Captain Roshanara Rahman: Here's to the Finest

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Apr 1, 2021, 9:24:45 PMApr 1
to USS Veritas – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
//Captain's Log, Stardate 239804.01

As we wrap up our time here at Donova, I've assembled the senior staff in the Captain's Mess for some well-deserved recognition.//

((Captain's Mess, Deck 2, USS Veritas))

Captain Roshanara Rahman smiled as she stood in front of the windows at the front of the room. The table had been moved out for the service ribbons ceremony.

Rahman: Officers of the USS Veritas, there were plenty of... memorable feats over the past few weeks. As such, before we depart, I wanted to honor your achievements.

She glanced over at Blake and nodded. As the first officer got the service ribbons ready, Roshanara took out a PADD and began reciting the citations she had written for her crew members.

Rahman: Lieutenant Commanders Ukinix, Flynn, and Parker, as well as Lieutenant Vanlith and Ensign Wong, please come forward.

As the individuals stepped up in front of her, she continued.

Rahman: For negotiating delicately with the protestors at the Battle of the Bands and keeping the peace, I hereby award you the Diplomacy Ribbon. Lieutenant Commander Navarro is also awarded in absentia.

Ukinix/Flynn: Response

Parker/Wong/Vanlith: Response

Rahman: Next, Misters Parker, Flynn, and Wong, please stay here.

Parker/Wong/Flynn: Response

The captain cleared her throat and gave a raised eyebrow to Wong in particular. The blond Klingon looked almost sheepish at the attention.

Rahman: For helping contain the animals that had gotten loose during the final act of the Battle of the Bands competition... and thus saving many lives in the process, I hereby award Lieutenant Commands Flynn and Parker with the Good Conduct Ribbon.

Flynn/Parker: Response

Roshanara turned to Wong, tilting her head slightly.

Rahman: As for you, Mr. Wong...

Wong: Response

Rahman: You demonstrated quick thinking and admirable bravery in the face of such chaos and danger. That was one of the finest acts of gallantry I've ever seen in my twenty-three years in the service.

Wong: Response

Rahman: I hereby award you the United Federation of Planets Medal of Freedom for "conspicuous heroism in the defense of a UFP member world."

Wong: Response

Rahman: Furthermore, you have shown tremendous professional leadership serving as the acting head of our medical department. As such, for your excellent performance of your duties since being assigned to Veritas, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the rights and privileges thereof.

Wong: Response

She nodded and took the new hollow black pip from Blake and pinned it on Wong's uniform.

Rahman: Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Wong: Response

Any: Response

The captain then looked over and called out to Lieutenant Lafizatar. The tall Mathenite approached as Roshanara began reading again from her PADD.

Rahman: Lieutenant, you were initially tasked with giving a presentation to university students to inspire them to consider joining the service. You ultimately showed them not just the wonders of space exploration but the ability to make a difference in people's lives when you became an advocate for a young woman in fear for her father. For demonstrating the finest commitment to justice and the protection of those most vulnerable, I hereby award you the Captain's Commendation.

Lafizatar: Response

Next, Roshanara looked over towards Charlena.

Rahman: Lieutenant Vanlith, if you'll come back here and join Commanders Ukinix and Parker.

Vanlith: Response

She held out her PADD and began reading again.

Rahman: For helping improve the infrastructure of Donova IV, ensuring a robust irrigation system integrated with the planetary weather control system, I hereby award you three with the Innovation Ribbon. Your service to the people of Donova is a testament to Starfleet's promise to the citizens of the Federation and the residents of the region.

Vanlith/Parker/Ukinix: Response

Rahman: Furthermore, Lieutenant Vanlith, I gave you a special assignment overseeing the various tasks the colonial administration required of us. You learned to delegate and use the strengths of your team to deliver on our promises as Starfleet officers.

Vanlith: Response

Rahman: ::nods:: As such, I hereby award you the Captain's Commendation, and I know you will continue to grow and develop as a strong and capable leader. Well-done, Lieutenant!

Vanlith: Response

Roshanara nodded and then called out for her partner, Tristam Core, to come forward.

Rahman: Lieutenant Commander Core, please step forward.

Core: Response

Rahman: Speaking of infrastructure improvements, for those of you who don't know, Lieutenant Commander Core has been spearheading a massive project in the Shoals that marks a new chapter in communications technology for the region. The Shoals 3rd Generation Network, aka the 3GN, has already helped connect millions of people to each other from one colony to the next and to the wider Federation and beyond. Just here on Donova, where data packets previously required four weeks to be received, delivery times have been cut by a third.

Core: Response

As she looked at her Rodulan's reaction, he seemed either amused or perhaps even a bit proud--which he should be. It was strange. She was so grateful to not be able to feel his emotions or desires as she could so many others through her empathic abilities, but now, she only hoped that he was as self-assured of his abilities as she saw them.

Tristam might like to complain now and then about the "stuffiness" of Starfleet and how it took itself a bit too seriously at times--usually to poke a little fun at how Roshanara took seriously those traditions--but in his heart, he was as selfless and passionate a Starfleet officer as the best of them. It was why she loved him, and why she was so happy to be the one here to deliver this big moment for him.

Rahman: As such, it is my great pleasure to inform you that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has recommended and Starfleet Command has approved your promotion to the rank of Commander, effective immediately.

Rahman: As such, it is my great pleasure to inform you that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has recommended and Starfleet Command has approved your promotion to the rank of Commander, effective immediately.

Core: Response

She took another pip from Blake, this one a solid silver piece, and stepped up to Tristam, swapping the Rodulan's previous black pip for the new one.

Rahman: Congratulations.

Although Roshanara was strict about keeping their relationship professional while on duty, she did indulge in the moment of celebration for him by leaning in and giving him a discreet kiss on the cheek, his light beard tickling her lips.

Core: Response

Roshanara took a step back and smiled as she looked across the faces of her crew.

Rahman: Everyone, again, well-done on our most recent mission. As some of you know, we'll be leaving soon, heading towards Klingon territory on the other side of the Shadows. The journey will take us nearly three months. Lt. Commander Navarro has needed to take leave and won't be joining us. We will, however, have Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison-Parker joining us temporarily as intelligence officer.

The captain gave a nod to Allison-Parker.

Rahman: Welcome again.

Allison-Parker: Response

Rahman: Enjoy your final days of shore leave and please help yourself to the refreshments. Dismissed.

Any: Response


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