Lt. DeVeau - "Unwanted Visitors, Dire Consequences"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 4, 2019, 10:49:21 PM2/4/19
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(( On the far side of Limbo, Day 130 ))

DeVeau:  Oh...oh poor thing.

Ukinix: ::hand on G'var's shoulder:: Well,  ::cough:: it looks like you won.

Petras: ::brushing back her wet hair. :: And made it inedible.

del Vedova: ::raised eyebrow:: You were thinking of eating it?

G'var:::wrapping her arm around Ukinix's waist::-Were all alive, that's
the only Victory I care about.

DeVeau: Predators don’t usually make for a good meal anyway.

Hext: I am not sure about the veracity of that but at this point for
some of us meat would be meat.

Nickson: You'll find no disagreement from me about that, Marshal.

Ukinix: Yeah, but maybe not *this* meat.

del Vedova: Yeah, I don't recommend it. High ammonia content, which
means we'd need to dry it and then cure it into some sort of jerky. Even
if we had the time, it wouldn't taste like much.

::Alora wrinkled her nose.  The idea of eating meat that had been there
for some time didn’t appeal to her.  Fresh, sure, but that old?  Not to
mention a predator?  In addition, the forest offered a wealth of food,
even if it wasn’t meat.  Why were they acting like they lacked
sustenance?  Alora didn’t get it.::

Maxwell/Petras: Responses

Petras: I don’t think we should stick around much longer.

Hext: No we should move, scavengers care even less about where a meal
comes from.

Nickson: Doctor, how are our supplies?

Ukinix:  ::Nodding:: We’ve got a long way to go.

del Vedova: And if we need supplies or nutrients, I'd suggest we look to
the forest. Not to the animals, but to the plants.

DeVeau: Exactly.

::Alora wished others would remember that.  Fortunately, despite the
loneliness of it, her time in the forest had given her the opportunity
to figure out what was safe, what wasn’t, what tasted good, and even
some plants that enhanced flavours.::

Maxwell/Hext: Responses

G'var:::Looking each one on the eye as she spoke::- Listen up Team, it's
getting dark, and most Predators hunt during the twilight hours between
dusk and dawn. I want everyone to stay sharp.  I want eve paired back
up, one rifle, one tricorder. You detect anything larger than the
Commander's feline call it out. I've fought one of these things, the
attack won't come from the front but the flanks, so keep an eye as best
you can in this weather. You get me!

Petras: ::shifting her gear on her back.:: We should also consider where
we can camp for the night… we’re going to have to put up some kind of

Hext: It won't be hard if we could find some useable foliage.

Nickson: Are these the trees you used back at your camp?

Ukinix: Seems to be, Captain.

DeVeau: That’s simple enough, the forest provides plenty of material.  I
had to learn to improvise

Maxwell: Response

Petras: ::looking at the ‘rescue’ party:: Where did you camp?

G'var:::pointing to the southeast::- We constructed a lean-to about two
kilometers that direction there are plenty of trees we can use for more

Ukinix: That was before we knew there was such a thing called “mantilon”

DeVeau: Mantil*I*on.

Maxwell: Response

del Vedova: And if we could avoid that in future, I wouldn't complain

Petras: Any chance it’s above water? ::faint smirk::

G'var:::wringing her ponytail out::-if not we could always build a
treehouse, what's that Terran book, The Spanish Family Bobins?

DeVeau: This Swiss Family Robinson.

::Great book, though it had been a long time since Alora had read it.::

Ukinix: There’s enough vines around to make hammocks.  We can raise
ourselves off the ground for sleeping.

del Vedova: Well, like Alora said, the forest will provide. If we need
vines, or any kind of fibrous material, I think we can find it fairly
easily. ::beat, with a glance at the corpse:: Though maybe not right here.

Maxwell: Response

Nickson: All right, let's see if we can get out a little farther from
these remains.

Deveau:  Yeah, distance from this would be good.

Hext: Responses

::They lingered a few moments, catching their breath, then gathered
their things and continued.  Alora hummed softly as she stalked in the
midst of her companions, then began to sing.::

DeVeau: Roads go ever, ever on, over rock and under tree, by caves where
never sun has shone, by streams that never find the sea; Over snow by
winter sown, and through the merry flowers of June, over grass and over
stone, and under mountains of the moon.  Roads go ever ever on, under
cloud and under star…

Petras: Alora, one more walking song and I swear I’m going to gag you
with a hairball from your cat.

::Tough crowd.  Alora eyed Petras, quirking her mouth to the side.::

DeVeau: You’d have to catch her - and trust me, she’s a slippery little

::The scientist peered up at the sky, blinking against the water, then
looked forward.::

DeVeau: Am I off key?

::Alora knew, of course, she was not.::

Petras: Response?

DeVeau: I see.  This is not paradise.  This is far from it. ::Alora
inhaled, then let it out slowly.::  And it’s easy to fall into the
doldrums of our situation.  This is doom and gloom, but music can shed
light even in the darkest of circumstances. Do you know any songs? 
Perhaps you’d like to share one.  Or anyone else.

