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Danny Lee

Aug 5, 2019, 1:34:33 AM8/5/19

((Romulan Town, Centennial City, Ketar V)) 


Romulan 3: If *anymore* of my colleagues are injured ::leaning forward peering into the side of Jennings face:: then the Chief Marshal’s blood will be spilled.


::The second Romulan retrieved a green hexagonal shaped device from his clothes, and pressed it, before speaking into it.::


Nikarix: =/\ I told you not to contact me yet! =/\=


Romulan 2: =/\= The situation has changed. =/\=


::As a Marshal slowly took another step towards them, the lead Romulan turned himself and Jennings to face her, with his eyes wide open.  She stopped moving, with her weapon pointing at the lead Romulan.::


Romulan 3:  ::To Marshal:: *Don’t* come any closer.


Moonsong: ::her mouth tight with anger:: I think we have had just about enough of this.


::Wil felt his hand sweating on his phaser.::


Romulan 2: =/\= Transport us to your location. =/\=


Nikarix: =/\= I cannot.  It is too early.  Transporting you now will give away our location.  Do not contact me again. =/\=


Romulan 2: =/\= We had a deal! =/\=


::The green hexagonal communication device turned to a dull green.  The Romulan holding it looked at the lead Romulan in despair.  He in turn shifted downwards slightly and moved his head behind Jennings.  It seemed to Wil it was not the first time he’d performed that move.::


Romulan 3:  Then we will have to  acquire one of the medical shuttles.  ::To female Romulan:: Get his phaser from his holster.


::While staring at the Marshal pointing a weapon at the lead Romulan, the female Romulan reached slowly for Jenning’s Phaser.  As she began to retrieve it, she suddenly stopped moving - as did the rest of her group.


Wil furrowed his brow a little, before he noticed Raissa with her fingers touching her temples.  He could tell she was… grumpy?  But there was also a faint, strange emotion he felt as well, one he couldn’t comprehend.::


Moonsong: Lt. Ukinix, if you and the marshals would be so kind as to disarm these less than fine people.


Ukinix: Commander, ::swallowing:: They are still armed.  And they seem to be frozen.


Moonsong: Because I told them they cannot move.


Ukinix: oO Wow… ok… Oo


Ukinix: Wow… ok… Commander. I will… uh…


::Wil nervously pulled his phaser from his holster and pointed it at the female Romulan that had Jenning’s phaser in her hand.  The only sound he could really notice was his own breathing.  He inched forward cautiously towards her.  The female Marshal that had her weapon pointed at Jennings captor did the same.::


Marshal: ::To Romulans:: Stay where you are!  Don’t move or I’ll fire!


Moonsong: Chief Jennings… you should have no issues freeing yourself now.


::Jennings slowly begin raising his palms and placed them on his captor’s forearm.  He firmly pushed his arm away, revealing a red imprint line where the knife had been placed against his neck.  Parts of the line began to weep very small drips of blood. The female Marshal’s eyes widened, as Jennings freed himself and took a step forward away from the Romulan leader.  He wiped his fingers across the red imprint on his neck, before inspecting the tiny smear of blood on his fingers.::


Jennings: I’m fine, I’m fine.  Just a scratch.  ::Circling finger to surrounding Marshals:: Arrest them!


::Wil finally reached the Romulan woman, his chest tight as he held his breath.  His phaser pointed at her head, he slowly placed his hand on Jennings’s phaser, still scared that she may have been foxing.  On first attempt to take it from her it wouldn’t budge from her hand, so he had to firmly snatch it away which made her arm shift forward.  He sucked in another deep breath and clenched his jaw as he looked up at her, ready to fire if necessary.  But the position of her head and her facial expression remained unchanged.  As a rush of adrenalin pumped through Wil’s veins, he stepped back as another Marshal moved in and bluntly placed her arms behind her back, before putting her wrists in restraints.::


Ukinix:  ::Handing phaser back to Jennings:: Here.


Jennings: ::Nodding, holstering weapon:: Got it.


::Wil stepped back a few more paces and holstered his phaser as he watched the remaining Romulans being placed in restraints.  Suddenly they were able to move again.  The Marshals placed a hand on each Romulan’s shoulder, and forcibly guided them to kneel.  All heeded, except for the lead Romulan who had to be kicked in the back of his knees twice to get him to kneel.  He winced in pain, with a look of anger on his face.::


Moonsong: These five have traces of Felicium on them.


::Stil rubbing his neck, Jennings turned around and addressed the Romulans.::


Jennings:  Ooh, and add to that the thick layer charges we’re going to lay on you, you’re in big trouble friends!


::The lead Romulan spat at the feet of Chief Jennings, who put his free hand on his hip and smiled.::


Any: Response


Moonsong: Lt. Ukinix, do you think you can do a trace with that little communication device? I have a feeling it will lead to those whom were involved with the kidnapping of Commander Delano and Inspector Calbert.


::Still shaking a little, Wil took a few steps forward and picked up the dull green device.  An engineering task was very welcome to him at that point.::


Ukinix: I’m on it.


::He nodded, exhaled, and spoke quietly again.::


Ukinix: Gladly on it.  I’ll head back to the shuttle and interface with the Veritas if I have to.


Moonsong: Afterwards, let Commander Kelrod know what you have found. ::finally she turned her attention back to Jennings.:: Now… where were we?


Ukinix: Yes Commander.


::As Wil walked towards the ambulance shuttle, he heard Jennings speak.::


Jennings: ::To Raissa:: *We* weren’t anywhere.  ::Looking at Romulans:: Don’t worry, these idiots are a CCMS responsibility now. ::Smiling, shaking head:: I don’t know if I want to ask how you did that.


::Wil entered the shuttle as he heard Raissa’s voice but not what she said.  Shutting the door behind him, he then placed  the hexagonal device carefully on a bench, before pulling out his tricorder from his holster.  He waved it over the device and watched drips of his sweat drop on to it.  Coming to the realisation he was still rattled, he took a seat, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath… before pulling his phaser from his holster, slowly and calmly ensuring it wasn’t active, and then throwing it across the shuttle in disgust.  A line from a song in his music collection played in his mind.::


Ukinix: oO ::Recalling song:: What-a-day, what-a-day, if yoou ca-an look it-in-the-face and hold your vo-mit... Oo


::He took another deep breath, before swivelling around in the chair to the nearby console.  He tapped a few times on his tricorder, which fed the results of the scans to the console’s screen.::


Ukinix: =/\= Ukinix to Commander Kelrod. =/\=


Kelrod: =/\= Response =/\=


Ukinix: =/\= Sir, we’ve just busted some Romulans down here for felicium.  They were talking to someone via a communication device, which Commander Moonsong believes could be related to the kidnapping of Commander Delano and the Marshal. =/\=


Kelrod: =/\= Response =/\=


Ukinix: =/\= I’ve not seen a device like this, although the Starfleet database has a few speculative reports of them being used by pirates in the Shoals.  It has strong encryption built in so I can’t yet pinpoint where or in which direction the other person was, but I can at least tell you they were around 12,000 kilometres from here. =/\=


Kelrod: =/\= Response =/\=











Lieutenant JG Wil Ukinix

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Veritas




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