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Lael Rosek

Sep 2, 2018, 12:47:41 AM9/2/18
OOC: Taking out Greyson’s tags with permission from the writer as she’s moved on from the scene.

((Officer’s Lounge, USS Veritas))

::With a sigh, she moved toward the three smiling at the familiar sound of Mei’konda’s voice. The two ensigns each stood, for their part, mostly unaware of her presence until she stepped into their line of sight.::

Mei’konda: Hello, Commander.  Is the niight treating you well?

Rosek: Not too badly, sir. And yourself?

Mei’konda: Yes indeed.  I’m getting to know the new transfers.  Promiising bunch, I think.

Rosek: ::turns to Lovar and J’vreh and extends a hand:: You two must be new. Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek. Engineering.

Lovar: :: The two shook hands. :: I wouldn't say I'm new, I mean I've been here for twenty eight years. :: He grinned and let go of her hand. :: Ensign Lorian Lovar, sir. I'm a science officer, if you couldn't guess by the uniform or the ears.

::Lael bit the inside of her cheek to stifle a laugh, but was unable to suppress the grin. She was well aware that Vulcans had a reputation for being incredibly serious...but she’d met so many Vulcans with a good sense of humor lately that she was beginning to question that her preconceptions about Vulcans in general. She had a very positive working relationship with Evan and had the beginnings of one with Sepek. For all she knew, her personality was refreshing to like-minded Vulcans.::

J’vreh: :: Taking Rosek's hand next and giving it a firm grip... well, what he assumed the other officer would perceive as a firm grip. :: J'vreh, son of Toral; Doctor, though hopefully :: He decided to take a cue from Lovar ::  the uniform and permanently furrowed brow :: He motioned to the ridges on his forehead :: gave that away. :: He laughed heartily at his own joke ::

Lovar: If my memory serves me right you're the chief engineer.

Rosek: ::smirks:: Well, somebody has to run the bowels. And since I’m the ranking officer on hand down there, it only makes sense.

::She caught sight of the expression on Mei’konda’s face and let loose a soft chuckle.::

Lovar: I guess so.

Mei’konda: It miight also have to do with the fact that you’re a very talented engineer, Commander.

::She shrugged and took a sip of the brandy in her hand. Enough people had said so over the years, but it was somehow different coming from Commander Mei’konda. She fought to keep a neutral expression as she took the time to compose a humble enough--nonchalant enough--answer.::

Rosek: ::shrugs and sips her drink:: Our last chief left some big shoes to fill, but I have a good team.

::It wasn’t entirely a coverup. She did have a good excellent team in fact. They were dedicated, intelligent people. That was a comfort out here in a region like the Shoals. It took a big burden off of her that she didn’t have to do everything herself. She could trust the people around her to do their jobs and to do them right.::

Lovar: It's always best to have a team you can trust.

Mei’konda: Well, the Veritas may not be the most glamorous assiignment in the fleet, but I thiink you’ll find that here, Ensign Lovar.  

Lovar: Good to know, sir. I'm glad that's the case.

Rosek: ::grins:: Glamor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. ::to Lovar:: Teamwork is a Veritas specialty. ::winks::

Lovar: ::he nodded:: I hope to be of some help here, sir. I gave up a lot to get into the academy and I refuse to let you all down.
J’vreh: :: Raising his cup :: A warrior does not let others fight alone. Better to have a good good team by one's side than to be alone.

::She studied the new medical ensign for a long moment, a smile turning up the corners of her lips. It always surprised her to find those with a warrior’s mentality working in medicine. Though she supposed it really shouldn’t. She was certain there were plenty of tough-as-nails medical officers throughout the fleet...otherwise, how would Starfleet be able to make such a large impact? A ship was only as good as those who worked aboard it, after all.::

Mei’konda: One thiing’s for sure.  We work haard out here, and no deep spaace assignment I’ve ever had is as challenging as workiing in the Shoals.  Once you sharpen your skills here, everythiing else seems easy.

Rosek: ::sips her brandy and nods:: That’s been my experience as well.

J’vreh: Then I look forward to the challenge.

::She watched Mei’konda finish his drink, pass the empty mug off to the waiter and stand.::

Mei’konda: I thiink I’ll get off to bed, everyone.  Ensigns, it was good to talk to you. :: He aimed a pleasant nod toward Rosek and Greyson. :: Commander, Lieutenant.

Lovar: ::He held up his hand, splitting his middle and ring fingers and extending his thumb to a curve:: Live long and prosper, sir.

Rosek: ::smiles:: Have a good evening, sir.

J’vreh: :: Waving a hand toward Mei'konda :: May you meet Kahless in your dreams.

