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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 10, 2019, 12:09:54 AM2/10/19
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OOC: my apologies Tony!


(( Limbo Day 130))

DeVeau:  She’s bleeding out. Where’s the medkit?!

del Vedova: I have one. Alora, will you help me?

::He didn’t need to ask, of course she would, though Alora nodded in an

Ukinix: What can we do to help.

Hext: Responses?

DeVeau: Oh this is not good.

del Vedova: We're going to have to close her up immediately. We can
worry about infection later. She's lost a lot of blood already, too.
Captain? Captain, can you tell me your blood type? ::more quietly::
Alora, can you get a reading?

Nickson: …B. ::She felt herself getting light-headed and closed her
eyes, almost whispering now.:: B positive…

Ukinix: Alora.

::Alora managed to catch the tricorder and smiled her thanks to Ukinix.::

G'var:::taking position between Captain Nickson and the Treeline::-Stay
sharp everyone, tricorder teams call'm out if you scan anything.

Hext: Response?

del Vedova: Great. Let's find out if there's anyone with the same type
and we can transfuse directly.

Ukinix:  ::Looking at Alora:: Better scan me too, I have no idea what my
blood type is.

Alora: I’m actually O positive.

::That meant she could donate to Nickson, and would be glad to do so. 
Alora went ahead and scanned the others, though, just in case, and made
a note of their blood types.::

G'var:::kneeling over the Captain::-Embrace your pain Captain, find
strength in the light of it. That Fire tells you that you are still
alive, revell in it. Stay in the light Captain!

Hext: Response?

del Vedova: I need a cauterizer. Anyone? Hell, a welder will do in a pinch.

Ukinix:  Here.  Small power relay casing.  Heat up one end with a phaser
::Looking at G’var:: We did something similar with you.

G'var:::nodding to the Commander::- Do what needs done Sir.

 Hext:  Response

::Alora tapped on the tricorder.::

DeVeau: Del, her blood pressure’s dropping.

del Vedova: No! We can do this. Come on!

Ukinix:  ::Expressionless:: Captain, I’m going to hold down your upper
arms - I’ve had some practice at this.

Nickson: ::lazily:: Mmm-hmm… whatever you say is fine…

::Alora had a feeling the Captain wasn’t going to think that in a
moment, but she was glad Nickson was lucid enough to talk.::

G'var:::looking back out to the Jungle::-Anyone picking up anything! I
want you shouting out Contacts! Keep nothing to yourselves.

Hext:  Response

del Vedova: Hang on, Captain. I'll try and make this quick.

::Alora braced for the reaction she knew was going to come.::

Nickson: ::yelling at del Vedova with crazed, widened eyes:: OH, YOU

::Well, that was more mild than Alora had expected.::

Hext: Response

G'var: Eyes out everyone! I know we are all in strung out shape, but
stay frosty. I don't want to see one of those P'etaQs back in here!

::Alora turned to G’var.::

DeVeau: Watch Sachiko.  She’ll let you know if there are any nearby.

::The feline tilted her head as the sound of her name and meowed softly,
as if reassuring them.::

del Vedova: That's the worst of it for now. Let's get her under a tree
so I can bandage her up.

::Hopefully the worst is over.::

Hext: Responses

Ukinix: I hope those mantilons - ::looking at Alora:: - sorry,
*mantilions* - are gone.

G'var:::looking back to Wil::-If they're not, they're gonna wish they were!

del Vedova/Hext:

::Alora hoped not.  After all, the mantilions were only reacting to what
they considered a threat.  While it was horrible what had happened to
G’var and Captain Nickson, they were the intruders, not the mantilions.::

[END for Alora]

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Veritas

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