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((Cargo Bay 2))

::They were out of coffee.::

::Normally this wouldn't be a problem - the Rodulan didn't even really drink coffee unless they were pulling all nighters, lest he ruin his already ruined sleep schedule. But this was . . . this was uninteresting. Now was hour 18 into his day, and ordinarily, he'd be incredibly irritated at the menial task afforded by setting up a harmonic resonance chamber for their needs.

::But it was the company that was picking his mood up.::

Rahman: You’ve certainly gotten a lot more efficient since the last time we worked together.

::She was taking another scan with her tricorder, blissfully unaware of the nature of their actual relationship of this year.

::It made his head hurt thinking about it - his chest, moreso.::

Core: You can thank Seventeen for that. 29/8 working conditions changes you.

::Her trademark smirk slipped through as she tapped commands into her tricorder.::

Rahman: I distinctly recall a Lieutenant JG Core who seemed to always require a “20 minute startup” period before he could get any actual work done in my lab…

Core: Seriously? After the hours you had me working? My brain requires eleven hours sleep to function - and that's at it's *minimum*. It's simple math. Pioneer's rotation was 24 hours, you had me working four days of a Pioneer's standard week for 15 hours. *You* work out the rest.

::For those not actually paying attention to his rambling, he was explaining that, for four out of the seven days over a week, he was only sleeping 7 hours a night. Which would explain his rather erratic behaviour of his early career.::

::Roshanara rolled her eyes, closing her tricorder to look at a nearby console and activating the power relays.::

Rahman: Uh-huh. Well, I appreciate it. It’s very satisfying to see that you’ve become such a model officer.

::Oh there were so many responses he could have given her just then. Many of which the Rahman of this year would have laughed at or thrown something at him for. Other responses would have been more genuine, because he wasn't just a model officer anymore.::

::But there was mention of a third wheel somewhere in the background, and they were working. Tristam could wait. Alentonis was surely feeling a little uncomfortable at this point.::

Core: How are you doing back there, Professor?

::He was just out of view, working on the other side of the chamber. Though his voice could be clearly heard.::

Alentonis: This is really fascinating stuff. Being able to help build something like this didn't enter my mind when I returned to field work.

::The Kriosian looked over at the professor.::

Rahman: If and when we get back to the 24th century, professor, I imagine you’ll have a paper or two you could write about this. Well, as long as it clears Starfleet clearances I suppose.

Alentonis: That's true. I'll have to check with Commander Delano about publishing anything when we get home.

::Starfleet clearances? Checking with Delano about publishing rights? Clearly he'd missed something here.::

Rahman: I suppose it’s not our call.

Alentonis: I defer to Starfleet expertise on what I can safely say about this without getting in trouble.

Core: Okay! This is all set up.

::A low hum emitted form the spherical chamber once the initialization process was complete, successfully connected to the holopanel.::

Rahman: We’re open for business.

Core: It's running steady. ::He shut his tricorder, taking a step back.::

Alentonis: Fascinating...

Rahman: =/\= Rahman to Delano. =/\=

Delano: =/\= Response? =/\=

Rahman: =/\= The chamber is operational. =/\=

Delano: =/\= Response? =/\=

::She monitored the chambers energy readings as she continued speaking.::

Rahman: =/\= We’ve constructed the device to the specifications in the protocols. However, I cannot stress enough that this is delicate equipment. Much more fragile than our usual antimatter containment systems. Please try to avoid any further starship combat or other… excitement. =/\=

Delano: =/\= Response? =/\=

::The line closed, and Alentonis spoke up.::

Alentonis: So...remind me what we're using this for?

Core: Excellent question! What *are* we using this for?

::He glanced back at her. He'd been left in the dark as to the purpose of this ridiculous instrument when they were in the middle of a Borg crisis, but saying 'no' to Roshanara Rahman was not a skill he'd ever master.::

Rahman: Response?

::The Rodulan narrowed his eyes a little, but remained silent.::

Alentonis: Right. Call it absent mindedness, I guess. I take "absent minded professor" to the next level. I attribute it to being cooped up in a library for the last 2 decades.

Rahman: Response?

Alentonis: So, what do we do now?

Core: Now we catch some molecules. Presumably they can be transported directly into the chamber, depending on their stability.

Alentonis: Response?

Rahman: Response?

::He stepped closer to Rahman, talking quietly.::

Core: I don't suppose if I bat my eyelids and ask nicely, you'll tell me what's going on?

Rahman: Response?

Core: Specifications? Avoiding ship battles?

::He sucked in a deep breath, holding it for a second and cringing a little at the thought.::

Core: I can't do that.

Rahman: Response?

Core: I'm not sure I'd be *comfortable* with reading your mind. ::with a cheeky smile:: Besides, Artist knows what you're thinking about me behind my back.

Alentonis: Response?

Rahman: Response?

Core: Are we *expecting* something to explode?

Rahman: Response?

::He nodded.::

Core: Alright. I'll get damage control at the ready.

Rahman/Alentonis: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Tristam Core
Components Engineer
USS Veritas

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