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Wil Ukinix

Sep 26, 2020, 7:20:35 AM9/26/20

((Counsellor’s Office, Deck 6, USS Veritas))

Ukinix: What? Oh nah, ::hand wave, smile:: there’s nothing specific on my mind.  ::Meekly:: Although, I do have one ::holding up thumb and forefinger in a circle:: teensy little thing to talk about.  ::Looking around:: Where should I sit?

Callistra gestured to the different areas of the room.  Looking around, Wil noticed the layout was the same as when Jansen had been counsellor.  He always liked the pillows, they were informal and were as comfortable as they looked.

Navarro: Anywhere you’d like.

He made his way over to the pillows then sat down cross legged, resting his forearms on his thighs.

Navarro: You look tired.

Ukinix: We got back late last night ship time, my body clock is a bit off.  ::Yawn:: Warp lag.

Navarro: I’ve had my share of that. ::she raised an inquiring eyebrow to see if he wanted to start or if she needed to prod him a little.::

He nervously rubbed the whiskers of his beard on his chin.

Ukinix:  OK.   Here goes.

Wil took a deep breath and held it in, which made his chest rise.  After a few seconds, he exhaled through his nose, then stated what had been on his mind.

Ukinix: I’ve been thinking about an old flame of mine from the academy. I feel guilty about it, because I’m still getting over a recent, serious relationship with a fellow officer.  ::Staring ahead:: *Ex*-fellow Klingon officer.

Navarro: You are thinking about your previous relationships?

Ukinix: ::Rueful nod:: Yep.

Navarro: Well… ::she tapped a finger on the back of her other hand:: Somehow, I don’t see that as a small thing.

Ukinix: ::Raising eyebrows:: Oh really?

He bit his bottom lip a little.  He hadn’t thought it was a big problem, but maybe it was affecting him more than he realised.

Navarro: How recent was the end of your last relationship. I noticed the past tense.

Ukinix: Oh.  I guess about… ::squinting eyes:: hmm, six, seven weeks ago?

Navarro: Which of you ended it?

Wil fiddled with his fingers as he looked down and answered Callistra’s question..

Ukinix: She did.  Because of her father, she went back to Klingon space for good to run their house.  Just like that, ::clicking fingers:: she was gone. 

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: It was very sudden.  ::Looking up:: I’m learning that nothing lasts forever in Starfleet.  I’ve lost a lot of close friends lately.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: ::Slight smirk, mock sniff under armpit:: Maybe it’s me.

Navarro: Response

Wil adjusted his seating position so that his knees were raised.  He rested his forearms on them, and clasped his hand.

Ukinix: ::Sigh, slight blush:: I find myself thinking about an Andorian Cadet who, quite frankly, used to give me the s&^&$$.  We were in different classes together over the course of the academy, and I used to dread seeing her.  She’d tease me, or make a smart arse comment in front of my friends, always challenging me at something.

Navarro: Response

Ukinix: ::Blushing:: She kissed me during a training session - and I didn't sense it coming.  It was just... out of the blue.  ::raising palm:: Ooh - no pun intended.

Navarro: Response







Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Chief Engineer, Second Officer

USS Veritas


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