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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 22, 2019, 10:42:53 PM1/22/19
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::Sitting at the end of the cot, G'var stared at her reflection in an ever present rain puddle. It had been four days since her encounter with the Beast, the Commander and Doc had had to operate again on her arm, the wound had not properly closed, and to stop an infection from spreading they had to remove more of her arm. Thankfully they were able to remove the infect portions and were both hopeful she would make a full recovery. Looking at herself in the puddle G'var could see the bruises on her abdomen were beginning to turn a deep purple and the burns and scrapes on her legs were scabbed over and healing. Thankfully her muscles had stopped spasming after the first day, her back still hurt but she could touch her toes without too much discomfort. Wil had stopped by often, checking on her progress and debriefing her on their progress to get the Camp ready to move, his presence had been soothing and just the balm she needed to focus on healing. She was truly blessed to have found him.::

G'var:::chuckling::-What a striking image we make ::splashing the puddle with her foot:: Mighty Warrior indeed.

::Taking one last look at her reflection, G'var stood and slowly made her way to the tent's flap, standing in the doorway G'var held her hand out into the rain, the Warm water running between her fingers. A sudden gust of wind sprayed her body in a cool mist of rain water, causing gooseflesh to raise along her body, inhaling deeply, G'var enjoyed the smell of the sweet Tropical rain.::

::The rain had started innocently enough the day prior, but now it had escalated to a full downpour with no signs of letting up. The wind was picking up as well, knocking a few tents over and forcing the survivors to huddle into some of the more solid structures they'd managed to erect from the shells of a few escape pods.::

::Turning away from the flap G'var made her way over to table currently occupied by Commander del Vedova, Alora and Doc. The two men were having a conversation about something and G'var was doing her best not to eavesdrop. A homemade 3D Chess set sat on one corner along with a wooden gaming board covered in multicolored stones. Sitting down next to Alora G'var mindlessly moved a white stone around the board.::

G'var:::huffing::-Never understood this game, and why Terran's call it Go ::beat:: wish we could go ::beat:: Noy Jitatting rain!

Deveau: Reaponse

Maxwell: Response

Del Vedova: Response

G'var:::tossing the white stone into the air::-Just going stir crazy ::beat:: I want to be out there helping get the Camp ready to travel ::beat:: not confined to a bed. ::grabbing the stone out of the air::

del Vedova: Response

Deveau: Response

Maxwell: Response

::Crushing the Stone in her hand G'var knew the Doctors were right, she was still in no shape to lead the others back safely to New Risa. Taking a deep breath G'var placed the stone back on to the table.::

G'var:::exhaling::-Logically ::beat:: I know your all right ::beat:: I just don't like feeling useless ::beat:: and before anyone says it, I know I'm not useless ::exhaling::

Maxwell: Response

del Vedova:Response

Deveau: Response

::Alora might have been the only one who wasn’t stone cold bored.  She stared out at the rain, but her mind was far from still.  Even though she wasn’t doing much, her hand sort of waved in the air as music played through her thoughts.  It was more than just music.  In her mind’s eye, she saw a stage, and upon it were people.  From their mouths, glorious sounds sprang.  Sometimes, during the times in the forest, when she didn’t want the gloominess of her situation to haunt her, she’d bring those people, those stories.  Such an act was something she had done even as a little girl, though her recent adventure had encouraged such activity more often.::

DeVeau: Voi che sapete che cosa e amor…

::The words were soft, a tune barely heard as she sang them just above a whisper.  There was more to the aria, but the arrival Ukinix distracted her from the opera in her imagination.  She put it on pause and turned to him, smiling.::

G’var:::handing Wil a Dry towel::-Is Captain Nickson ready to Proceed with the sojourn back to New Risa?

Ukinix: ::Rubbing the water out of his hair:: Nah, she still doesn’t wanna go. : She’s fun, isn’t she!

::From the tone of his voice,  Ukinix thought Nickson was anything but.  Alora could understand that feeling.  Nickson could be harsh at times, but she wasn’t a bad sort overall.::

 G'var: ::Running a hand through his wet hair::- There may be some wisdom to her delay, with this much rain the ravine we crossed is probably a death trap by now, and I don't want to have to look for a way around. ::holding up a finger:: We have time Pusher, Commander Delano and his Team, won't even have the duterium drained from the shuttles for thirty more days. ::smiling:: let's just enjoy the rain.

Deveau: One time it rained, I saw four rainbows. 

::Waiting was, as Nickson had suggested and Ukinix confirmed, probably wise.::

DeVeau: We’ll likely need to shore up the camp, though.  It’s a muddy ride outside right now.

Maxwell/del Vedova/G’var/Ukinix: Responses

DeVeau: What do you suggest?

Maxwell/del Vedova/G’var/Ukinix: Responses

DeVeau: I’m game.

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