Lt. JG. Orrey & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Keep Going"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 2, 2019, 10:35:59 PM1/2/19


((Sickbay - USS Veritas))

::Henning Hext reentered sickbay, it had been a pair of days since the incident with the crewman and while he could no longer put it off he did not enjoy returning to the scene of the man’s final moments. He did however spot the particular doctor he was looking for and approached her.::

Hext: Commander, I am reporting in for my checkup.

DeVeau: Oh?

Hext: ::Nodding to her:: Considering I had to pass a Service checkup before volunteering for this assignment everything should come up as well and fine.

DeVeau: Well, I’d love to help, but I’m actually just finishing some last minute things before I leave.  I’ve been transferred back to the science department.

Hext: Ah I see I did not realize that was happening, well congratulations on your shift to science.

::Henning stood still while speaking to the doctor, but did note as another man, looking rather emaciated with long white hair enter the sickbay. He was dressed in Starfleet teal and was carrying a small medkit under one arm.::

::Jansen nodded his head as one corner of his mouth hitched up in a smile. It seemed as if the whole galaxy had moved since he spoke to his dear friend last. In fact a good deal of it had changed. As it stood, Jansen was a slip of his former self, his six feet now lean to the point of almost skeletal still with a notch of bags under his eyes.::

Orrey: :speaking softly from behind Alora in his more relaxed southern accent.:: ‘Ere Doc what os the meaning of your switching jobs before I show up? You think that will keep us from discussing another concert?

::Startled by the familiar voice, Alora whirled around.  She practically shrieked, then assaulted the new arrival with a hug.::

DeVeau: Jansen!  What are you doing here?

::Silly question, she could deduce it, but Alora was excited to see yet another friend on the Veritas.::

Orrey: Well I figured as the new counselor I should come get to know the doctors and I had to bring by a medkit anyway ::Hugging her back::

DeVeau: Seriously? 

Orrey: ::laughing some as he took a step back:: Now I wouldn’t be taking a pleasure cruise all the way out here to the Shoals would I? Besides I figured we ought to keep our word and do our next sessions in person since we never got around to it.

DeVeau: How long has it been?

Orrey: More years than I care to admit.

DeVeau: Has it really? Oh need to go get settled in to my new position, but maybe we can catch up after that?

Orrey: That is more than fine, I have a couple things to do before I come back to find…

DeVeau: Doctor Maxwell.

::He was new, but Alora could tell he was a good doctor.::

Orrey: Doctor Maxwell, alright. We can catch up though I do need some more greenery in the quarters so we have plenty to talk about.

DeVeau: I look forward to it.

~~End Flashback~~

(( Planet Limbo, Day 15))

::Alora stared up at the sky, or rather, the bent leaves and vines that covered her.  The night had been heavy with rain, but her makeshift tent had held up for the most part.  Because of what she had available, there was no way she would remain completely dry - the grass she had gathered to make her bedding as well as her other things had gotten decidedly damp - but at least she wasn’t soaking wet either.  With each morning came thoughts, unbidden, memories, ponderings.  Why Jansen had been the one on her mind, she couldn’t say.  That’s how they came, random poppings of random people.  Perhaps that particularly memory had been triggered by the fact that their reunion had come right before their current predicament.  Would she see him again?  Raissa?  Cameron?  Nara?  Any of her friends?  Her other crewmates?::

::Every morning, she asked herself those questions.  If Alora allowed herself, she’d wallow in the misery of her situation.  It was tempting, to be sure, to simply lie there and cry.  She wouldn’t tell the others how many times she had lain down at night, tears trickling from her eyes.  When the morning came, however, she couldn’t allow it.  To do so would admit defeat, and Alora wasn’t about to do that.  Instead, she took hope in the idea that she would see them again, hope in the fact that she’d managed to survive not only a crash, but a wilderness that was completely foreign to her.::

::With those thoughts, Alora pushed herself up and peered up at the sky.  The drench had turned to mist, so it would be a wet one.  She couldn’t let that deter her, and she glanced back at the cat who had, before she’d moved, been curled up at her feet, but was, at that moment, giving herself a morning bath.::

DeVeau: All right, Sachiko.

::The feline paused and lifted her gaze to her human.::

DeVeau: Let’s get moving.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey
USS Veritas


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Medical Officer
USS Veritas
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