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Nikki Ryan

Jun 9, 2017, 11:03:04 PM6/9/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Veritas))


::A 3D image of Danni’s brain appeared on the screen in front of Nikki. Most of it was highlighted in normal blue but something else immediately caught Nikki’s attention. Her brow creased and she stepped closer to the monitor. She slowly swiped her finger over the holo-screen and turned the image for an angled view.::

::Her mouth dropped slightly. There was a tiny red patch at the base of Danni’s brain stem with what looked like micro lines radiating out like tendrils. There was a concentration of tendrils connecting the solid red patch to the brain while longer tendrils appeared to be working their way toward her optic nerves, while others threaded through her cerebral cortex.::

:: She wasn't a medic, but red lines were rarely a good sign.  If this was a machine, she'd have thought something had been patched into the main system. ::

Walker: Um, I'm guessing that's not good.  Can you tell me what it is?  :: The question wasn't really asking for understanding.. but reassurance.  ::

Ryan: I have no idea. ::making an adjustment to the equipment:: It’s both organic and inorganic. I’ve never seen anything like it.

:: She felt a rising wave of panic at the words.  Something unknown by their Chief Medical Officer was growing in her wife's head... and causing her pain.. ::

Walker:  Then let's get it out of her!

::It was like a punch in the gut. Nikki and Danni had a personal history together, one that could be described as a volatile relationship. But she’d never really wished any harm on the woman. In fact she was happy for her when she found out about Danni’s relationship with Luna. Still, it was ironic that Danni’s life was now in Nikki’s hands… possibly literally.::

::Nikki’s frown deepened as she studied the holo-display and data streaming in front of her. She shook her head.::

Ryan: I don’t know that I can. Not with the way it’s…. Threading through her brain. It would take absolute precision. I just… I’m sorry I can’t.

:: The pink haired engineer wrung her hands in growing panic and worry.  All the worse for it being outside of her control. ::

Walker: Then we transport it out of her.. Or pull an older matrix and restore her to that physical body.  It's been done before right?  We can't just sit here!

::She heard Luna’s panic laced plea but she didn’t respond right away. She focused on and zoomed in on the main mass.. Device.. Whatever it was. She squinted at the magnification and then tilted her head slightly.::

Ryan: That’s odd… There’s a pattern or rather a symbol.

Walker: Wait.. what?  Can you show me?

:: Doctor Ryan brought up the nearly hidden image.  An image that stole the strength from Luna's legs.. she slid to the floor in shock, shaking her head in disbelief. ::

Walker: That's.. that's not possible…

::Nikki quickly pulled her attention from the display and knelt beside Luna.::

Ryan: You know this symbol? What is it?

:: Luna blinked slowly at her in confusion, before finally getting her thoughts in order.  She walked over to Danni and raised her hand next to her own.  The images on each of their wedding rings aligning to the image that had somehow found its way into her wife's brain. ::

::Nikki followed and looked down at their hands.::

Ryan: What the… that’s a perfect match. How… what does it mean?

:: What did it mean?  She had no idea.  What could it mean?  She could guess that it meant someone who knew her and Danni, knew them enough to know their rings, wanted to send them a message.  The question was whether that was a friendly wave, or a final taunt from an enemy. ::

Walker: It's a message.  Just not sure what the message means...

:: Danni’s body suddenly convulsed and the bio-sensors beeped as her vitals spiked. Grabbing a hypo-spray, Nikki placed a vial of medication in it, adjusted the settings and pressed it against Danni’s neck. ::

:: The convulsions stopped almost immediately. Before Nikki could set the hypo-spray down, Danni’s eyes shot open and she sucked in a deep breath. ::

James: Lluneh… ::clenching her eyes tight:: Slow down… Too much…




Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker

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