Ens Wil Ukinix & LtCmdr Sky Blake, “Betazoid royalty support group” Part 1

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Danny Lee

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((The Ukinix Apartment, Fremantle, Australia, Earth))


::Wil was out on the balcony.  His mother was in San Francisco, his father was at a winery... somewhere, and G’var had gone to Kentucky for a visit.  The warm summer sun was shining, without a cloud in the sky.  Random tunes from his music collection were playing through the hidden apartment speakers.  Wil was cooking himself a snack - specifically, something he’d craved several times while on Limbo.


Wil picked up the sausage from the barbecue with a pair of tongs, and put it diagonally on a slice of square white bread.  Next, he picked up the barbecued onions, and placed them on the sausage.  Finally, he picked up the tomato sauce bottle, and poured a line of sauce on the onions.  He folded the bread diagonally point to point, then held the finished product in his hand.  A wicked little smile came across his face - a simple engineering design that had resulted in hundreds of years of tasty continental tradition.::


Ukinix: ::Quietly to himself:: *Bloody* good job, guaranteed.


::He went to take a bite, but he was interrupted by the apartment speakers making a chirping sound over the top of the music.  Holding the bread-sausage snack that didn’t have an official name in his hand, he walked inside to look at the glass desk.  It had turned dark, with writing on it to indicate that Sky Blake was contacting Wil via a holographic subspace transmission.  Wil pressed the answer command on the desk with his free hand, and turned around, making Sky “appear” in his apartment.::


Ukinix: Commander Blake!  This is a surprise.


Apartment Speakers: Myyi-myyi-myyi-myyi-my-woooh! ... Mer-mer-mer-myyyyyy Sha-ro-na.


::Blake very visibly cringed at the sudden onset of loud thumpy bass and guitar, quickly covering her ears with her hands to try and soften the sudden noise.::


Ukinix: Oops!


::Wil leaned over to the nearby coffee table, and pressed a button on the screen of the Veritas engineering department PADD that was sitting on it.  The music stopped.::


::Finally, the woman could pull her hands away from her ears.::


Blake: How do you still have natural hearing.


Ukinix: Hey!  Don’t knock -


::Wil paused as he looked over at the display on the PADD::


Ukinix: “The Knack”.  ::Looking at Sky, shrugging::  Apparently.


::She shook her head to herself, zipping up her jacket to combat against the general temperature of the Betazed guest quarters she was actually standing in. Subspace holocommunications calls such as this one - primarily visual, without the use of a holodeck - were considered huge bandwidth hoggers, but of course, the Vataix mansion were fully equipped with the things. Given Wil’s relation to Betazoid royalty, she was less surprised his home had one, too.::


::For the most part, Ukinix’s place was . . . interesting.


::As was his choice in meals.::


Blake: Should I ask what that is?


::Wil looked down at his hand.::


Ukinix: Oh, it’s - uhhh - ::cheekily:: brunch.


::She nodded her head slowly, choosing not to try and determine whether he was actively eating cooked meat for breakfast - as a fairly strong vegetarian, no thanks to Vulcan influence.::


Blake: Is this a bad time?


::Wil put the bread-sausage-onion-sauce feat of engineering down on the table next to the PADD, and turned to look back at Sky.::


Ukinix: Sorry, Commander. ::Smiling::  I’m ready now.  How are you… where are you?   


Blake: I’m . . . doing okay. I’m actually on Betazed.


Ukinix: Oh! Nice one.  What are you doing there?


Blake: It’s a long story. But I’ve just finished having an . . . interesting dinner with a cousin of mine. Your name came up. I was hoping you might be able to give me some context behind certain things.


::Wil put his index finger against his chest, pointing at himself.  His face showed his puzzlement.::


Ukinix: Me?  I don’t know anyone on Betazed.


::The penny dropped.  At least, he thought it did.::


Ukinix: Is your cousin in Starfleet?  And knows my mother?


::Fleetingly, Wil wondered if Sky had looked at his personnel file at some stage, and had seen that he was part Betazoid. But the woman shook her head.::


Blake: Commander Ukinix didn’t come up - but her name did. Your family name, at least.


::Wil’s eyebrows raised as he crossed his arms.::


Ukinix: Go on…


::This was gonna get complex very quickly. Blake shuffled little, sucking in a deep breath before she launched into some kind of explanation for her call.::


Blake: My cousins are part of the Betazed royal houses - they like to gossip about themselves and others. I didn’t recognize any of the names they were talking about. But then I heard yours, in conjunction with a royal house.




Tbc . . .


Ensign Wil Ukinix

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas





LtCmdr Sky Blake

Chief of Security

USS Veritas




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