Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: I Only Tease People I Like {REPOST}

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Lael Rosek

Aug 24, 2018, 2:30:24 AM8/24/18

OOC: All fixed. :D

((Officer’s Lounge, USS Veritas))

::Lael sighed. It had been a long few weeks and a strong drink was looking very tempting. She really hadn’t wanted to come out tonight. It would have been preferable to stay in bed buried under the covers. When she got in these moods, she didn’t really want to be around people. But this was likely one of the few chances she’d get to truly relax before she got back to the grind.::

::She approached the bar and within moments, Tobian was headed her way. She smiled at the man who had become like family to her since he and Dassa had gotten together last year.::

Rosek: Hey Tobian.

Dalton: Hey, Lael. :: He smiled softly, then his face expressed concern once he got a closer look. :: You look terrible. You alright?

Rosek: ::sighs:: It’s a long story. ::taps the counter:: Brandy. The real stuff.

Dalton: You only ever ask for that when life’s been a beast to you.

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: Don’t tell me you don’t have a bottle hidden back there for special occasions.

Dalton: Why else would I have a bottle of E&J brandy lying around? And it’s not really hidden. Just got it a little while ago.

Galven: Dalton! The best bartender on the ship! What about the replicator? That may help out our friend here. ::to Lael:: Ensign German Galven, miss. ::Vulcan Salutes::

Dalton: Allow me to introduce you, Mr. Galven. Lt. Commander Lael Rosek, chief engineer.

::She arched an eyebrow at the Denobulan, her gaze flickering to his collar before up again to his face.::

Rosek: Though I admit I can eyebrow-arch with the best Vulcans, I’m not Vulcan so you can put that hand down.

Galven: My apologies, Lt. Commander. ::to Dalton:: I’ll have a Whiskey and Bourbon mixed with Al-Leyan Spiced Tea like earlier, please.

Dalton: Right. And you, Lael?

Rosek: ::to Dalton:: Please, Tobian? Brandy? I swear I’ll limit it to two.

::She had a bottle in her quarters, so it wasn’t really a hardship. She’d just leave after her two glasses and crack open her personal stock.::

Dalton: Just two, darling. After that I’ll need to give you tea.

Rosek: ::smiles:: Thank you.

::Within moments, she had a glass in her hand and was leaning against the bar as she took her first sip, her eyes closing as she felt herself start to relax almost instantly.::

Galven: Feel better Lt Commander Lael? That brandy looks like the best on the ship.

::She opened her eyes and turned toward the Ensign, arching both eyebrows this time. He was in her personal space and seemed to be going out of his way to engage her in conversation. Even if the joke went over her head, she could still tell he was trying to make her laugh.::

Rosek: Puns, Ensign? It’s far too early in the evening for those. I haven’t even finished my first drink.

Galven: Thank goodness for the replicator or you wouldn't be having a first drink, sir. ::smirks and looks out a window:: You know, it always feels like it’s evening out here in space.

Rosek: ::shakes her head and raises her glass:: Oh, this isn’t replicated. This is imported from Earth fresh off the boat. ::shudders:: Can’t stand that replicated crap. ::smirks:: Tobian is married to one of the ship’s medical officers so it sometimes takes a bit of wheedling. That’s all.

Galven: Are you talking about Doctor Alexander-Dalton? ::takes a sip of his drink and murmurs:: We’ve met. ::remembers the conduit:: Have you been to engineering yet?

::She arched an eyebrow, sensing that the man wanted to say more, but he seemed to wisely realize that Tobian was standing in earshot and likely wouldn’t take kindly to someone speaking anything less than spectacularly of his wife. Lael knew better than anyone how Dassa could be when she dug her heels in and secretly wondered what she’d done to get the young Ensign’s back up so quickly. Had she been gone that long?::

Rosek: ::grins:: One and the same, yes. ::pauses and says slowly:: Yes...why do you ask?

Galven: Response

::She noted Tobian’s noncommittal shrug, shaking her head. It seemed that the man had gone meek while he was away. It was funny how life changes could do that to a person.::

Dalton: I haven’t been up to much. Just a lot of reading in preparation for some major life changes.

::She smirked, trying to imagine him hunched over PADDs.::

Dalton: Oops. :: He paused for a moment and sipped his tea, then made sure that neither officer he was conversing with had swallowed their mouthful of drink first as a wide grin crossed his features. :: I’m going to be a dad.

::Lael fought back laughter as the brandy burned its way down, allowing the sound free when she’d finished swallowing.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: i know. I was there when Chythar dropped the bombshell. ::snickers:: She was all moans and “bloody hell”s, but I know her. She’s thrilled.

Galven/Dalton: Response

Rosek: ::laughs:: Oh, she’ll be fine. She’ll make a good mom. ::chuckles:: God knows she’s mothered me for years.

Dalton: Response

Rosek: ::pauses:: She and I had a night together. It’s how we met. ::shakes her head:: The drunken mistakes of youth. ::smiles at Galven:: Long before she met Tobian, who she utterly adores. ::snickers:: The two of them are almost sickly sweet together. ::grins and takes another drink of brandy::

Dalton: Response

Rosek: ::pats Tobian’s hand and laughs:: Best get used to it, Dalton. ::smirks:: Take it as a compliment. I only tease people I like. And like it or not, we’re like family now that you’ve made an honest woman out of Dassa.

Dalton: Response

Galven: ::raises glass:: Congrats, Dalton!::beat::: What's Commander Mei'konda drinking?

Dalton: Response

Galven: ::smiles:: Great. Could you make another one? I'll bring him a refill.

Dalton: Response

::With Tobian now otherwise distracted, she studied the young Denobulan for a long moment. It was obvious he had an interest in her if the way he was studying her intensely was any indication. The brush of his hand against hers only proceeded to make it more obvious. Even with the suppressants for her abilities, she could sense that she made him nervous that it was getting through layers of mental shields and the meds.

Galven: ::shrugs and sips his drink::What? Just helping the Commander out.

::Taking the drink, Galven made a surprisingly quick exit. Was he embarrassed? How long had it been since she’d had that effect on someone? She was used to more confident men approaching her. Not that she hadn’t encountered the occasional shy ones who stuttered and stammered as they asked her what she was drinking and if they could buy her another. It had just been awhile.::

Galven: Congrats again, Dalton! Lt. Commander, enjoy your brandy. See you again another ::pauses for a pun:: early space evening!

::She shook her head as the Denobulan wandered off, turning her attention back to Tobian.::

Rosek: Was I imagining it or was he trying in his own quirky way to flirt with me?

Dalton: Response ((OOC: Will continue as wanted.))

J’vreh/Lovar/Mei’konda: Responses

::She turned at the sound of Mei’konda’s familiar soft tones and smiled.::

Rosek: Not too badly, sir. And yourself?

Mei’konda: Response

Rosek: ::turns to Lovar and J’vreh and extends a hand:: You two must be new. Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek. Engineering.

J’vreh/Lovar: Responses

Rosek: ::smirks:: Well, somebody has to run the bowels. And since I’m the ranking officer on hand down there, it only makes sense.

J’vreh/Lovar/Mei’konda: Responses

Rosek: ::shrugs and sips her drink:: Our last chief left some big shoes to fill, but I have a good team.

J’vreh/Lovar/Mei’konda: Responses


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035 

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