[ACT 1] Captain Roshanara Rahman: Stories of Valor

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Aug 13, 2020, 12:48:17 PM8/13/20
to USS Veritas – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
//Captain's Log, Stardate 239708.12

Veritas is steadily making its way to Havley's Hope, where we will partake in convoy duty for the next month. It's been nearly two years since we last visited the industrial colony, and I am curious to see how the locals--or rather the colonists--and the actual locals, the Malacosladae, are getting along. In the mean time, I've assembled the officers and crew in the auditorium to recognize them for their actions in our recent anti-piracy operations.//

((Enlisted Mess hall/Auditorium, Deck 5, USS Veritas))

As she looked out from the stage at the completely full room of officers sitting at each table, Captain Roshanara Rahman continued her prepared remarks.

Rahman: ...throughout history, there have been great battles recorded--stories of valor and sacrifice. Yet I have no doubt when history shall make its final judgement, the actions of this crew will not be forgotten. Unlike some of those battles of yesteryear, Operation Safe Harbor is a prolonged campaign--a hard-fought one requiring
 and tenacity to see through to victory. Today, we honor your stories of valor.

She looked over towards her senior officers and nodded at Blake and Ukinix to get the service ribbons ready for distribution.

Rahman: Commander Kelrod, please step forward.

Kelrod: Response

Once the chief of security was standing in front of her, she took the ribbon from Blake and held it up in front of him.

Rahman: For your heroic actions aboard the Wildfire to protect your fellow shipmates, I hereby award you the Distinguished Service Ribbon. Congratulations.

Kelrod: Response

Next, she called up several officers to join her on the stage.

Rahman: Lt. Commander Blake, Lt. Ariadust, and Lt. Vanlith, please step forward.

Any: Response

This time taking the ribbons from Ukinix, she presented the next citation.

Rahman: Lt. Commander Blake, for working with the "privateer" Oliver Zuccaro to take control of the Rampart, I hereby award you the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Lt. Commander Jolara and Ensign Zai'Li are also awarded this ribbon in absentia.

Blake: Response

Rahman: Lt. Ariadust and Lt. Vanlith, for working with both Oliver Zuccaro and Lena Josett to discover information about Henley Marths on Ashworth Station, I hereby award you two with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Lt. Commander Orrey and Lt. G'var are also awarded this ribbon in absentia.

Ariadust: Response

Vanlith: Response

Roshanara nodded at the two before looking back over at the other gathered officers waiting diligently.

Rahman: Commander Kelrod and Lt. Commander Alentonis, please step forward.

Alentonis: Response

Kelrod: Response

Rahman: For boarding and attempting to take control of the Wildfire, I hereby award you gentlemen with the Legion of Merit. Counselor Moonsong is also recognized with this ribbon in absentia.

Kelrod: Response

Alentonis: Response

She looked back out to the crew and addressed them as a whole.

Rahman: Finally, all those who participated in this last mission to bring the pirate known as Henley Marths to justice are hereby recognized with a citation for the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal. Those who have since departed Veritas are likewise awarded such in absentia. Well-done, everyone!

(OOC: Those eligible are the following: Rahman, Blake, Alentonis, Moonsong, Kelrod, Ukinix, Orrey, Ariadust, Vanlith, G’var, and Parker)

Any: Response

She looked over at Ukinix to bring the crew to their feet to stand at attention.

Ukinix: Response

Getting up and then clicking their heels together, sending an echoing clap through the room, the officers and crew of the USS Veritas waited for their next order from their captain. She scanned their faces, some tired, some eager, but all determined.

Rahman: As we continue on to Havley, I know all of you will do your best to continue making this region a safer place for all. Dismissed.


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas
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