Ensign Kivik: A Good First Impression

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Keegan Flick-Parker

Jun 24, 2021, 2:30:28 AM6/24/21
to USS Veritas

((USS Veritas, Deck 6 - shortly after meeting Captain Rahman))

Ensign Kivik stepped out of the turbolift, mind still reeling. The junior Science Officer felt as if ne had barely been present while Commander Parker had taken nem to nir new quarters. Ne hoped the Operations Officer hadn’t felt ne was being aloof or rude - but thoughts of the mission ahead still filled the Ensign's mind.

Kivik had only just arrived aboard the USS Veritas, nir first posting aboard a Starfleet Vessel, and already a routine meeting with the Captain had turned into a prelude for an away mission with a group of nir crewmates ne hadn’t even met yet.

oO At least I may run into Lieutenant Wong during my medical exam. I’ll have to find the others after my meeting with Commander Kelrod. I don’t want our first meeting to be in the briefing room. Oo

As the Ensign walked along the hallway to Sickbay, ne determined that in order to make a good first impression, ne should be prepared. Research always calmed Kivik’s nerves anyways. Ne pulled out nir PADD and searched within the crew manifest for Wong.

oO Sounds like a Human name... Oo Kivik was surprised, when the Physician Assistant’s bio opened, by the sight of a blonde-haired Klingon man. Nir brow raised with surprise.

oO A Klingon Medical Officer. That is unexpected… I guess I should know better than to make assumptions. Oo


The door to Sickbay slid open, and Kivik stepped inside, only looking up from nir PADD just in time to avoid colliding head-on with the very Klingon ne had been reading about, nearly knocking a collection of samples out of his hands. Kivik yelped in surprise.

Kivik: ::Stammering:: Oh dear, I’m- I’m terribly sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.

Wong: Response

Ne realised the PADD ne was clutching against nir chest still had the Lieutenant’s profile opened and quickly spun it around, shutting off the screen. Ne hoped he hadn’t noticed or, if he had, that he wouldn’t find it unusual.

oO So much for a good first impression. Oo

Kivik: I’m Ensign Kivik, by the way. I’m new here - a new Science Officer.

Wong: Response.

Kivik: I’m here for a medical exam. Captain Rahman has assigned me to the-

Ne suddenly worried that the Lieutenant may not yet have been briefed on the mission and winced.

Kivik: -to an away mission.

Wong: Response


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