G'var:::taking a breath, singing::-The sun shines bright on my Old
Kentucky Home, 'Tis Summer the people are gay. The corn-top's ripe and
the meadows in the bloom, while the birds make music all the day.

::Alora smiled, glad that she wasn’t the only one who liked music.  In
the midst of their conversations, she didn’t see her feline cat suddenly
stop, and among their voices, her meow was lost.::

Ukinix: Corn.  Oh, I could go some corn right now.  Makes me want to go
to Kentucky.

del Vedova: You, Wil?

Petras/Maxwell/Hext: Responses

::In the midst of the patter of rain, there was a growl ahead, and
Nickson held up her hand in a fist.  Immediately, Alora stopped, even
before Nickson hissed her command.::

Nickson: Quiet, all of you. ::whispers to Petras and Ukinix:: I heard
something that direction.

:: Two flanked them at G’var’s indication before the Klingon drew her
bat’leth with her single hand.  Everyone remained frozen and alert.::

G'var froze at Captain Nickson command for silence, signaling to Macedon
and Rhee to start scanning the surrounding undergrowth for any movement.
G'var unslung her bat'leth and took a deep breath, but the rain was
still smothering any scents. Scanning the Jungle she strained her ears
hoping to hear any signs of movement.::

Petras: Response

Ukinix: ::Quietly:: I’ve got something definite on my tricorder scans up
ahead, but I can’t tell exact heading or distance.

::As they all crept closer, a sudden rustling of leaves drew their
attention to their right. Just then, another mantilion lept out, ready
to pounce on Petty Officer Rhee.::

Rhee: Holy sh-!

::He quickly aimed his rifle and fired two quick shots, one missing the
creature as it twisted the air while the second one singed its shoulder.
The animal darted quickly across the ground and climbed up one of the
trees as the other officers took aim, the rain continuing to pour down
on them.::

Nickson: ::yelling over the noise:: If you've got a clean shot, open fire!

::Alora had the phaser she’d managed to save, but it’s energy was low. 
Regardless, she tugged it from her belt and aimed, hoping to stun rather
than kill. ::

G'var::pointing to the mantilion in the tree:: Macedon! Rhee! Focus fire
on that animal, aim center mass, lead your targets! ::turning out to the
Jungle:: The rest of you, stay sharp, there are more of them out there,
remember the attack will come from the flanks!

::Idly, as they dodged, moved, shot, and hit, Alora wondered if this
mantilions coexisted in a pride, much like Terran lions.  She didn’t
really have the chance to consider this piece of information, weigh it
against the fact that there were, indeed, multiple mantilions there
rather than one who was protecting her mittens which could certainly
indicate that sort of family group. No, she was far too busy trying not
to die.::

Hext: Responses

Ukinix: ::Yelling:: Multiple life signs!  Behind-

Petras/Maxwell: Responses

::One of the creatures, larger than the others Alora had seen, suddenly
appeared like a shadow from beneath a dense patch of undergrowth.  The
mantilion made a beeline straight for Captain Nickson, whose aim missed
completely.  The woman was no match for the beast as it raked it’s claws
over her.::

Ukinix: ::Yelling:: G’var!

G’var:::Sprinting towards Nickson::-Bicondova! Fire!

 ::G’var’s scream pierced through the air.  Alora’s position was far
too precarious to allow for a good shot at the creature that ravaged the
captain.   Her feet moved, spurring her forward without thinking.::

Ukinix: ::Yelling:: Another mantilon-

::Alora wasn’t really thinking, simply acting.  The phaser lifted, a
shot darted from her weapon just as G’var’s aim hit true.  Her own
target was not the one that G’var had been aiming for, but for a younger
critter, smaller than the adults, but to large to be one of the most
recent additions to the family - unless they grew really, really, really
fast.  Unlike G’var, however, her shot was not to kill.  It hit the paw
of the creature, causing it to skid to a stop, yowling.  It was enough
to make it think twice, especially as it seemed to realise that the
other was now down. Without hesitation, it yowled again, then bounded
away - that time, toward the safety of the jungle.::

Any: Response

::Alora realised that she had managed to half fallen in her haste to get
to where she could be useful.  With a soft grunt, she pushed herself to
her feet, then turned, the colour from her face draining at the sight of
the captain.::

DeVeau: Oh no…

Ukinix: Oh no.

::Alora might have quipped a joke, called the jinx as they both spoke
the same thing at the same time, but the situation was far too serious
and dire for jokes.::

Del Vedova: Response

Maxwell: Response

del Vedova: What is it? What's happened?

 G'var:::staring down at the injured woman::-Commander del Vedova! Doc!
The Captain needs you. ::looking to her security team:: You three spread
out, keep and eye for anymore mantilions!

Ukinix/Hext/Nickson: Response

DeVeau:  She’s bleeding out. Where’s the medkit?!

Ukinix/Hext/Nickson/del Vedova/G’var/Maxwell: Responses?

DeVeau: Oh this is not good.

Ukinix/Hext/Nickson/del Vedova/G’var/Maxwell: Responses?


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Veritas

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