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Wil Ukinix

Oct 19, 2020, 6:22:29 AM10/19/20

((Bupirninyirring main settlement))

The day was definitely getting hotter.  Wil could feel sweat forming just about all over his body, but it had been worth it.  They had ridden a scenic route along a horse track (occasionally having to dodge horse “bombs”) through drying scrubland and trees, along a small creek.  Even though the track was partially shaded, the system’s sun still had a bite. 

Ukinix: ::Panting:: That first beer is going to taste delicious.

Alentonis: :: panting as well :: I agree… I could use a cold one after that.

Flynn: Response

But first they needed to find the right place that would have “refreshments”.  Wil slowly cycled up to one of the people that was located near one of the dust covered shelters.

Ukinix: Excuse me mate.

He pulled up his bike to be a metre and a half from the person.

Ukinix: G’day, how are ya.  Is there anywhere we could get a beer and a feed?  Like a parmi or something?

Alentonis: :: quietly to Wil :: What’s a parmi?

Just as Wil turned to answer Tim, his head snapped back when he heard the lady mutter this-

A parmi?

She laughed for a moment, as she led a horse away from a nearby water tap which she switched off, before throwing away the nozzle that was at the end of a hose.

Think you blokes are fresh outta luck, mate. Pub up the road does a decent parm-a. Dunno about a parmi.

It was good to hear a familiar accent again.  When he first joined the Shoals, he thought he’d be so far removed from home that if he were to listen to his own accent he wouldn’t recognise himself.  It turned out that the Shoals were full of many more people either from or descended from the Oceanic region on Earth…

Ukinix: oO “Parma”?  My ears! My ears! Oo

…and from the person’s pronunciation of the shortened version of the word “parmigiana”, he could spot exactly where in Oceania they were from.  The South Eastern part of the Australian continent. 

Cheers. ::Pointing:: Just up that way?


:: quietly to Antero :: Whatever it is, as long as it’s cold I’ll try anything once.

: Nah, it’s a chicken schnitzel topped with cheese and sauce, sometimes ham.  It's served hot.

Flynn: Response?

Pub's closed at the moment. The sheila running it is out with a horse.

Wil wiped sweat from his brow.

::Friendly tone:: Ah, bugger!


Just as the lady led her horse through a gate, she turned back to the trio.

Good news, though: she's just finished up. Let me chuck this stuff away and we'll get some tucker sorted.

Wil smiled broadly..  The “sheila” that ran the pub was talking to them.  Their ride into the settlement was worth it after all.


((Barracrab Pub))

It was an odd name for a pub, and Wil wondered what it was named after.  Then again, there were so many weird place names in Australia to choose from that it could have been anything.

Wil took a big mouthful from his pint glass of beer, and looked around the pub.  It was basic, much like the rest of the settlement.  But he didn’t mind that at all.  Besides, the beer was cold, and they served pub faire.  What more could you ask for?

Ukinix: How are your legs?

Alentonis/Flynn: Responses

He took another sip from his drink, just as the nice pub lady made her way over to their table with 3 plates.

Flynn/Alentonis: Response?

He noticed the nice pub lady giving him a gaze, and his one-quarter Betazoid self sensed a feeling of judgement.  He suspected it was because of his correct use “parmi”, the shortened version of the Italian word “parm-i-gia-na”.  But the best way to melt Wil’s heart was through his stomach, and the smell of the crumbed chicken parmigiana and chips on the plate in front of him instantly and precisely did just that.  He couldn’t care less what it was called.

And in typical rural pub style, the chicken piece was *huge*.

::To Diana:: Thanks, this looks good.

He picked up his fork and knife, and dug straight into the meal in front of him.

So, you blokes are part of that flying saucer that's come from Whoop Whoop?

Wil finished his mouthful, before speaking.

Yep.  ::Nodding:: Saucer.  And secondary hull, nacelles, deflector…


We're pretty far off the road. We get a couple of traders here and there, some pirates about once a year. This is a surprise.


: This planet reminds me of home a bit.  How are you finding living here?

The lady glanced around the pub.

There're no gum trees, but it's home. Most of us are from Earth. What about you lot? ::gesturing to Flynn:: The little icon on your forehead -- you're from Risa?


Commander Flynn here is our fun loving fly boy.

Alentonis: Response?

Kelly: Response

Wil downed the last of his beer glass, then placed it proudly on the table.  He was still hot from bike riding and new just what would fix it  - another beer.

Ukinix: ::To Diana:: You want to join us for another round? ::Patting chest, smiling:: Our shout.  Least we could do for opening the pub for us.

Kelly: Response

: Response

Ukinix: ::offering hand:: I’m Wil, I’m from Freo.  Well I was, until I joined the Veritas two years ago.

Kelly/Alentonis/Flynn: Response






Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Chief Engineer, Second Officer

USS Veritas


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