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Cameron O.

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((Matrix 419, Grid 4211, Octant 42-theta))

((The Shahrazad System))

:: Deep in the Shadows, an oblong, rectangular starship dropped out of warp on the outer edges of a seemingly forlorn star system that. What remained were a few cold several gas giants orbiting at the edges of the single yellow star’s gravity well, and a handful of tombstone-like rocky planets with little to no atmosphere. ::

:: The ship was different from anything that had been seen in the Shoals before. A metallic criss-crossing grid of metallic piping lined the hull like an insectoid exoskeleton, and a faint green glow emanated from deep within the ship at several points. There were no windows or other visible hatches in the ship’s structure. ::

:: Inside, more than 60 humanoid figures had been linked into the Borg collective consciousness. The collective had long since designated Matrix 419 a hazard to be avoided. High concentrations of tetryon anomalies and subspace radiation severely limited most communications and propulsion capabilities. A high resistance quotient from the native species, and a lack of advanced technology made the region a low priority target for assimilation. ::

:: The probe was here to reevaluate that designation. ::


:: Ten years earlier, the collective had assimilated a ship belonging to Species 212. The silicon-based lifeforms had been difficult to integrate into the collective, but the Borg adapted. In the process, the collective was enhanced. Species 212 was unfortunately short-lived and highly vulnerable to temperatures below 400 Kelvin. Those weaknesses were balanced by a distinctive crystalline memory structure that the species used to pass memories and skills from generation to generation. Now the collective possessed hundreds of years of data on the species. Though not notable at the time, that information had included memory of a massive subspace explosion near their space approximately five centuries earlier. ::

:: Such ancient history was irrelevant, but the monumental size of the explosion was such that the collective assigned a small number of resources to pursue additional information on the topic over the next few years. ::

:: One year ago, the Borg had - by sheer chance - assimilated a human archaeologist who had spent an extensive amount of time in Matrix 419, studying Species 7423, the Ohanze. In her research, the archaeologist had uncovered references to an ancient experiment on a particle that represented the potential for “infinite energy.” The collective quickly linked this experiment to Particle 010. Three days later, the nearest probe was rerouted to the central point of the explosion to confirm. ::


:: The probe entered a stationary orbit around the third planet after a high impulse maneuver. While the surface had been scoured of all signs of life, sensors detected wreckage from several orbital structures. They adjusted their shielding to compensate for the debris. ::

:: A chronometric particle beam was established in 3.8 seconds, and the temporal surveillance began scanning almost immediately. It would take an extended period of time to pinpoint the temporal coordinates for the experiment and the explosion, but time was irrelevant. ::

:: If Particle 010 was here, it would be assimilated. ::

:: Resistance was futile. ::


Probe 7434

Borg Collective


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