Lovar: And another one bites the dust... ::He hummed the tune he had heard from a cassette in his car simulation earlier that day. He had been there many times since his first visit and it never got old. :: 

::As Mei’konda moved toward the exit, she shifted her attention to the men left at the table. Her earlier hesitation had evaporated (God only knew what had her in such a good mood all of a sudden) and she found herself thoroughly enjoying the company. Her usual wit had returned, perhaps with the assistance of the brandy, and she felt herself starting to relax.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: I almost feel like we should be hitting the holodeck for a few rounds of poker.
Lovar: Poker, eh. Sounds fun to me. ::He began thinking of all the card puns he could make, but then decided against it because it was what got him kicked out of his last poker group. ::

Rosek: ::laughs:: I’m not sure if Commander Mei’konda is a poker player, but I admit it would be interesting to find out.
Lovar: ::The urge to make a pun was too overwhelming:: Maybe, but we'd have to play our cards right to get him in. ::He smiles and winks jokingly.::

::She smiled softly, instantly reminded of Galven’s earlier attempts to impress her with his puns. Her gaze flickered to the doors, wondering if he’d gone straight back to his quarters and if he was asleep yet. She shook the thought from her mind as quickly as it had entered it, refocusing her attention on the two men seated with her. How often did she get to truly relax?::

Rosek: ::sips her brandy:: Note to self. Talk to the Captain about more ship-wide team-building activities.
J’vreh: Those were quite enjoyable at the academy.

Greyson: Team building activities would be good, yes. Anyways...I need to get going as well. Rest well, my friends.

Lovar: Have a pleasant night! 

Rosek: ::grins:: Night, Carter.

Lovar: And then there were three. ::He looks down at his wrist for the time, but then remembers this is the 24th century and nobody uses watches anymore:: Still early in the evening. Do you two have any plans over the rest of our shore leave? 

J'vreh: I spent last night preforming surgery, and my fatigue is finally catching up to me. :: He stood :: I hope to spend more time with all of you in the future. :: He offered his hand to each of the officers around him. :: Ensign Lovar, at some point I would love to hear your thoughts on a Klingon word game... but another time. :: He smiled ::

Rosek: ::inclines her head:: Have a good night, Doctor.

::She watched the man nod and move to exit the officer’s lounge. With only her and Lovar remaining, the spotlight was on her. Recalling the man’s science background, Lael paused. She’d been tempted to ask Galven earlier, but his specialty was temporal mechanics and she wasn’t sure how much he’d be able to contribute to the specific project she was working on.:: 

Rosek: ::pauses:: Now that it’s the two of us, I wanted to get your opinion on a little pet project of mine.

Lovar: Fascinating. ::He focused his attention on Lael:: A project you say?

Rosek: ::nods and offers him the PADD with general information on it:: A little something I’ve been working on with Commander Blair for a few months now. But we seem to be stuck on a specific aspect of it that could cause issues with long-term sustainability. 

Lovar: Well if you'd like a hand with that I'd be happy to lend mine, though I'd need it back afterwards. ::He grinned a cheshire grin::

Rosek: ::smirks:: I think you’ve been spending too much time around Ensign Galven. You’re picking up on his propensity for terrible puns. O0 Even if they are pretty funny. 0o

Lovar: Response 

::Lael opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by her commbadge chirping. She offered Lovar an apologetic smile before tapping it.::

Rosek: =/\=Rosek.=/\=

Thoran: ::grumbles:: =/\=This situation is a disaster.=/\=

Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: =/\=Are you going to quit acting like a grizzly bear and tell me what’s going on?=/\=

Thoran: =/\=I have an entire conduit--a crucial conduit, I might add--that needs rewiring and we’re out of optical cables.=/\= 

Rosek: ::smiles wanly and shakes her head:: =/\=Did you forget how to use the industrial replicator, Anjar?=/\=

Thoran: =/\=I would...if it wasn’t spitting out exposed wires instead of optical cables.=/\=

Rosek: ::sighs:: =/\=I’ll see if I can scavenge some from the cargo bay and I’ll meet you. Where are you?=/\=

Thoran: =/\=Deck 7 near the Primary Structural Integrity field.=/\= 

Rosek: ::grimaces:: o0 It had to be THAT section. 0o =/\=All right. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Rosek out.=/\= ::turns to Lovar:: I’m sorry. But he’s in a really tight spot. It’s damned hard to get out of that particular Jeffries Tube without A LOT of climbing and twisting.

Lovar: Response

Rosek: ::nods and smiles:: We can definitely discuss details the next time we’re both free.

Lovar: Response 

Rosek: ::smiles:: Have a good night, Ensign, and it was good to meet you.

Lovar: Response

::She rose, returning her glass to the bar counter before moving to exit the Officer’s Lounge.::

((OOC: With the ceremony being posted, I thought we could wrap this up for now and maybe leave it open to work on next shoreleave.))


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