Roland Duckworth-Lewis - Act 1 Scene 1

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Wil Ukinix

Jun 27, 2020, 9:05:06 AM6/27/20

((Flashback – Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide, Esperance -  Stardate 2391026.18))

Duckworth-Lewis: I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano.  ::Turning to front of stage, waving arm:: A stage where every man must play a part.  ::Slowly looking down, quieter voice::   And mine a sad one.

From the darkened audience, the voice of theatre company’s director rang out.

O'Shaughnessy: Neeeeeeeeext.

The unfeasibly tall, stocky human blinked his eyes in shock into the darkened, empty hall.

Duckworth-Lewis: But I’ve only just started-

O'Shaughnessy: NEEEEEEEEEXT!

Duckworth-Lewis: ::Pleadingly:: Oh please sir, I beg of you, that I may have one chance.  I am ever so good at this role, I have practiced for months, and know act one, scene one like the back of one’s hand!

O'Shaughnessy: This is an audition for the role of *Antonio*.  Not for a bloody orbital tether.

There was a moment’s silence, until Roland finally spoke.

Duckworth-Lewis: I beg your pardon?
O'Shaughnessy: You’re far too tall!  Tell you what, when I need a tree for our next production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, you’ll be the first to know.

Duckworth-Lewis: But I can *act*! I know I can-

O'Shaughnessy: GET OFF MY STAGE!!

Deflated, Roland slowly walked off the stage, his head hanging down.

O'Shaughnessy: ::Rapidly clapping hands:: Quickly, honey, quickly!  I’ve got six more to audition after you.  Don’t bump your head on any doors on the way out. We can’t afford the repairs.

((End Flashback))

Undeterred, Roland did everything he could to get that role of Antonio in the Adelaide Theatre Company’s production of The Merchant of Venice.

He tracked down the director of casting several times to try to change his mind.  Several times became six times.  It was the three times *after* that that Gavin O'Shaughnessy decided enough was enough.  He didn’t feel that his place of residence was quite the right place for the want-to-be Antonio to be pleading his case.

Neither did the local law enforcement.  They took a dim view of his actions, and charged him with stalking and harassment related charges.

When the charges were dropped, and Roland subsequently lost his job as a Nurse at Adelaide’s main hospital, he moved to Ketar V and became a nurse at Centennial City General Hospital.

He thought his dream of acting was over, until he landed a role in a community production of H.M.S. Pinafore, as an extra.  Once introduced to Gilbert and Sullivan, he was hooked.

Now he had three obsessions.  Gilbert, Sullivan… and Tellarites.  From a young age, he became interested in them, to the point that he wanted to be one.  So much so, that after a year on Ketar V he had his face surgically altered so that he looked like a Tellarite-Human hybrid.

Life was good.  The pseudo hybrid got better at acting, better at singing, and after shifts, better at drinking in some of Ketar V’s seedier bar districts.  That was where he got into a brawl and, once again, arrested.  And once again, the local CCMS took a dim view of the large man throwing four humanoids across the room of the The Explosive Decompression bar, severely injuring them – one critically.  He was arrested and charged, and headed for prison, until a mysterious benefactor bailed him out and helped him quietly leave Ketar V forever.

The man known as “The Marths” said he needed some muscle, and someone with above average first aid skills on his ship.  Roland agreed to perform both roles, but decided he needed to act tougher.  “Roller” was born.  None of the crew, other than Henley, had any idea, such was the quality of his permanent performance.  Never mind the fact that he didn’t talk or act like a Tellarite, everyone on the ship was a misfit of some kind.  Roland was genuinely eternally grateful to be a very handsomely paid nurse, cell keeper, actor, and pretend sorta-Tellarite.

((Just outside Engineering, Deck 3, SS Wildfire))

And he wasn’t going to let a few Fleeters ruin that for him...

He stood near the entrance to engineering, patting his chest, waiting for the three other crewmates to arrive.  He knew that Bonus was already inside.

Roller: ::Quietly Singing:: Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi! ::Daintily clears throat, practices deep, gruff voice:: ‘Allo.  ‘Allo.

In his other hand was his favourite Painstik.  The most potent one he used only for special occasions.

When the other three crewmates finally arrived, he silently indicated for them to enter engineering in front of him.  Growf, the man that was the second tallest and largest on the Wildfire behind Roller, lead the way in, followed by Giknor and Sally.

Roller stayed by the door for the time being…

Moonsong: Well now...

Growf: A'right, Fleeties! Freeze!

Kelrod:We're already. What do you want?

Moonsong: ::pouts:: But I am not cold.

Growf: Drop it! Nobody wants to get hurt.

Manstead: If I said I wanted to surrender, would that count?

Moonsong: ::smirks:: Maybe.

Elliot Manstead.  The Marth had warned Roland to keep an eye on him – he had become concerned that he would do something cowardly.  The side of Roland’s mouth turned up at the thought of the prospect of an extended performance of A Many Years Ago that he was sure Elliot would “enjoy”.

