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May 21, 2020, 4:46:40 PM5/21/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Ready Room, USS Veritas))

Rahman: Do you have any questions for me?

The Trill seemed to consider the question for a moment before finally declining. Roshanara wondered what the hesitation might have hinted at.

Quall: Not at the moment, sir.

Rahman: Very well, then, ensign. I'll leave you to it. Dismissed.

As the blonde doctor turned to go, Roshanara returned to her terminal, pulling up the report by Commander Orrey regarding the service ribbons. She heard the doors swish open, but then the new ensign looked back from the open doorway, the light pouring in from the corridor outside and the Caitian sun through the windows.

Quall: Sir, If I may ask. Did you ever, well, miss Earth while you were on Beta Ursae Minor II?

The captain looked up, raising her eyebrows.

Rahman: Miss it? Of course. It's my home and where my family and friends live.

Roshanara sat up and took a deep breath.

Rahman: Family and home are the springboard from which we leap towards our goals. ::smiles:: And you can't learn to fly a shuttle or a starship if you're afraid to leave the ground.

Quall: I understand, sir.

They shared another glance before the doctor spoke again, seemingly more assured than earlier.

Quall: I hope you didn’t mind me asking.

Rahman: Not at all, doctor. We all joined the service because we wanted to ask questions. That was a quick one to find an answer. I'd consider it a warm-up if I were you. I can't promise the ones in store for us will be just as easy to find.

Quall: Response

She nodded before glancing at Orrey's report. It seemed there was a sudden change after all.

Rahman: Oh, and doctor, I've just seen that our chief medical officer Dr. Alexander-Dalton will be delayed returning to the ship before our departure. Think you can mind the shop over the next few weeks?

Quall: Response

The captain returned a playful grin.

Rahman: Like I said, fewer easy answers lie ahead. Trust your training and yourself, and I'm sure you'll do fine.

Quall: Response

Rahman: ::nods:: Goodbye, doctor.

Once the ensign had left, Roshanara skimmed over the final list of citations Orrey and his acting first officer Ukinix had compiled. It seemed the boys had quite the adventure with the crew while she was away.

She quickly confirmed the service ribbons and commendations to be entered into the ship's log and transmitted the report to Starfleet. She then opened a ship-wide PA call.

Rahman: =/\= Attention all hands. This is the captain. I'd like to welcome you all back to Veritas. Before we get underway tomorrow, I have a few announcements. =/\=

She scrolled back to the top of the list and began reading the prepared text.

Rahman: =/\= Under the command of Lt. Commander Jansen Orrey, the entire ship's complement is recognized with the Explorer's Ribbon for cataloguing the rogue planet known as Hecate. Furthermore, the following officers have been identified by Commanders Orrey and Ukinix as deserving of particular recognition:

-Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong, the Diplomacy Ribbon, for beginning a dialogue with the creature found on Hecate.

-Lt.JG Charlena Vanlith, the Innovation Ribbon, for identifying and implementing a Borg tech-based approach to avoid a disastrous collision with the planet.

-Dr. Dassa Alexander-Dalton, the Purple Heart, for injuries sustained while on the surface and an encounter with the creature.

-Lieutenant G'var, Dr. Alexander-Dalton, and Commander Kelrod, the Good Conduct Ribbon, for defending the away team from the crystal sentinels on the surface.

I have approved of these service ribbons and congratulate the recipients for their performance in this last mission. Additionally, I am awarded two other officers with citations:

-Lt. Commander Will Ukinix, the Captain's Commendation, for serving as First Officer for acting Captain Orrey, providing him with exemplary support as his right hand man.

-Lt. Commander Jansen Orrey, the Legion of Merit, for his outstanding performance as commanding officer of Veritas during the course of the last mission.

Finally, besides these service ribbons, be advised of the following personnel announcements: Lt. Commander Ukinix has now been designated the ship's permanent chief engineer. Lieutenant G'var will be taking on the role of SAR team leader in addition to her existing duties as assistant chief of security. Please also welcome aboard Ensigns Mekhil Prime and Ishrani Quall from the Academy. Ensign Prime is our new operations officer, and Ensign Quall is a medical officer. =/\=

She took a moment to look over from the list on her screen to the sculpture she'd put on her desk earlier from Krios Prime. What she'd told the new doctor was true. Earth would always be her home. And over the last few weeks, she'd learned of another she'd just begin getting to know.

Yet sitting now back in this room, in this chair, and addressing this crew... she knew this starship was home just as much as Lahore or Krios.

Rahman: =/\= All right, ladies and gentlemen. That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed your shore leave. Let's get to work. =/\=


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas
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