[SHAH] Oracle: Arrival of the Tribe of United Suns

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Jun 29, 2018, 2:15:14 AM6/29/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Ohanze starship, edge of the Shahrazad system))

Oracle: The Borg vessel’s position remains unchanged.

Moonsong: They have been in position for some time now.

::Oracle turned back towards the central holographic display, the oblong Borg vessel shown orbiting a planet.::

Oracle: Whatever they seek remains at the fourth planet.

Moonsong: I advise caution. The Federation has had past dealings with them. The cost to us was great.

::The Ohanze liaison raised her upper limbs, a sign of acknowledgement.:

Oracle: We shall defer to your expertise with this species.

::The Ohanze of course were familiar with the Borg, but only from the stories that had been relayed to them through contact with the Federation, colonists, and other residents of the Shoals. Oracle herself was admittedly curious about learning more about the Borg firsthand but the Circle of Five Suns had made it quite clear that if the Borg were as fearsome as the outsiders had described, then the tribes wanted no contact with them.::

::Oracle was also curious about Moonsong herself. The Ohanze were not telepathic, nor were their minds readable to most telepaths. Moonsong proved to be an exception, which the Ohanze had never encountered before in a human or even a Betazoid, which Moonsong shared some heritage.::

Oracle: Can you read their thoughts from our present location? Decipher their intentions?

Moonsong: I am aware of their minds. I can feel the pressure of them. I have never touched their minds directly.

Oracle: Are you able to?

Moonsong: I can try if you wish me to do so.

::That brought up an interesting possibility. But before they could explore it further, an alert pinged on the holographic display as an incoming warp signature was detected. The other Ohanze began inputting new commands.::

Moonsong: What is happening?

Oracle: The rest of your tribe has arrived.

::The Ohanze liaison hadn't meant it to be particularly evocative of emotion, but Moonsong returned a facial expression that Oracle had learned meant one of happiness or satisfaction. She'd take that as a good sign for the situation at hand.::


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