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Mike Walberg

Jun 9, 2017, 4:24:53 PM6/9/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Danni & Luna's quarters, USS Veritas))
::Danni didn’t need much encouragement to get out of Engineering. She tried to tell herself she just needed something to eat and some rest. As she made her way through the corridor, she realized her head wasn’t the only thing hurting. She was so exhausted nearly every muscle in her body was beginning to ache.::
::As soon as she reached their quarters, she went straight for the sofa and plopped down. She was almost comfortable when the door swooshed open and Luna burst in far too happy.::
Walker: Hey!  Was that wild or what?!?
::For whatever reason, Danni felt she had to pretend to be as exhilarated as as Luna.::
James: Uh yeah… a real adrenaline rush…
Walker: Uh huh.. sure.   So, pretending that isn't true.. let's see how tense you are right now.  :: She reached out to her spouse's neck, and gently rubbed at the tension she immediately felt. :: Danni!  Your neck feels like durasteel.  I'm half expecting to hear the creak of metal as I rub.  :: Her attempt at humor overlaid the concern she felt. :: How bad is it.. and don't lie to me.. I can feel it's bad.
::Danni’s head automatically bowed as her wife began rubbing her neck. Her jaw tightened  and her eyes scrunched closed. She let out a heavy sigh. She was so busted.::
James: Sort of a combination of my brain’s being scraped out of my skull with a spoon and hot nails being pounded into the back of my head.. bad.
Walker: All day, or just recently?
::She let out another sigh, softer this time.::
James: Dull ache all day.. Worse when we were playing with quantum things.
::Luna didn't stop rubbing but she did move down Danni’s back and up her arms, following the knots of tension.::
Walker: So the headaches you had before.. they are worsening then? And I'm guessing you've been having them more than just what you've said..
James: It’s nothing. I’m just tired and hungry. Are you hungry? I’m starving. Probably because I didn’t eat enough this morning and skipped lunch.
:: It was a weak distraction, especially considering how tense she could still feel in her arms and neck.::
Walker: We can eat, but maybe you could share why you didn't tell me it was this bad?
::Danni’s brow furrowed into a frown. She turned her head just enough to look at her wife with a scowl.::
James: Why? So you could sideline me?
:: The look surprised her almost as much as the barbs in her voice. She shook her head slowly in disbelief before she responded. ::
Walker: Really?  A dull ache that suddenly got worse when we detonated the quantum?  And you think that isn't a big deal?  Or is this about Carter?
::Danni turned back around so she wouldn’t have to look at Luna.::
James: Carter? Don’t be sill… ::She let out a heavy sigh.:: Maybe. A little. Okay. A lot. I didn’t want to be sidelined like you did him.
Walker: And as the Chief engineer, I stand by it.  So yeah, as Chief I'd sideline you until you got a doc to check you out.  :: She moved around to kneel in front of her wife.  She was upset with the question, but still worried about her wife. ::
James: ::barely looking up:: And as my wife?
Walker: As your wife?  As your wife I'd take you somewhere private and find out what was wrong.  Because that's not normal Danni and I'd be going out of my mind in worry.  Especially if it's been more than a day.  :: She paused and let out a sigh before continuing. :: And it has been more than just today.. hasn't it?
::Danni’s face scrunched and she let out another sigh. She’d already been busted. There wasn’t much point in trying to deny it.::
James: Yeah. I guess. Not as bad but yeah.
Walker: So explain to me then.  Why not go to sickbay?  :: She chuckled weakly, recognizing herself the joke as a way to reduce the tension:: I'm hoping this isn't just a cry for attention.
James: ::attempting to smile but failing miserably:: Yeah, that’s exactly what it is… just a great big pathetic cry for attention.
:: Luna leaned forward and caressed the side of her face gently. ::
Walker: And you didn't talk to me about it why?  Or go to the doctor on your own?
James: Because… I don’t know. I hate sickbay? I hate doctors?
:: She couldn't help herself, the snort came out of it's own accord. ::
Walker: Might want to try a bit harder than that my love.  Seems to me I know of someone who dragged someone else kicking and screaming to a counselor not all that long ago.  Precedents set and all that... would you like to be dragged or carried?  I'm actually good either way.  :: She smirked at the end, she probably shouldn't feel a sense of karmic balance, but... ::
James: ::frowning:: It’s not that bad. I’ll go if it get worse.
Walker: Nuh uh.  I can walk with you, carry you, or knock you out and drag you if need be.. but you are going to the doctor and I'm going to make sure you do it.




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