Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Shipwrecked"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Dec 29, 2018, 11:57:23 PM12/29/18

((M-class Moon, Day 1))
::Smoke.  She smelled smoke.  Twisting through the air, it invaded her lungs, and the resulting irritating cough jolted her back to consciousness.  As her eyes attempted to open, her vision blurred, bright light interrupted by dark clouds that continued to rake at her.  Darkness threatened.  She didn’t want to wake.  Sleeping was far more pleasant.::
::Something soft batted at her cheek.  When she ignored it, it batted a second time.  Coughing again, Alora forced a hand to raise.  She could move that.  That was good.  One hand down.  Where was the other one?  The second hand clasped the edge of some metal.  Oh good, there it was.  Two hands. ::
::With a groan, she pulled herself up, attempting to rise above the smoke that dominated her view.  Slowly, her eyes adjusted, but there was enough of the invading gas to sting her eyes.  Balanced on the edge of a piece of jutting metal, Sachiko peered up at her, green eyes focused on her pet.  Around her, several bodies lay, and one Alora managed to get her mind working, she reached out to one, seeking for a pulse.::

::A second lay half in and half out of the pod that had split open at impact, also lifeless.  Two more were supposed to be there, but she couldn’t see them.  Grasping almost blindly, Alora managed to find the emergency medical kit, and she forced her body to move and scramble out of the pod, her feline right behind her.::

::That was when she found the other crewmen, each thrown about thirty feet.  Stumbling forward, Alora hurried to them, but all she found were lifeless shells.  She turned then to survey the wreckage and her breath caught in her throat.  How Alora had managed to survive, she would never know.  Instead of a cylindrical shape, the pod had convorted into a twisted heap of mess, the back split in two, the front hammered inward.  She had been in the middle, perhaps the most sheltered of all the crew members, but even then, she couldn’t fathom how she still managed to walk away.  Four others hadn’t.  ::
::Alora slunk down to the ground, the kit by her on one side, Sachiko on the other.  Weariness settled in, as did pain.  Nothing broken, but her head throbbed, and her brain finally recognised that she was wet.  Blood trickled from a gash on her head, another from her thigh.::

DeVeau: Not life threatening.
::Alora muttered to her cat who cocked her head at the human.  Not life threatening yet. She needed to get them cleaned, treated, wrapped.  Was there a dermal regenerator in the kit?::
::Alora’s body felt as if it was being pressed down by weights and she fumbled with the case, but her fingers refused to cooperate.  Eventually, she gave up, simply slumped over onto the ground and fell back into a slumber.  For a few moments, the feline crouched down, watching then gingerly climbed atop her human and sat there, a silent sentinel.::

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Medical Officer
USS Veritas
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