces of Teller, Ukinix, and the other engineers.::

Rahman: One hundred days since we had to forge a new home to survive. Standard Starfleet escape pods are designed for short-term use --- food and provisions meant to last until a rescue ship can come within a few days or weeks even. What you've all managed to build here is truly a monument to your ingenuity and skill.

::She focused on the acting chief engineer.::

Rahman: And the tireless efforts of your leader, Ensign Teller.

Any: Response

Teller: Response

::She joined in the applause and then beckoned for Teller to come up to her. There was a reason today she'd donned her uniform tunic, pips included. She reached up and took one of them off.::

Rahman: I had been holding off on making anything official, thinking I'd do it once we were back aboard Veritas... or at least off this moon.

::She looked down at the pip in her hand before looking back up at Teller.::

Rahman: But that isn't fair to you all and to you, Mr. Teller in particular. The passing of one hundred days has been a wake-up call to me that we must celebrate our achievements as they come now and honor those who've sacrificed for this crew. As such, Mr. Teller, I am pleased to no end to recognize you both as this crew's official chief engineer and among our newest lieutenants.

::She walked closer and pinned the pip she'd been holding on his collar.::

Rahman: I hereby promote you to the rank of lieutenant junior grade. Congratulations, and thank you for everything you've done for this crew.

Teller: Response

Any: Response

::She looked back around.::

Rahman: Yes, and I did say "among" our newest lieutenants. Ensign G'var, will you please come up here?

G'var: Response

::She turned to face the Klingon woman as she approached, and the captain reached up to take another pip off her own uniform.::

Rahman: Ensign G'var, your dedication to the safety and security of this crew has not gone unnoticed by me or any other officer for that matter. For exemplary performance in your duties, I hereby promote you to the rank of lieutenant junior grade. Congratulations!

G'var: Response

Any: Response

::She then looked back out, blocking out the sun with one hand to try to find the next man on her list.::

Rahman: Lieutenant Orrey, are you out there?

Orrey: Response

Rahman: Please come up here, counselor.

::As the counselor made his way to the center, she began her citation to the rest of the crew.::

Rahman: A counselor's work is never done, but what your work here has been absolutely critical. You have both Commander Delano's and my utmost appreciation for helping keep us all sane.

::She flashed a smirk.::

Orrey: Response

Rahman: As such, I am pleased to promote you to the rank of full lieutenant. Congratulations!

Orrey: Response

Any: Response


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