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((Governors residence))

::She'd never wanted to hit someone so much, walking forwards with Tydo walking backwards during an intense argument, the team behind her. Finally, the officer came to a stop at the door.::

Tydo: By order of the Colonial Coalition Marshal Services, you are hereby *requested* to leave the premises. If you'd like the results of our investigation, we'd be *happy* to forward them onto your people-

Blake: *My people* made it very clear to yours that we'd head our *own* investigation being that it was a *Starfleet Captain killed* on *your world*. We understood you denying us taking our captain home, but you will not impede a Starfleet investigation after you've had ample time *without us around*. If you have a problem with this, take it up with my superiors on Star Station Esperance. But in the meantime, if you do not get out of our way, I will be required to move your by force. And *no one* will like that that goes.

::The Cakapunnual based Marshal gave her a cold look. Sky didn't question why the woman was posted here - she knew exactly why. A familiar face, under normal circumstances, was more likely to convince someone to turn tail and head back to their place, bullying them away. It was sad that Tydo didn't realize that once again, the ruling body that made up Shadow's Edge was manipulating her into their bidding.::

::Thankfully, after a moment of cold stares between the two women, Tydo moved out of the team's way, allowing them access to Carrero's place of death. The governors residence.::

::Sky felt sick just for being in here.::

Walker/Greyson/T'Dara: Response?

::She'd sensed that the non-Starfleet officer had remained by the door, likely infuriated. Sky spoke over her shoulder to Tydo, avoiding eye contact.::

Blake: Your services are no longer required here.

Tydo: Why? Because Starfleet know what they're doing? Because you want to work out how to paint this so it looks like the local authorities caused your captains death?

::That did it. The Brekkazoid turned fully, aware of the pistol strapped to her own hip. There was an old temptation to pull it up into her hand, to yell and threaten and fire at the woman, to be angry that Tydo was stopping them from finding the truth of what happened - if she knew it or not. But in that moment, she felt a cool hand on her shoulder - nothing but a memory asking for settled thoughts. What she'd said on their way in here had been unnecessary, reckless, and useless in their cause. What she needed now was to settle. Sky had gotten what she'd wanted - there was no need for further retaliation that would only endanger their relationship with the Marshals more than she already had.

::She took a deep breathe, an eerily Vulcan calm appearing as she crossed her arms.::

Blake: Let your superiors know that if they have a problem with our being here, they can take it up with the people at Esperance. You all had ample time to prepare for our arrival.

::The human practically stomped out, nose in the air as the door slid shut behind her.

::There'd be a punching bag for Sky later.::

::The XO turned to the team.::

Blake: I'm not certain if they've left this place as was. If not, we'll be forced to ask for their holo images. Here's hoping it doesn't come to that.

Walker/Greyson/T'Dara: Response?

Blake: Greyson, you're trained in both Tactical and Engineering, right?

Greyson: Response?

Blake: Is it possible I could get you to look at the security system for signs of tampering?

Greyson: Response?

Blake: That leaves the power circuits.

Walker/T'Dara: Response?

Blake: Sounds good. I'll check the basic systems and entry logs for signs of unwanted access. My tech skills are rudimentary at best, but this isn't my first crime scene in the Shoals.

::Unfortunately. One would think the Marshals would be capable of doing their own jobs, but alas, this had sometimes not been the case. And the fact that the place might have been cleaned long before they got here didn't help when proving the point.::

Walker/Greyson/T'Dara: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
Executive Officer
USS Veritas


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