Growf: Shut up, Bonus! ::He turned back to the trio in combat uniform.:: Drop your weapons! ::With a squeeze of the trigger, he sent a warning shot pinged past their heads.:: I won't ask you again.

The ship rocked from weapons fire and lurched a little.  Roller planted in such a way that he hardly swayed.

Alentonis: That's a first. Poor guy's probably scared out of his mind. Look at how he's holding his weapon.

Kelrod: You noticed, right?

In the background, Roller gave a quiet, wicked laugh.  The Marth was right…Roller should have told his other crewmates.  But they didn’t know.

Sally: ::Pointing weapon at Kelrod:: Bonus!  Don’t talk like that.  We won’t let the pyjamas take you away.

BAXTER: Response

Alentonis: How are we going to be playing this one, Commander?

Kelrod: Don't get out. When I take the big on out, you deal with the rest. Baxter, I want you to get a count of twenty, then come by my side and scare them a bit.

Roller: oO Both of the big ones can hear you. Oo

Moonsong: Kel… may I?

BAXTER: Response

Giknor:  ::pointing weapon at Raissa, smiling wickedly:: I’m going to enjoy this…

Manstead: Response

The group of four pirates dropped their heads when a large amount of a thick green liquid dropped on to them. 

Kelrod: ...Or we can just use this distraction!

With their weapons drawn, and at the same time trying to clean the gunk out of their eyes, Sally and Giknor retreated back towards Roller, while the largest of the Fleeters used Growf as a shield.  Roller took a single step into Engineering, standing behind Sally and Giknor.  He held his prized painstik on one hand, and repeatedly lowered the neck of it into the other, in a show of intimidation.

Roller: ::Deep, gruff voice:: ‘Allo, Flee’ers.  ::wicked laugh:: I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Painstik.  ::Wicked smile showing his lack of teeth:: You’re going to get to know it *very, very well*.  ::Bad Singing:: Faaaaaaaiiiiiiiiir Mooooooooon To-Theeeeeeee Iiiii Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig... ::Maniacal laugh turns into wheezing cough::

Manstead: Response

Roller: ::Wicked smile, slightly sarcastic:: Never you worry, Bonus.  I’ll protect you from the pyjama-

Somehow, a different piece of music he’d never heard of filled his mind…

Roller: oO // Is-this the Gold-en Maa-aaan, that-I run throu-ough… //   Oo

Roller winced in pain from the headache that was accompanying the music that was somehow filling his head.  He noticed the other pirates doing the same.

Moonsong:  Avast, Kiddies!

BAXTER: Response

Sally: ::Holding temples:: Arrrggghhh!

Manstead: Response

Giknor: ::Squinting eyes:: Make it stop!  Make it stop!

When Roller looked up, one of the fleeters was skidding along, hitting Giknor and Sally in the knees with a pipe.  They fell to the ground, a pain know in their heads, as well as their knees.  Roller pulled a very large phaser from his holster, that was almost as big as him.

Giknor: ::Clutching knee:: Arrrghghhh, I think I have a ruptured PCL!

Manstead: Response

Moonsong: You call yourself pirates?

Upon seeing Lena, Roller moved his head slightly, and focused his eyes on her.

Roller: ::To Lena: Well, well.  Isn’t this an unpleasant surprise.

He grimaced again as the music in his head got louder, but he still kept his eyes on Lena.

Josett: Response

Kelrod/Alentonis/BAXTER: Response

Sally: ::Throwing a punch at Raissa and missing:: Roller!  Do something!

Manstead: Response

Moonsong: You call yourself pirates?

Giknor: ::Rolling in agony on ground, still clutching knee:: No!  We call ourselves “brokers”!

Manstead: Response

Kelrod/Josett/Alentonis/BAXTER: Response

Somehow, Growf twisted himself away from Kelrod.  Turning to throw a punch, he was stopped when the Starfleet woman hit his wrist.  He clutched it in agony, falling to his knees as he dropped his weapon.  Growf yelled out in agony again when the robotic dog bit into Growf’s backside, revealing shiny satin boxers with love hearts on them.

Growf: #$%^&@#!$%#@^#!

Moonsong: ::singing:: o/You better think twice… Being evil has a price! o/

Roller grimaced at the volume of the music increasing in his head.

He pointed his huge weapon at the Fleeters, causing a Mexican standoff with them, while Sally stepped back to be standing next to the huge man, still wiping the green goo away from her face, and in clear discomfort from the musical “earworm”.

Roller: ::To Lena:: You’re not ‘aving that spore drive, my lovely. ::Loudly Clears throat::

Kelrod/Josett/Manstead/BAXTER/Alentonis/Moonsong: Responses






Roland "Roller" Duckworth-Lewis

Cell Keeper/Nurse

SS Wildfire


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