JP: Cmdr. Mei’konda & Capt. Rahman: Gumption and Gusto Pt. 2

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Oct 26, 2018, 11:27:17 AM10/26/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

(( Officer’s Lounge, USS Veritas ))

Rahman: Lt. Commanders Rosek and Moonsong, Dr. Skyfire, Ensigns Galven and Valoru, and Crewman Shandres, being abducted during an away mission is a harrowing ordeal. You all handled such a critical situation as trained Starfleet officers. I therefore am please to not only award you all with the Prisoner of War Ribbon but also the Good Conduct Ribbon for how you all were able to work together to find a way to escape your capture with a combination of teamwork and technical ingenuity.

:: The Caitian inclined his head toward the others. ::

Mei’konda: I haave no doubt that it was very diificult, what you all went through.  But you’re all here, and you liived up the highest ideals of Starfleet. Well done.

Skyfire / Valoru / Shandres / Moonsong / Rosek / Galven: Response

::After Rosek’s team received their ribbons, Roshanara looked over towards a few engineers in the crowd.::

Rahman: Of course, recovering our away team would not have been possible if it were not for the hard work of our engineers and scientists who came up with a daring plan to use a subspace transporter. As such, I am pleased to award the Innovation Ribbon to Lt. Commander Core, Lieutenant Greyson, Ensign Lovar, and Crewman Swenhart. Congratulations and thank you for bringing our shipmates home.

::Unexpectedly, Taz piped up from the sidelines, having just walked off after receiving her own ribbons.::

Shandres: Yes, thank you very much!

Core / Greyson / Lovar / Swenhart: Response

:: Next, the captain called up Commanders Mei’konda and Delano as well as new arrival Ensign Knox.  Mei’konda inclined his head toward the other two. He’d talked with her about this before the meeting, so he knew what was coming.  This one was satisfying, considering that the man they’d taken into custody had done some truly horrible things. ::

Rahman: Commanders, Ensign, for your work on the investigation into the missing miners and the eventual reveal of Starit Proz’s crimes and his subsequent arrest in collaboration with the Colonial Coalition Marshals, you three are hereby awarded the Captain’s Commendation. Well done!

Mei’konda: Thaank you, Captain.  

Delano / Knox: Response

::Once the three received their ribbons, Roshanara turned and smiled when her eyes locked with Del’s. It’d been good to have him by her side again, and she hoped once the ceremony was done, they’d finally have some time for some proper catching up with the formalities out of the way.::

Rahman: Next, I’d like to recognize those who accompanied me down to the surface to continue the conversation that Commander Mei’konda and his team started. Commanders Del Vedova and Kelrod, Lt. Commander Blake, and Ensigns Lovar and Teller, you are all hereby awarded the Diplomacy Ribbon for helping resolve a tense situation through dialogue.

(OOC: Rahman herself is included among the recipients.)

::For her own ribbon, she turned to allow her first officer to pin the award to her uniform opposite her combadge on the right side of her chest. She looked up at him, amused at the way he held it out delicately between his fingers.::

Rahman: I hope your aim is as good as your piloting.

:: Mei’konda deftly slipped the award into the Captain’s uniform.  It wasn’t often that any of them were required to wear the FULL dress uniform - that is to say, formal uniforms with their commendations lining the right side of the breast, opposite the combadge - but Mei’konda had no doubt that if Rahman was wearing hers today, there wouldn’t be much room left.  She was, along with a few other members of their crew, among the most decorated officers in Starfleet. ::

Mei’konda: Better, Captain.

::Once she received the ribbon, she joined Mei’konda with handing out the rest of the ribbons down the line of officers assembled.::

Rahman: Congratulations.

Del Vedova / Kelrod / Blake / Lovar / Teller: Response


::Turning back to face the rest of the officers, Roshanara announced the final ribbons for the mission.::

Rahman: Finally, the following officers have been recognized with the Peacekeeper Service Ribbon and the Explorer’s Ribbon for their participation in this mission: Captain Rahman, Commanders Mei’konda, del Vedova, Kelrod, and Delano, Lt. Commanders Blake, Rosek, Skyfire, and Moonsong, Counselor Dugoras, and Ensigns Teller, Galven, Lovar, and Valoru. Congratulations.

:: Mei’konda made his way out to the assembled officers, pinning each to their respective uniforms as well as offering them each a handshake and a smile. ::

Any: Response

::After a brief applause for the group as a whole, the captain held a finger up.::

Rahman: “But wait, there’s more!”

::She said the words as if quoting someone else to some murmured chuckles.::

Rahman: At this time, I would like to recognize Commander Delano with the Department Chief Ribbon. This ribbon is actually a bit of a misnomer for the commander as his role as the ship’s operations officer requires him to coordinate personnel across multiple departments and all divisions. He has performed his duties to the highest standards of Starfleet, and I am pleased to add this latest ribbon to his record of achievements. Congratulations, Commander.

Mei’konda: Response

Delano: Response

::She smiled and nodded at Evan after he received the solid gold ribbon. Finally, she looked back out at the audience of her officers and honed in on two in particular.::

Rahman: Ensigns Galven and Lovar, would you come here please?

Galven / Lovar: Reponse

Rahman: I’m rather appalled that you two thought I wouldn’t notice.

Galven / Lovar: Reponse

::She looked over at Mei’konda and shook her head.::

Rahman: This really won’t do, will it, Commander?

:: Rahman’s cattish pleasure in making her officers nervous amused him.  Even though he perhaps ought not to think of things in terms as to whether they were cattish or not. ::

Mei’konda: Not at all, Captain.

::She looked back at the two hapless ensigns.::

Rahman: Exceeding expectations in your duties, assisting your colleagues across the ship, and demonstrating the highest degree of excellence as Starfleet officers. ::She crossed her arms.:: Well, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Galven / Lovar: Reponse

Rahman: Uh-huh. It seems I’m left with no choice but to punish you with more responsibility. German Galven, Lorian Lovar, it is my great honor at this time as your commanding officer to bestow upon you two the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the rights and privileges thereof. Congratulations, Lieutenants.

Mei’konda: Congraatulations, Lieutenants.  

:: Galven first, Lovar second, the Caitian opened up a small wooden box and withdrew a small black pip.  He reached up to carefully attach them beside the new Lieutenants’ solid gold ones, then stepped back with a nod of approval. ::

Galven / Lovar: Response

Any: Response

::The captain joined in the applause. Once the room had settled again, she called for the computer to begin playing some light background music.::

Rahman: To the crew of the USS Veritas: whatever lies ahead of us, I know you all will tackle with gumption and gusto. And that is what makes it a joy to serve as your captain.

::She gave a final slight dip of her chin towards them all as a sign of appreciation before gesturing to the bar that the staff had prepared with refreshments.::

Rahman: Now, please go enjoy yourselves!

Any: Responses


Commander Mei’konda Delano

First Officer

USS Veritas



Captain Roshanara Rahman

Commanding Officer, USS Veritas


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